Fantasy Mailbox - Week 15

As your fantasy superbowl approaches, we answer your FFL questions here in the mailbox.

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Q : Freak! I made it past the first round of our fantasy playoffs for the first time ever (thanks to Tom Brady and Randy Moss). Here's my question: Who do I play at running back out of these options: Thomas Jones, Jerious Norwood, Earnest Graham, Maurice Morris? We start two RBs in our league. Thanks.

Mike N. - Jacksonville, FL

Hello Mike. My guess is that you've ridden Brady and Moss all season (of course it's just a guess).

At running back this week, go with Thomas Jones and Earnest Graham. Neither Jones nor Graham will be splitting carries and the duo should give you far more opportunities than Morris and Norwood. Graham has been on fire lately and is putting up top ten RB numbers. Jones is playing the Pats (which is some cause for concern), but I still like his chances over RBs planning to split carries...and TJ is averaging more than 20 touches per game.



Q : Need some sleeper advice Freak. We can keep 5 in our league (12 team league) and I can only narrow it down to 7. There is no limit to how long we can keep players, so basically the guy that has LaDainian Tomlinson has had him for years. The 7 guys I have narrowed it down to are: Cedric Benson, Carson Palmer, Deion Branch, Dwayne Bowe, Javon Walker, Marshawn Lynch, and Jeremy Shockey. Thanks in advance for your response.

Kevin S. - St. Louis, MO

I believe you drop Benson and Shockey. Benson didn't really impress this season and isn't convincing anyone that he has the lock at his position over Adrian Peterson next season. As much as I like Jeremy Shockey, the tight end position is fairly easy to replace without much of a risk to stats (since the range between the top TE and 12 ranked TE is fairly close). And, if set on Shockey, you can always pick him up again at next year's draft or auction.



Q : Who is a better keeper between Selvin Young and Kolby Smith?

Lisa L. - Henderson, NV

Young has been impressive in Shannahan's system and has a better chance of beginning 2008 as the starter than Smith. Larry Johnson is pretty much the definite primary back in KC...but Travis Henry doesn't quite have the same lock in Denver.



Q : I'm done. Carson Palmer laid an egg and I'm confused with the skill players on Cincy's offense. I have always thought that Palmer to Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh (and now Chris Henry) was a great combination...I just don't get it and may have to knock all of them down a notch at next year's draft.

Toby R. - Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks for the note Toby, but don't believe you're any more frustrated than the loyal Bengal fans in Cincy. Many of these folks have now bailed on head coach Marvin Lewis. I happen to agree that Cincy has perhaps some of the best talent in the league, but Lewis certainly hasn't been able to harness it into any consolidated winning effort. We were all able to chalk last season's poor performances to awful drafts by Lewis in 2005 and 2006 (in which the criminal element carried over to the locker room, in the police blotter, and on the field). But 2007 was supposed to be better - only to remain unexplainable given the studs in Cincy. The patience with coach Lewis has run thin in Cincinnati. And until something changes, the Cincy players will continue their below average production on the field and in fantasy circles.



Q : Hey Freak! Our semifinals are this weekend and I actually have some nice matchups. One question though: Who would you start between Andre Johnson and Steve Smith. I am starting Randy Moss and need to decide between Johnson and Smith for my 2nd receiver. Thanks. I love your stuff!

Mike H. - Rogers, AR

Congratulations on your seems like everyone still alive in their fantasy playoffs has been riding either Tom Brady or Randy Moss.

For Moss' teammate this week, I believe you go with Andre Johnson. AJ has been playing great while Steve Smith struggles to get into the flow (or lack thereof) of the Carolina offense due to issues at the quarterback position.



Q : Joseph Addai or Frank Gore this week?

Phil G. - Madison, WI

Addai...his numbers are 3rd best of all RBs in 2007 and showing no signs of slowing (he had 3 TDs in week 14). Gore, on the other hand, has had his problems in the Niner offense this season.



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