Under Armour Senior Bowl: QB Rankings

Under Armour Senior Bowl week is underway and the quarterback competition is heating up. There are six QBs in Mobile and Scout.com's Chris Steuber ranks them according to their performance following their first two days of practice.

1. Joe Flacco, Delaware

Why? Despite not having one of his best performances on Tuesday, Flacco still displayed great poise and presence in the pocket. He has a strong arm and is usually accurate. He’s still trying to find his rhythm with the receivers on his team. And when that, happens everything will fall into place.

2. Colt Brennan, Hawaii

Why? The biggest question about Brennan entering the Under Armour Senior Bowl was whether or not he can take snaps under center. Hawaii ran a run-and-shoot offense that required him to be in the shotgun all the time. He’s adjusted well to the five- and seven-step dropback and has shown nice touch on deep balls. He’s been erratic periodically, but he tosses the most catchable ball of all the QB’s.

3. Chad Henne, Michigan

Why? Henne has played well. He’s been very impressive and has shown good arm strength. He sets up well in the pocket and goes through his reads. He’s shown confidence throwing intermediate and deep routes, and has developed timing with his receivers. He has to get rid of the ball faster, but he’s been accurate so far.

4. Andre Woodson, Kentucky

Why? Woodson took a lot of time going through his reads on Tuesday. He didn’t fire the ball with great velocity and was deliberate with his release. He seemed to go through the motions and not give his all. He has to put forth a better effort the rest of the week to maintain a positive feel with scouts.

5. John David Booty, USC

Why? Booty has played well and has shown good mechanics. He drops back nicely in the pocket and fires an accurate ball. He doesn’t have great velocity, but so far he’s delivered the deep ball with nice touch. He has to improve his mobility and feel pressure better.

6. Erik Ainge, Tennessee

Why? Ainge usually delivers the ball with precision, but he’s struggled so far. He hasn’t thrown the deep ball well and is off target on intermediate routes. He takes too long setting up in the pocket and lacks foot speed. He has good mechanics and possesses a strong skill set. Bottom line is that at this point, he appears to be a talented player who is feeling the pressure.

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