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How much money does Brady Quinn stand to lose if Derek Anderson signs a big deal with the Browns? ...What will the Eagles do with L.J. Smith?... Will Rodney Harrison return to New England for another year?...How much money will Asante Samuel and Marcus Trufant be seeking?.. Get the details inside...

If Anderson Gets His Deal, Quinn Stands to Lose Big Time

If the Cleveland Browns are able to sign QB Derek Anderson to a long-term deal of five years or more, QB Brady Quinn stands to lose a lot of money.

According to salary documents obtained by, if Anderson signs a long-term contract, Quinn's rookie contract will essentially be a five-year deal for a little over $11 million.

Quinn didn't receive a signing bonus with his deal but has already received $285,000 in base salary for 2007 and a roster bonus of $862,000. He also has a $4.255 million option bonus which is paid this March and a $1.323 million bonus coming once over the life of the contract.

While Quinn's deal maxes out at $30 million, around $19 million of the deal is based on playing time and statistical incentives. So if Anderson gets a new deal with Cleveland for at least five seasons, Quinn will essentially be a well-paid backup — unless he beats out Anderson for the starting job.

Trufant and Samuel Could be Seeking More than Clements Received

When CB Nate Clements signed a huge free agent deal with the San Francisco 49ers last March, he became the highest paid defensive back in league history.

A league source believes soon-to-be free agent CBs Marcus Trufant and Asante Samuel will be seeking at least if not more than Clements signed for.

Clements signed an eight-year, $80 million deal with $22 million in guarantees. It should be noted that the final year of his deal has a base salary of $15.48 million. So the deal, in actuality, is a seven-year deal worth around $64 million.

L.J. Smith Update

While the Philadelphia Eagles are still deciding whether or not to apply the franchise tag to TE L.J. Smith, league sources believe the team will wind up using the tag by the February 21 deadline. The franchise number for tight ends is $4.522 million.

It's believed there are a few reasons for the move.

Sources indicate there aren't any quality tight ends who are set to hit the free agent market, so that would increase Smith's value to the team. And while the team is high on TE Brent Celek, who just completed his rookie season, he's probably not ready for a starting role just yet.

Harrison Expected Back For Another Season

According to a league source, New England Patriots SS Rodney Harrison is expected to play out the final year of his contract which expires after the 2008 season. Harrison is set to make $3 million in base salary next season. The 14-year pro is set to play in his third Super Bowl with New England on Sunday.

As for RB Corey Dillon who didn't play this season, a source close to the veteran back told that Dillon is not expected to play again and will stay retired.

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