Steuber's Mailbag Draft Expert Chris Steuber answers more reader questions on the eve of the draft.

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Every year there are a few undrafted rookies that make the roster. Who are a few candidates to make rosters that won't be drafted?
Ben from Seattle


A few players who were productive in college but may not get drafted are: RB Ryan Torain, Arizona State; CB Zack Bowman, Nebraska and FS Tony LeZotte, James Madison.

With Brett Favre's retirement and Aaron Rodgers prone to injury do you see the Pack drafting a QB early or focusing on their needs at CB and TE?
Brooks from Wisconsin


I think the Packers will draft a QB, but not in the first two rounds. This draft is deep at the CB position, and the Packers should take advantage of the talent that's available. However, I think the Packers will draft the best TE in the first round, Purdue's Dustin Keller.

Donald Lee had a nice season for the Packers last year, but Green Bay likes to use two TEs in their offense. With Bubba Franks leaving for the Jets, Keller would give the Packers a legitimate receiving threat and also provide Aaron Rodgers with another offensive weapon.

In the third round, it's possible that Kentucky's Andre Woodson will be available to the Packers, and he would be an interesting selection.

The Rams first-round pick last year was defensive lineman Adam Carriker. Most mock drafts have the Rams selecting either Vernon Gholston, Glenn Dorsey or Chris Long. Does drafting another defensive lineman make sense for St. Louis?
Colby from Lincoln, Neb.


Absolutely, the Rams have to get more pressure on the quarterback. The Rams only had five sacks come from the defensive end position last season, and with Leonard Little getting older, something has to be done. I don't think the Rams can go wrong with any of the three players you mentioned, and obviously the addition of Vernon Gholston or Chris Long would boost the sack production at the DE position.

But adding a player like Glenn Dorsey would make Little and Adam Carriker much better. Dorsey answered the health questions at his Pro Day and showed the explosion scouts wanted to see to justify him being a top-three selection. With Dorsey's ability to penetrate and take on two blockers at once, it will free up Carriker, Little and James Hall to make more plays.

I understand that Colt Brennan's draft stock dropped quite a bit during his postseason circuit, but his combine and Pro Days went extremely well. He reminds me of Tony Romo and Jeff Garcia in the way he plays and his size, so how come he his not in the top seven QBs in the draft anymore?
Scott from Mukilteo, Wash.


I don't know about everyone else, but I believe Colt Brennan should still get third- or fourth-round consideration, and he's definitely one of my top QBs in this draft. He's a gamer and I know everyone got down on him after the Sugar Bowl, but that loss wasn't because he struggled; the entire team struggled.

At the Senior Bowl, Brennan weighed in at 185 pounds, after battling a stomach virus the week prior. But he still did well in practice all week and received rave reviews from the San Francisco 49ers coaching staff. You're right, he did extremely well at the Scouting Combine and his Pro Day, and he got his weight up considerably, weighing 217 pounds.

After his Pro Day, Brennan had minor hip surgery to correct a small tear in his labrum; an injury that he suffered at the Senior Bowl. The surgery isn't a big deal and shouldn't affect his draft status, as he played with the hip injury throughout the offseason.

The only thing I can say in regard to Brennan's draft status is that controversy always seems to follow him, and every time he gets knocked down he always gets back up and succeeds.

Any chance the Eagles draft Chris Johnson, groom him to eventually replace Westbrook and use him on kick-off returns?
Bill from Philadelphia


It's possible that the Eagles will select Chris Johnson in the second round, as I believe he will be available to Philadelphia. He's the kind of player that would fit nicely into their offense and could make an immediate impact on special teams. He would be a tremendous value pick late in the second round, and his skills compare favorably to Brian Westbrook.

So the story is Eddie Cohen can play on Sundays. Apparently, he's a second-team All-American; played on a horrible college team and he wooed some folks at N.C. State's Pro Day. How good is he? Will he be selected this weekend?
Go Rutgers from Tacoma, Wash.

Go Rutgers:

Cohen had over 1,200 receiving yards for Western Carolina last season and did well at N.C. State's Pro Day, but I don't see him being drafted.

Do you think the Patriots should pick a linebacker for their first pick in the draft?
Kevin from Baltimore


The Patriots have to add youth to their linebacking core, and drafting USC's Keith Rivers is possible, but there could be much better value at No. 7. If another Trojan, DT Sedrick Ellis, or a versatile offensive lineman like Virginia's Branden Albert are on the board, the Patriots will strongly consider both of those prospects.

