2008 NFL Free Agents-Wide Receivers

Scout.com's Adam Caplan takes a look at the free agent class of 2008 with an inside look at each position. We take a look at receivers in this week's update.

Randy Moss/New England Patriots (UFA) - According to the NFLPA, Moss is set to become a free agent again after restructuring his contract earlier this season. The veteran wideout is having one of his best seasons and despite rumors to the contrary, the team couldn't be happier with him. In fact, Moss rehabbed his pre-season hamstring injury quite well and was ready to go right way to start the regular season and he's been performing at a high level ever since.

But those who know Moss well say he's only motivated to play well in good situations on really good football teams. So you can see what happens when he's in a less than perfect situation (see the Oakland Raiders).

Bernard Berrian/Chicago Bears (UFA) - He's an ascending player who has improved in all facets of his game the last few seasons. He's a true deep threat who is best used in a deep passing game. But don't get lost on his deep receiving skills. Berrian has shown that he can also work well in an intermediate passing game.
D.J. Hackett/Seattle Seahawks (UFA) - He has solid size and run after the catch skills and is best suited to play in a West Coast offense. Hackett should receiver a lot of attention in free agency and he has a nice upside. The question teams have is, can he be a No. 1 receiver or is he best suited to be a No. 2?

Patrick Crayton/Dallas Cowboys (UFA) - Solid possession type of receiver that is very good at running after the catch. The decision that has to be made is he more for the slot or is he better suited out wide? He's also willing to play through injury.

Devery Henderson/New Orleans Saints (UFA) - He's a tremendous down field threat but Henderson drops too many passes and would be best used as a change of pace or situational receiver.

Bryant Johnson/Arizona Cardinals (UFA) - The former first-round pick has been an underachiever but Johnson has decent size and runs fairly well. He's probably best used in a West Coast system which would take advantage of his run after the catch ability.

Others Receivers That Might Receive Some Interest

Justin Gage/Tennessee Titans(UFA) - Tall receiver that runs well and started to realize his potential this season. Best used in a down field passing game.

Drew Carter/Carolina Panthers (UFA) - He's another tall receiver that runs well. Not a physical receiver so best used as a situational player.

Others Likely Looking at One-Year Deals For Depth Purposes
David Patten/New Orleans Saints(UFA)
Andre' Davis/Houston Texans (UFA)
Ernest Wilford/Jacksonville Jaguars(UFA)
Samie Parker/Kansas City Chiefs (UFA)
Eric Moulds/Tennessee Titans (UFA)
Keary Colbert/Carolina Panthers (UFA)
Tim Carter/Cleveland Browns (UFA)
Robert Ferguson/Minnesota Vikings (UFA)
Nate Washington/Pittsburgh Steelers (RFA)
Rashied Davis/Chicago Bears(RFA)
Antonio Chatman/Cincinnati Bengals(UFA)
Terrance Copper/New Orleans Saints (UFA)
Devard Darling/Baltimore Ravens(UFA)
Marcus Robinson/Detroit Lions(UFA)
Keenan McCardell/Washington Redskins(UFA)
Aaron Moorehead/Indianapolis Colts (UFA)
Troy Brown/New England Patriots (UFA)
Malcom Floyd/San Diego Chargers(RFA)
Jerheme Urban/Arizona Cardinals(RFA)
Reche Caldwell/Washington Redskins (UFA)
Tab Perry/Cincinnati Bengals (RFA)
Devard Darling/Baltimore Ravens (UFA)

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