NFL Draft: Top 20 Quarterbacks

Former pro scout Tom Marino shares his thoughts on some of the top draft prospects at the quarterback position. And then you can check out's NFL Draft Database and see who is currently ranked in the top twenty quarterbacks in the country.

Based on my early review of the quarterback prospects for the 2008 player draft, I would dare to say today that none of these senior signal-callers have even a remote chance of starting and/or impacting their respective teams in their first season of professional ball.

I'm not going to give a detailed evaluation on the individual skills of any of these perspective prospects at this time — that will come later in the process — but I will say emphatically today that I believe more then one of these players will likely join David Carr, Joey Harrington, Alex Smith, Patrick Ramsey, Tim Couch, Akili Smith , Browning Nagle, Giovanni Carmazzi, Perry Klein, Heath Shuler, Andre Ware, Rick Mirer, Michael Vick, Cade McNown, Jim Druckenmiller and many others as multi-million dollar failures at the professional level.

Based on a three-game exposure, I really like the arm, throwing accuracy, poise, and decision-making of the University of Delaware's Joe Flacco

Matt Ryan almost single-handedly led Boston College to a bowl victory over Michigan State, despite having few weapons and little in the way of speed on the offensive side of the football.

Chad Henne, a four-year regular from the University of Michigan, has an extremely strong throwing arm but played much of the 2007 season less then 100 percent physically. 

Brian Brohm is a bright, experienced individual, but in my opinion is very much a "system" quarterback with questionable mobility and durability. His ability to make all of the necessary throws has yet to be determined.

Andre Woodson has broken numerous SEC and University of Kentucky passing records, but I still question his overall processing skills (quick decision-making) and believe he will need a great deal of work with his throwing mechanics. 

Speaking of passing records, Hawaii's Colt Brennan holds most modern NCAA throwing marks and showed what he was made of in the Sugar Bowl loss to Georgia, but his arm strength is questionable — and talk about funky throwing mechanics!

Penn State's Anthony Morelli may have as much physical ability of any of the aforementioned prospects, but still has a long way to come in terms of becoming a true professional quarterback. I liken him to a right-handed pitching prospect with a 98-MPH fastball who after four seasons is still toiling in single-A ball.

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