What are the chances that Denver will trade up in the draft and pick a DT? I just dont think they will take a tackle. Denver will fair better drafting linemen later in the draft.
Mike from Glenwood Springs


I think Denver will stay put and draft the best OT on the board. The one wild-card selection could be a running back, and Illinois' Rashard Mendenhall could be their man.

What are the chances Aqib Talib could fall to No. 23, and Pittsburgh taking him?
Seamus from Chillicothe, Ohio


Personally, I think Aqib Talib is the best CB in the draft. He will probably slide a bit because of his off-field issues. Talib's not a bad guy, he's just made some bad decisions. With that said, I don't think Talib falls to No. 23. He's too talented, and a team like the Philadelphia Eagles or Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be intrigued enough by his talent to select him.

I know you think Dallas will keep both first-round picks. If, however, Atlanta wants Brohm, should the Cowboys trade one of the first-round picks and pick up extra picks from Atlanta in the second and/or third round? They could then increase the odds of meeting their needs.
Ralph from Berkeley, Calif.


Yes, in one of my previous mock draft scenarios, I had the Cowboys trading one of their first-round picks to the Dolphins, and in turn Miami selected Brian Brohm. I think you will see some teams trying to trade back into the first round to take one of the three QBs (Brohm, Chad Henne and Joe Flacco) who're projected to be second-round picks. Trading one of their first-round selections will give the Cowboys an extra pick or two and allow them to fill more holes.

I understand the 31st pick taken away from the Patriots as a result of Spygate. But why on earth would the Commish let them thumb their collective noses at the league and allow them to pick seventh overall? Who cares if it was once San Francisco's? It is now NE's property, shouldn't that first round of been forfeited as well or I am the only one that thinks they still got off easy?
Michael from Coeur D'alene, Idaho


I think the league handled the Patriots situation well. They took away New England's own first-round pick and that's what they should have done. I think the Patriots were smart in acquiring the 49ers first-round pick this year. That was a masterful job by the Patriots' front office to pull off a heist like that, and the league couldn't justify taking that selection away from them.

Do you think the surgery that Jonathan Stewart had on his big toe will affect his draft status? If so what do you think his draft status is now?
John from Seattle


I think the toe surgery is a bit overblown. Stewart had the toe injury at the Scouting Combine, still went through a full workout, ran a 4.46 in the 40, and had a 36.5-inch vertical and a 10-foot, 8-inch broad jump. I think Stewart will be fine, and he's definitely a top-20 selection.

I read that Marvin Harrison it contemplating retiring before the upcoming season. Is there any truth to that? Will that affect the Colts draft?
Alex from Los Angeles


I don't think Marvin Harrison will retire this season, but obviously he's getting older and the Colts should prepare for his future departure. The Colts drafted Anthony Gonzalez last year, and he did well during his rookie season. It's possible that he's the replacement for Harrison, but adding another WR this year or next year is possible.

With eight quality picks in the upcoming draft, including the second-overall, are the Rams setup for a hugely successful draft that could help change the direction of the franchise? And, if they have don't have a great draft and the Rams start slow again, how long will Linehan last?
Bert from St. Louis


I don't know if you can blame last season on Linehan. The Rams offensive line was hit hard by injuries and they were unable to protect Marc Bulger. I think the Rams have an opportunity to fill some holes in the draft and improve this season. I don't think they will be a 10-win team, but an eight- or nine-win season isn't out of the question. If the Rams fail to reach .500, Linehan could be in trouble, but I think he should get at least three years to improve the situation.

With the Broncos selecting several players with questionable character in recent drafts will they overcompensate by selecting a "safe" player with less talent this year?
Chad from Canon City, CO


No, I don't believe any team should do that. I think you always take the best-available player when it's warranted. Teams conduct background checks on all of these prospects, and if they feel that a guy is a lost cause, they won't touch him. But if a team likes a player who has made a mistake or two in his past and they're confident with his answers during the interview process, they should take him.

Should the Eagles go defense or offense come the draft?
Chris from Philadelphia


If the Eagles stay at No. 19, they should take the best player available on the board, regardless of the position. But if they trade up in the first round, that means they've targeted an offensive tackle.

