Tom Marino: Scouting the QBs

Get the scoop on this year's QB crop from an NFL scout with over 35 years experience.


1. Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
40: 4.95v Ht: 6046v Wt: 228v Rating: 1.15
Chance to be a very good one. Can make all of the necessary throws Accurate in the short and intermediate zones. Will throw off back foot some, but his forte was throwing the seam passer. Smart player who won't be overwhelmed. Better from the gun then from under the center. Had some questions about his ability to see the underneath zone, but really liked this players stroke. Playing with a very limited surrounding cast. A one man show. Round # 1.

2. Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware
40: 4.86v Ht: 6063v Wt: 236v Rating: 1.2
Has outstanding size, body strength and an A-1 throwing arm. Was an accurate thrower who didn't lose his composure in pressure situation. Very poised while posessing solid intangibles. Sorts things out well. Good ball placement on short and intermediate throws. Not a threat to run the ball, but can make time while showing good rush sense. Surprisingly effective throwing on the move. High ceiling player with strong 2nd round draft potential.

3. Chad Henne, QB, Michigan
40: 4.95v Ht: 6027v Wt: 230v Rating: 1.231
Experienced 4 year regular who played injured for much of 07. Has a very strong arm and was tough minded but I thought he was streaky with his accuracy, Throw mechanics need some work, and was marginal to escape, but I liked his overall game. Improved throwing touch and flair control. Was not a threat to run the football but is strong and can make time in the pocket. Played much of the 07 less then 100%. Round 2 draft consideration.

4. Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
40: 4.85v Ht: 6027v Wt: 230v Rating: 1.248
Productive, experienced system quarterback. Accurate in the under zones and showed a relatively quick arm. Distributes the ball well and can manage the game effectively. Can't move or get away from the blitz. Lacks a big arm. Marginal on intermediate or the deep ball accruacy. Had problems locating the backside backer on some under throws. Anoher in a long line of overrated Louisville QB's. Back up playing potential. Mid to late second round consideration

5. John David Booty, QB, USC
40: 4.93v Ht: 6023v Wt: 218v Rating: 1.397
Does nothing to get you real excited as a player, but is an efficient serviceable quarterback. Has an adequate throwing arm, was an accurate short and intermediate passer. Can throw effectively on the move. Good decision maker who is getting the most out of his ability. Football smart. I would today view him as a back up player within the league who when called upon could potentially contribute. 3th to 4th round draft potential.

6. Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky
40: 4.86v Ht: 6040v Wt: 229v Rating: 1.501
Long deliberate throwing delivery. Didn't sense the rush especially well and took too many sacks. Awkward touch passer and throwing on the move. Marginal deep passer. Good looking physically (strong and proportioned). System passer. More questions then answers; Read entire field? Process? Put ball in tight windows? Round 4 - 5 consideration

7. Alex Brink, QB, Washington State
40: 5.02v Ht: 6022v Wt: 211v Rating: 1.64
OVA transfer. I liked this players athletic ability, direction change and potential as a edge pass rusher in a 3-4 scheme. Good stride length to top of the rush and bend and use of hands to alter course and finish. Active within the running game showing both range and instincts. Good wrap up tackler. Possible end in 4-3 scheme. Competition level is a concern, but this is a talented high ceiling player. Round 3-4.

8. Bernard Morris, QB, Marshall
40: 4.76v Ht: 6030v Wt: 223v Rating: 1.771
Had one off field incident which might come into play. Biggest surprise of 2007. Top athlete, who can make time in the pocket, escape and spin the ball . Has a very live arm & although he had things he will need to improve (locks on his primary, will flush quickly and work receivers) I loved how he delivered the ball. Can stick it into a tight seam. Streaky with his accruacy. Has the tools to be something special down the line. Round considereration 6 to 7 or PFA.

9. Erik Ainge, QB, Tennessee
40: 5.04v Ht: 6054v Wt: 225v Rating: 1.67
Is a big athlete good looking player a great deal of playing experience, but I was extremely disappointed in his arm strength, throwing accruacy (particularly deep) and decision making skills. Has an over the top throwing delivery but does not throw a tight ball. Was neither quick or highly mobile in the pocket. or as a runner. Didn't see much in the way of creativity or instincts particularly when you consider his playing background. Round 6 - 7

10. Anthony Morelli, QB, Penn State
40: 5.09v Ht: 6035v Wt: 231v Rating: 1.681
Has all the tools you look for in a QB; an athletic body, very strong throwing arm & far better movement then I had expected, but is acutely under coached & unprepared for the job of being a professional QB. Has a violent over hand delivery & when he's on his game has as much ability as anyone in the draft. Can make all the throws; out, dig, fade and comeback, Going to have to start from square 1 with this player, but has a big upside. A 6th - 7th round steal.

11. Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii
40: 4.95e Ht: 6023v Wt: 207v Rating: 1.683
System QB who has at best an adequate throwing arm and a very funky throwing delivery. Deep arm was highly questionable. Marginal ability to get away from pressure.Accurate and efficient on the underneath stuff. Is tough minded and showed good instincts. Has put up some unbelieveable throwing numbers, but his poor performance at the Senior Bowl and vs San Jose can also not be overlooked. Would give 6th to 7th round draft consideration.

12. Kevin O'Connell, QB, San Diego State
40: 4.64v Ht: 6051v Wt: 223v Rating: 1.771
Athletic big man. Has a big arm but was inconsistent with his accuracy and ball placement. Has come a long way in the past season, but I still feel he has a very long way to come. Has impressive movement for a big man and threw adequately on the move. Led State in rushing in 2007. Has a chance. Late round draft (7) or priority free agent consideration.

13. Josh Johnson, QB, San Diego
40: 4.55v Ht: 6026v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.785
Is a good looking athlete who put up some very impressive numbers at a very low level of competition. Moves around well in the pocket showing both mobility and running skills. Don't think he was a quick decision maker, but also didn't put the football in harm's way too often. Very effecient at a low level of play. Put up some very impressive numbers, but I don't like his arm and will needs a great deal of work with his mechanics. Rd. # 7 or PFA

14. T.C. Ostrander, QB, Stanford
40: 5.00e Ht: 6021v Wt: 227v Rating: 1.79
Has a quick arm and was an effective passer underneath. Overall arm strength was at best adequate and I didn't see much in the way of mobility or pocket presence. Felt he competed hard and made good decisions, but overall has just an outside chance of factoring at the pro level. Struggled some with the deep ball. Streaks of inaccuracy. Durability concerns. Has a chance to be a third, but really don't see special skills with this player. 7th or priority free agent.

15. Sam Keller, QB, Nebraska
40: 5.03v Ht: 6035v Wt: 241v Rating: 1.795
Senior transfer with size and a strong arm, but doesn't have the movement, quickness and or feet to play beyond this level of play. Streaky with accuracy and I would have to question his overall decision making skills. Good physical stature. Started quickly but appeared to regress as the season progressed. Doesn't appear to know where people were on the field. A check down guy. Free agent with just an outside chance to factor.

16. Brad Roach, QB, Catawba
40: 5.18v Ht: 6056v Wt: 250v Rating: 1.799
Has a strong arm and a quicker and more mobile then I originally expected. Is a three year regular. Is a three year regular with a quick compact throwing delivery. Showed adequate throwing accuracy (will work receivers some). Needs to use his lower half better. Marginal run skills, but showed the ability to aviod and make time in the pocket. Has little in the way of a surrounding cast. Possible late round selection, but more likely a priority free agent.

17. Paul Smith, QB, Tulsa
40: 4.97v Ht: 6012v Wt: 208v Rating: 1.785
Smith is a heady performer with very good playing intangables. Is smart, aware and was an accurate thrower in the underneith zones. Got the ball out quickly always (cocked to throw), can look off defenders and made good throwing decisions. Has a barely adequate arm and was not imposing physically. Functional, but probably doesn't have starting potential within the league. Should be given strong late round consideration. The perfect third QB.

18. Richard Santos, QB, New Hampshire
40: 5.03v Ht: 6011v Wt: 215v Rating: 1.8
Very smart, experienced, productive and efficient. Prepares himseld well. Instinctive school yard type player in the Doug Flutie type mold. A four year regular who has put up some very impressive numbers during his college playing career. Was an accurate thrower who distributed the football well. Good anticipation ability to make plays. Appears shorter then then his listed height. Wouldn't bet against him making it, but isn't exactly what you are looking for.

19. Kyle Wright, QB, Miami (FL)
40: 4.90v Ht: 6033v Wt: 218v Rating: 1.8
Big good looking athlete who has been given every opportunity to succeed, but has never done it over the long haul. Has a strong arm and tools you look for, but is not an accurate passer nor did he make consistently good throwing decisions. Didn't think he consistently threw the football on time and in all games viewed, really worked the receivers. I have to believe that the pro game is going to be just too fast for this player. Priority free agent.

