NFL Draft Q&A: LB Lamar Myles

LB Lamar Myles decided to enter the NFL Draft after an amazing season where he made 128 tackles, second-best in the Big East. Find out what teams are noticing about him, why he's so respected in the weight room, and his thoughts on his 22-tackle game against Kentucky in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson:  Fill us in on your Pro Day experience...

Lamar Myles:  It was a great experience, kind of nerve-wreaking, but it was good.  I was disappointed that pulled my hamstring while running my first forty, but I thought it was going to be a great day up until that point.

Thompson:  What did the team reps seem to know about you, and what were they saying about you?

Myles:  A lot of people like my style of play.  I'm not hesitant about attacking the ball and I'm good coming off blocks. And my speed to the outside is pretty good.  That was some of the good feedback I've been getting from teams.

Thompson:  Who were some of the teams that talked to you that day?

Myles:  The Saints, Jacksonville, the Colts, the Chiefs, the Ravens. I think that's everybody I can remember.

Thompson:  Those are some fine teams. The Colts certainly like guys who have a high motor and the range you possess.  Talk about your pass coverage skills...

Myles:  I'm pretty much known by my tackling ability and my power, but I can also cover well.  I'm used to running down the middle with receivers in a Cover 2,  so I'm pretty good at that.

Thompson:  Did you run a lot of Cover 2 in Louisville?

Myles:  Cover 2, Quarters, and Cover 3 was about it.

Thompson:  What went through your head when you found out you'd likely be ranked in the top 200 players? Is that what motivated you to leave school early?

Myles:  Yeah, I felt like it was my time to go ahead and move up to the NFL, so that's what I did.

Lamar Myles forces a fumble in the red zone.
AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli

Thompson:  Do you see yourself as an outside or inside linebacker at the pro level?

Myles:  It doesn't really matter, I feel like I'm going to be outside from what I'm hearing, but I'm able to play inside.  I might feel more comfortable inside, but I can play outside.  I did that while I was here.

Thompson:  You racked up a lot of your tackles at inside linebacker though, right?

Myles:  Yes sir.

Thompson:  So why do they see you as an outside linebacker?

Myles:  I guess my size.  A lot of people doubt me for my size.  

Thompson:  And yet you have a great reputation for being a weight-room junkie. What are some of your best numbers?

Myles:  495 bench, 410 clean, 640 squat. Those are pretty good numbers for my size [laughs].

Thompson:  Incredible. Lamar, what is it that makes you such a sure tackler?

Myles:  My strength and my speed to the ball.  Once I know what's coming towards me, I know what play is coming to me, then it helps me get to the spot that much faster.

Thompson:  You had 22 tackles in your game against Kentucky. That's just unheard of...

Myles:  [laughing] That was a very, very exciting game.  I remember watching film early in the summer on Kentucky, I was prepared for them and what they were going to do. And I know when the lights come on, I just have to turn it on and show what I'm about.

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