Panthers Update With Mike Minter

Former Panthers safety Mike Minter joins's Ed Thompson in a review of the Saints-Panthers game last weekend, a look at some of the players' performances, and a preview of the Saints-49ers matchup this weekend.

Mike Minter has joined's Ed Thompson as an analyst, providing his unique insight on the Carolina Panthers and their opponents each week. This week they take a look back at the Panthers' 31-6 loss to the New Orleans Saints and preview the Panthers-49ers matchup. Here are just a few brief quotes from Mike's analysis during this week's 12-minute audio segment.

On the Saints' big 21-point 3rd quarter: "...Any time you make big plays in a football game, it turns the game around, and that's what happened in the third quarter..."

On Saints quarterback Drew Brees spreading the ball around to nine different receivers: "Drew Brees is that type of quarterback. He'll get the ball to the open man. He's going to take what the defense gives him. And that's what makes Drew Brees, Drew Brees..."

On Saints wide receiver Marques Colston: "...We got to see his speed when he broke out for that 45-yard catch over the middle. It looked like the Panthers were in a two-deep coverage, he split the two safeties, got behind the linebackers, and caught that ball right down the middle of the field. That's an easy target for Drew Brees to hit..."

On Panthers quarterback David Carr: "...I think right now Carr's confidence is totally shot. Anytime you have the whole stadium booing you, asking for the backup to come in ... that has to affect the quarterback's mind, the psyche..."

On whether or not it's time to let rookie quarterback Matt Moore get some experience during the last four games: "That's the million dollar question everybody's asking Coach right now. I do know this. Coach Fox is about winning..."

On the Saints shutting down the Panthers running game: "...I think it's the first game that I've seen that the offensive line got dominated. They got dominated from the beginning of the game to the end of the game..."

On cornerback Richard Marshall's performance: "...You saw a guy that was making plays, a guy who was making tackles, hustle plays. That's what it's about. If you were just looking at Richard Marshall, you would think that the Panthers were in the game, and the game was on the line..."

Listen to Mike and Ed discuss these topics in full as well as whether or not head coach John Fox's job is in jeopardy. And Mike will share some preliminary thoughts on the Panthers-49ers game.

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