20. Matt Flynn, QB, LSU
40: 4.81v Ht: 6022v Wt: 231v Rating: 1.8
Has too many things to fix with this player's throwing mechanics. Not an accurate passer on intermediate and deep throws. Barely adequate arm strength his ball appeared to have little life coming out of his hand. Didn't look off defenser (stares down primary) dellivery quickness. Mobility and pocket presense were marginal. Did show both toughness and made some plays at critical times during the 07 season, but I see him as having just marginal play potential.

22. Xavier Lee, QB, Florida State
40: 4.88v Ht: 6030v Wt: 233v Rating: 1.8
Top prep QB recruit with size and a very strong arm. Can get the ball out quickly when he sees things down the field. Can throw on the move and had adequate throwing accuracy. Is just not a quick processor and has been very inconsistent over his entire college playing career.. Has a strong athletic body and moved around surprisingly well, but the professional game is going to be just too fast for this individual. Developmental potential only. Game too fast.

23. Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon
40: 4.60e Ht: 6032v Wt: 195v Rating: 1.8
Very thin and lacks the throwing mechanics you look for in a pro QB prospect. Has an adequate arm, but showed little touch and his mechanics were poor.. More of a dart thrower then a pure passer. Improved decision maker in 07, and really took to the new playing system,but in the end there are still far too many things to be fixed. Had a late season injury (Lt Knee ACL) and is also in the Atlanta Braves farm system. Wouldn't consider with my club.

24. Blake Mitchell, QB, South Carolina
40: 4.95e Ht: 6026v Wt: 219v Rating: 1.8
Was a highly recruited prep player who did not come close to playing to his full playing potential at the college level. Has size, a good throwing arm snd more then adequate movement in the pocket. Was disappointed in his throwing accruacy and decision making. Showed a tendency to hold the football, but mechanically can get the ball out quickly. Has had some off the field problems and I would question his dependability. Too inconsistent in his play


Nick Hill, QB, Southern Illinois
40: 4.85v Ht: 6025v Wt: 216v Rating: 1.788
W. Kentucky transfer. Left hand QB with better then expected athletic ability (former basketball player) Liked his size and the ability to make time with his feet. Made good throwing deceisons underneith. Didn't like his throwing mechanics (very deliberate throwing stroke) and his arm was just adequate. Lots of things to fix (poor footwork), but has size and put up some extremely impressive numbers. Would gave serious late consideration. Practice squad potential

Richard Kovalcheck, QB, Vanderbilt U
40: Ht: 6016v Wt: 226v Rating: 1.9
Arizona Transfer. Has a strong arm and was smart, but lacks body quickness, run skills and the ability to make time in the pocket

Ryan O'Hara, QB, Central Oklahoma U
40: Ht: 6060e Wt: 230e Rating: 1.9
Arizona and Scottsdale CC transfer. Has rare size and better throwing skills them I ex[ected. Good athlete also lettered in basketball at Arizona. Top prep QB prospect. Needs some help with his footwork, but his delivery was short and quick. Poor sourounding cast and injury limited his playing production in 2007 (6 TD's and 13 Int) but I liked the way he spun the football. Going to have to work on ball placement and deep accruacy. Not a washout.

Sam Hunt, QB, Alabama-Birmington
40: 4.81v Ht: 6033v Wt: 216v Rating: 1.9

Tommy Grady, QB, Utah U
40: 5.00e Ht: 6067v Wt: 231v Rating: 1.9

Caleb Hanie, QB, Colorado St
40: Ht: 6017v Wt: 232v Rating: 1.9
Liked this player early on, but wasn't an accurate thrower nor did he make sound throwing decisions in 07. Questionable mobility. Just an adequate arm. Played on a very football squad, but looked for more from this player

Brandon Cox, QB, Auburn U
40: 4.82v Ht: 6015v Wt: 207v Rating: 1.9

Brent Schaeffer, QB, Mississippi U
40: Ht: 6020e Wt: 210e Rating: 1.9

Kyle Spotts, QB, Kutztown U
40: 4.95e Ht: 6025v Wt: 204v Rating: 1.9
Colgate transfer. Better movement in the pocket then I originally excpected. Strong body and has proven to be a durable player. Need to check his grip and re-tool his his throwing mechanics. Adequate throwing accruacy. Some inconsistent. Marginal thrower on the move. Free agent with just an outside chance of factoring as a practice squad

