Fantasy Mailbox - Week 17

Happy Holidays from the Fantasy Mailbox! As we wrap up the final week of the regular NFL season (and 2007 FFL season) we answer your fantasy questions here in the mailbox.

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Q : Freak, Help me here. I made it to our Super Bowl in week 17 in a 16 team league. Need some help with my line up, as some of my guys may not play or may be limited. L.T. at RB. My WR are T.O. & Randy Moss, and FLEX is Braylon Edwards. I am worried that T.O may not play and Moss won't play much. I have Amani Toomer, Lendale White, Darius Walker, and Jerious Norwood on the bench to work with.

Suggestions? Or do I just ride it out with those guys. (Unless obviously, if T.O. can't go)


Blake N. - Memphis, TN

Hello Blake, congrats to you for making it to the big game. Unfortunately, Owens won't be playing in week Moss and Edwards will be your starting WRs this week (still not too shabby). At RB, L.T. will be limited and will be lucky to play a half...although Tomlinson for one half is better than most other options. LenDale White should do well in Indy (esp. as the Colts rest their key players in the 2nd half).

Good luck in your Superbowl with a solid line-up in the last regular season week (considering many FFL owners in 17 week seasons will be totally decimated with injuries and resting players). -SFF



Q : Hello. Our league is thinking of going to a 2-week Superbowl (total score for best 4 teams) during weeks 15 and 16 and doing nothing in week 17. My vote is for our traditional format of a week 17 Superbowl, but I need some help making my case. Can you shed any light on to this issue? I guess I just want the fantasy season to last as long as possible.

Jack C. - Columbus, OH

Sorry Jack, I can't really support an argument for a week 17 Superbowl. Determining a league champion in a week where many players are resting for the NFL playoffs doesn't seem fair or reasonable for owners who have accomplished success due to savvy draft picks, trades, and overall knowledge of the game. The unlucky misfortune for fantasy owners with rosters of NFL players in meaningless week 17 games is an unnecessary cloud.

I'm not convinced I would support a 4 team slugfest for weeks 15 and 16, but anything is better than determing a champion in week 17. My proposal would be to advance the two highest scoring teams in week 15 (out of 4) and then a final matchup in week 16. HTH



Q : Should I still consider starting Tom Brady this week or do I go elsewhere since New England has nothing to play for? What about Antonio Gates?

Jason P. - Tacoma, WA

Correction...New England has an undefeated record and a passing TD record to play for. And Tom Brady / Bill Belichick will go for both at all costs. Weren't you watching last week when Belichick left Brady in the game with 4 minutes to go in a blowout against the hapless Dolphins? Actually, I don't have a problem if Brady breaks Peyton Mannings passing record, but Manning (coached by Tony Dungy) was resting toward the end of the 2005 season when he could have been adding to his 49 passing TDs...he certainly didn't play the number of minutes that Brady has this season.

As for Gates, the Chargers may choose to rest him heading into the playoffs. Gates has a bad back and San Diego doesn't need him to play this week. Watch this situation carefully heading up to gametime prior to a decision on Gates.



Q : Freak, our superbowl just finished and the trade wires have opened (I'm in a keeper league). Do I do this deal?...Fred Taylor and Earnest Graham for Roy Williams and Dwayne Bowe. Thanks man.

Aaron C. - Topeka, KS

Absolutely! Taylor has been on a roll for the past several weeks and his value is at his highest, but don't expect the aging back to keep up this trend through next season. Graham has been a nice fill-in Cadillac Williams, but Williams is expected back to start 2008.

Plain and simple...Williams and Bowe are much better talents than Taylor and Graham (esp. in keeper formats heading toward 2008).



Q : Fantasy Freak. Keeper question for you...Which 4 of these guys do I keep for next season: Reggie Wayne, Calvin Johnson, Antonio Gates, Cedric Benson, Santana Moss, Tom Brady, Laveranues Coles, Brandon Jackson, Cadillac Williams, Adam Vinatieri?

Korey I. - Baton Rouge, LA

Keep Wayne, Johnson, Gates, and Brady.



Q : Freak, I'm done. Thanks for your help this season, but the Superbowl was a killer (week 16) due to resting of players and the injury to Willie Parker. Any advice on this? Anyway, thanks again. I've had alot of fun this season. Happy Holidays!

Nick S. - Rogers, AR

Congratulations on making it to your league's final game.

Resting of players definitely starts with a couple of weeks left in the season (reason the FFL Superbowls aren't held in week 17 for most leagues). The only advice is to consider trades of fantasy roster players (just prior to your league's trading deadline) who are on NFL teams with superb records.

As for the injury to Willie Parker........well, that just happens once in a while and can't really be prevented.

Happy Holidays to ALL and thank you for your interest this season!!!




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