Any chance the Eagles pick up Chad johnson or Roy Williams? If not do you think they will pick a WR in the draft?
Horace from Philadelphia


At this time, the Bengals and Lions said they're not trading them. That could change this weekend, but the teams have stayed consistent with their stance. If the Eagles don't acquire one of those players this weekend, it's possible they will use their first-round pick on a WR. But don't get your hopes up.

Does anyone expect Stillman College cornerback Brian Witherspoon to be drafted? He did run a 4.1 40 and that is amazing. I think he could be another Devin Hester. What do you guys think?
Lenroy from Alexandria, La.


Stillman is a burner and there's a chance a team will look at him in the late rounds. He's an impressive athlete, very explosive. If he's not drafted, he'll be a priority free agent.

What round will Wallace Gilberry go in and to what team?
Shawn from Elberta Ala.


I think Gilberry will be a late fifth-, early sixth-round pick at this point. It's hard to say what team will select him in those rounds, but a lot of teams need depth at DE.

With the second pick, the Rams will seem to have a lock no matter who they pick. My question is in the second, do you think a receiver is a better pick-up, someone like Manningham, or a linebacker like Quinen Groves? WR is a sudden need in a once-strong area of this team. Which area do you think is more of a need?
Bobby from Tulsa


I think the Rams will select a WR or LB in the second round. Wide receivers like James Hardy and Mario Manningham will interest St. Louis. Dan Connor and Curtis Lofton are options at LB for the Rams in the second round as well.

How will Andre' Woodson do in the NFL? Will the Falcons think about drafting him? Will Colt Brennan get a fair chance now that everyone thinks he is just another Hawaii system QB?


I think Andre Woodson has a major learning curve ahead of him. Whichever team selects him will have to work on his mechanics. He's not ready to be an immediate starter and probably won't be ready for two or three years. I think Colt Brennan will get a fair chance in the NFL, but I question his chances in the draft. He's a talented guy, but there has been so much negative press about him that I wonder if it will influence a team's decision.

The intriguing part of any draft, to me, is the draft day activity with reference to team moves. Do you foresee any surprises occurring with regards to possible trades in the opening round?
Dennis from Wall, N.J.


The first day of the draft has the potential to be crazy. I think there will be some moves, and there's a possibility of many moves. I agree with you; the intrigue of the draft is the drama that it presents, and it's sports theater at its best.

Everyone keeps saying that the Bears should have never traded Thomas Jones away and I strongly agree. With Benson having injury problems do you think they should draft a running back with their first round No. 14? Maybe a Reshard Mendenhall?
Aaron from Oshkosh, Wisc.


The Bears have many holes right now, and the most glaring to me is at QB, OT and RB. It's possible that the Bears select Rashard Mendenhall, but I think they will ultimately select an OT in the first round. This year's RB class is deep, and you can get a quality runner in the second round.

Can you explain the formula that teams use to assess the value of a draft pick in a trade (e.g. the 5th pick in the first round =X points =the Yth pick in the dirstst round and a pick in round Z)?
Bob from Boston


Former NFL head coach and current Fox Sports football analyst Jimmy Johnson developed the value chart. It was based on the league's history of draft day trades, assigning points based on where the lines are drawn in available talent.

What do you think about Danny Woodhead? I think he should get drafted because of his numbers. He is a superb athlete (bench 20 reps, vertical jump 38 inches, 4.35 in the 40). He should get a chance for sure and shouldn't be judged by his height. Will he get drafted and if he does, what round?
Tyler from Interior, S.D.


Woodhead is a small, fast player who's explosive, but I don't think he will get drafted.

In my opinion the Jets have the most difficult draft pick out of the all the other ones. So my question is: Do you think they draft the explosive offensive playmaker in Darren McFadden if he's on the board? Or Vernon Gholston, who I think is overrated? Or do they pick up a HEALTHY quarterback in Matt Ryan? As a Jets fan I am tired of seeing Chad Pennington go down with injury, after injury.
Buddy from Sacramento, Calif.


I'm going to make this easy for you; I think Matt Ryan and Vernon Gholston will be off the board when the Jets make their selection, and the obvious pick for them will be Darren McFadden. McFadden adds another element to the Jets' offense, as they can line him up in the backfield or split him out wide as a receiver. He's versatile and can be multi-dimensional.

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