Fantasy Mailbox - Week 16

As your fantasy superbowl approaches, we answer your FFL questions here in the mailbox.

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Q : Hello Freak! I was lucky enough to make it to the big game...thanks largely to the play of Brandon Marshall this season (who I grabbed off the waiver wire). However, one of my fellow owners told me that Marshall has some legal trouble and may not be available this weekend. Is this true? I couldn't find anything about it online, but don't want to take a chance. Thanks man.

Mitch H. - Des Moines, IA

Mitch, Marshall was certainly a nice pickup this season (and even better for those in keeper leagues). Marshall had a DUI arrest in October resulting in a court date yesterday...where he pleaded not guilty. A trial date has been scheduled for March. But as for any legal troubles keeping Marshall from time this season, there's no truth to it (possibly your opponent shooting smoke up your stack). It's safe to keep Marshall in your lineup against the Chargers this weekend.



Q : Thanks for your advice on Chester Taylor this past weekend. I had originally planned to use him as a flex player, but steered clear of him in favor of Anthony Gonzalez. Here's my question: Do you see Gonzalez to get more looks in the Colts last two games? Our Superbowl is in week 17.

Adam H. - Montreal, CAN

Gonzo (Colts rookie first round draft pick out of Ohio State) has become the main benefactor to an injured Marvin Harrison. In his past two games, Gonzalez has a combined 13 receptions for 220 yards and 3 TDs. Harrison has been ruled out for week 16 against the expect the trend to continue. We'll see if Harrison makes a showing in week 17 (just to shake off a bit of rust prior to the playoffs).

After Indy head coach Tony Dungy planned a month long rest for an undefeated team heading into the 2005 playoffs (where the Colts appeared flat and not ready to face oppostion against Pittsburgh), Dungy came out this week and stated he would not be doing that this year. Ultimately, the Colts missed out on the chance for an undefeated season, lost the home playoff game to the 6th seeded Steelers, and missed a most certain showing in the '05 Superbowl (due to Dungy's ultra conservative long-term benching). Fortunately, Dungy learned from his mistake and is making guys like Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark (and, of course, Anthony Gonzalez) still valuable for fantasy owners even though Indy can't improve their playoff seeding in weeks 16 & 17.



Q : Do I go with Kolby Smith again this week or should I go with Justin Fargas? Thanks for your help.

Jay W. - Chama, NM

Believe it or not, Larry Johnson is stirring that he may play in week 16 against the Lions. If so, Smith sees a fair amount of bench time. Fargas has been playing very well and may actually be the better pick even if LJ does not return this week. Monitor this situation closely as the week progresses.



Q : Need your help on some keepers Freak. We can keep only 4 and our rule is that we can't keep guys for more than 2 years. Here are the guys I picked up this year that are available for me to keep next season. What do you think?...Steven Jackson, Donte Stallworth, Lee Evans, Dwayne Bowe, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Matt Schaub, Derek Anderson, Jerricho Cotchery, Jamal Lewis, Chris Cooley

Bobby C. - Provo, UT

Keep SJax, Bowe, Housh, and Anderson.



Q : I've been having trouble all season deciding between Matt Hasselbeck and Drew Brees. Initially, I thought that having two top QBs would be a nice thing...but somehow I consistently manage to start the wrong quarterback each week. Fortunately, guys like Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, and Jason Witten have gotten me through the year with flying colors. So who do I start in this week's Superbowl: Matt Hasselbeck or Drew Brees?

Davis G. - Newman, GA

Start Brees over Hasselbeck this week. Brees and the Saints offense is grooving (Brees was nearly perfect in week 15 and needs to continue his performance for the Saints to make the playhoffs). Hasselbeck, on the other hand, has nothing to play for in Seattle over the last two weeks of the regular season (the Seahawks can't improve their position in the playoffs and some of their skill players could be resting over the next two weeks). You have a great team Davis!



Q : I felt the daggers when you commented about owners that didn't check the Cleveland weather forcast prior to Sunday's game against Buffalo. Believe it or not, I actually started Derek Anderson (instead of Drew Brees) in a blizzard and lost my semifinal game. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I guess there's always next season, but it seems like I say that at this time every year.

Chris R. - Indianapolis, IN

Chris, sorry about the loss in the semis. As you mentioned, there's always next season. You must be a Chicago Cubs fan...



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