Luke Drone, QB, Illinois State U
40: 4.87v Ht: 6011v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.9

Martin Hankins, QB, Memphis U
40: 5.15v Ht: 6005v Wt: 202v Rating: 1.9

Michael Machen, QB, Baylor U
40: Ht: 6054e Wt: 235e Rating: 2
Alabama and Akron transfer. Played little during the 07 season. Has size and a strong arm, but lacks mobility and did not show much in the way of mobility in the pocket

Michael Potts, QB, William & Mary
40: 5.07v Ht: 6035v Wt: 226v Rating: 2

Mike Kokal, QB, Miami (Ohio) U
40: Ht: 6014e Wt: 215e Rating: 2
Dad briefly played with the Saints and Jets. Was beat out during the 07 season. Gets the ball out quickly (quick arm) and can throw on the move, but it all ends there. Has a marginal arm in terms of strength, was not an accurate passer outside the numbers or down the field and made some marginal throwing decisions. Good kid, but not a good enough player to factor at the professional level. One TD pass and seven INT's in 07 in just 55 completions.

Mark Nicolet, QB, Hillsdale College
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Bret Meyer, QB, Iowa State U
40: 4.95e Ht: 6030v Wt: 206v Rating: 2
Just didn't progress as a player. Has a very low release point on his throws (lots of balls knocked down at the LOS). Wasn't particularly accurate and was late with too many throws. Has size, intelligence but little else. Camp arm

Cole Stinson, QB, Eastern Illinois U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Craig Hormann, QB, Columbia U
40: 5.00e Ht: 6037v Wt: 226v Rating: 2
Coming off injured knee

Daniel Polk, QB, Midwestern State
40: 4.58v Ht: 6007v Wt: 198v Rating: 2
Great athlete. Possible WR/ DS projection. Ran for 1,000 + and threw for 2000+ yards in 2007

Dominic Breazeale, QB, Northern Colorado U
40: 5.12v Ht: 6057v Wt: 252v Rating: 2

Jack Rolovich, QB, Montana St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Adam Tafralis, QB, San Jose St
40: 4.85e Ht: 6011v Wt: 221v Rating: 2
Has a strong arm, but is slow footed and lacks mobility in the pocket. More of a thrower then a pure passer. Has tunnel vision. Throws a lot of interceptions. Awkward and ineffective throwing on the move. Doesn't see things quickly and showed a tendenc

Al Pena, QB, Houston U
40: Ht: 6024e Wt: 215e Rating: 2

Ben King, QB, Minnesota St (Mankato)
40: Ht: 6003v Wt: 209v Rating: 2

Brady Leaf, QB, Oregon U
40: Ht: 6050e Wt: 230e Rating: 2
Big youngster with a particularly strong throwing arm.. Was not accurate, made poor throwing decisions, did not handle pressure well and did not perform well under pressure. Just don't think he has near enough in the way of mechanics, poise or play insti

Willie Copeland, QB, Valdosta St
40: 4.89v Ht: 6031v Wt: 212v Rating: 2
Fort Valley State transfer. Is a good athlete who cam move and make time in the pocket. Needs work and refinement deliving the football. Adequate with his accruacy. Was late on far too many throws

The small "v" which follows the HT, WT, and forty time is the designation for verified. Other designations may include "e" for estimated, "b" for borrowed (from another scout), or "c" for coaches measurement or timed by a college coach.

Heights: The first number in the four numerals height represents the individual in feet while the second and third numbers represents a player in inches, while the last number in fractions of an inch (exclusively by the 1/8th of an inch.  Thus the following examples:

5105v - 5 for five feet, the10 represent ten inches, and the 5 (five) represents five-eights of another inch.

6017v - Six feet, one and seven-eights verified. 

All professional prospects and or suspects are measured numerous times during the course of a scouting season.  The first takes place generally in the spring of his junior at regularly scheduled "Pro days" at his university. At the conclusion of the season, scouts will on some occasions measure a prospect during a school visit.  Players are weighed and measured at every post season all-star contests.  At some lower level games, players are also given the opportunity to run. The next occasion takes place at the Indianapolis scouting combine, followed by individual or team workouts at the university and finally when a player if flown in to visit at a team site.


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