Tom Marino: Scouting the Receivers

Get the scoop on this year's WR crop from an NFL scout with over 35 years experience.


1. Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
40: 4.66v Ht: 6036v Wt: 227v Rating: 1.155
Impressive looking player with excellent hands, body control & ability to adjust to the ball. Catches equally well on or off his person. Uses size to effectively shield defender on under routes or in the red zone. Has the athletic ability & strength to avoid the hold up and the speed to climb a defender on his open releases. Liked ability to snatch the ball away from his body. Should factor quickly as an inside receiver & develop into a frontline player.

2. Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State
40: 4.43v Ht: 6017v Wt: 216v Rating: 1.16
Has excellent athletic skills, versatility, good hands, and was a real threat after the catch. Runs well and showed the ability to accelerate at the top of the route. Potential # 1 receiver with a club. Top return potential (quick, instinctive, breaks tackles and has a burst). Six catches as a soph and 79 as a junior. Used mostly on slip screens and shallow screens. Round 1 draft consideration

3. Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida
40: 4.38v Ht: 6002v Wt: 204v Rating: 1.197
Go to receiver who has regained the foot speed he had prior to his knee surgery. Has size, experience & has been a very productive player. Works underneath effectively. Solid run after skills. Impressive getting in and out of a break on speed cuts. Gets head around & locates the ball. I really liked his work at the senior bowl, where he showed his skills and savvy. Bigger, faster & more powerfully built then what I remembered. Mid 2nd round draft

4. Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
40: 4.45v Ht: 5116v Wt: 181v Rating: 1.176
A talented receiver who runs well in his pads. Is a proven commodity with athletic ability who makes big game changing plays on the football. Showed a good take off on open releases and broke off a point effectively. Excellent tracking skills paticularly on the deep ball and has soft hands (don't watch Ohio St). Changes speeds well and will contribute within the running game. Processing skills and some off field concerns. 2nd round draft consideration.

5. Early Doucet, WR, LSU
40: 4.53v Ht: 6001v Wt: 209v Rating: 1.215
Skilled receiver with size, speed, quicks, body control & hands. Gets head around and in and out of a break well. Adequate RAC and instincts. Had problem with him running the in route from the left side (too much chopping). Can avoid the hold up effectively with both power & finesse releases. Will work away from the ball and contribute in the run game. Bottom of the 1st round top of the 2nd draft potential. Not a great one but has few holes. Anquan Boldin clone.

6. Donnie Avery, WR, Houston
40: 4.36v Ht: 5111v Wt: 182v Rating: 1.34
A very fluid, talented athlete. Explosive on his take off. Closes the cushion quickly & got in and out of a break extremely well. Has good but not exceptional hands. Showed courage & has the ability to make the difficult off target catch. After the catch was dangerous in space and when he saw a crack, he was gone. Had some problems with his deep over the shoulder adjustments & didn't always finish vertically. Should contribute quickly. Round 2 consideration.

7. Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
40: 4.56v Ht: 6037v Wt: 215v Rating: 1.255
OVA transfer. I liked this players athletic ability, direction change and potential as a edge pass rusher in a 3-4 scheme. Good stride length to top of the rush and bend and use of hands to alter course and finish. Active within the running game showing both range and instincts. Good wrap up tackler. Possible end in 4-3 scheme. Competition level is a concern, but this is a talented high ceiling player. Round 3-4.

8. DeSean Jackson, WR, California
40: 4.39v Ht: 5096v Wt: 169v Rating: 1.275
Undersized "Z" receiver with rare speed & as natural a pass catcher as there is in this year's draft. An outstanding athlete with rare quickness and body control. Comes out of a break with a lot of juice. Works back to the ball with confidence & can snatch it away from his body. lightening in the bottle after the catch. Dangerous punt return man who can take it to the house. Will get lazy in his routes and lose his concentration. Acutely undersized. Round 2 - 3

9. Harry Douglas, WR, Louisville
40: 4.54v Ht: 5112v Wt: 176v Rating: 1.296
Talented player with rare timed speed. Is quick, fast, smart, tough and competitive. Gets in and out of a break well although I felt he got open more by scheme rather then by individual routes. Excellent instincts run vision. On the negative side, he is really small (can he hold up)? Competed inside, seldom won in traffic. Dropped far too many balls on contact. Is a ball player, but I wouldn't roll the dice too soon on this player. Round 2 - 3 consideration

10. Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State
40: 4.53v Ht: 6025v Wt: 217v Rating: 1.31
Top nickel and inside receiving prospect. Has size and can uncover effectively underneath. Good zone awareness and ability to catch on and off his person. Will catch on contact and gets N-S quickly.Is sneaky fast, but lacks the juice to run away from the top defenders in the NFL Can make the difficult catch and showed good sideline awareness. Good block effort (adequate results). Is going to surprise a lot of people at the pro level. Round 3-4.

11. Eddie Royal, WR, Virginia Tech
40: 4.46v Ht: 5095v Wt: 184v Rating: 1.37
Little man, who was both quick and fast. Has good hands but likes the ball in on his body whenever possible. Has small hands and a short receving radius. Has the quicks and feet to avoid the hold up, but was more effective lining up in the slot. Can track down the field, but doesn't offer the QB much in the way of a target. Questionable to win in traffic. Adept KO and punt returner; catches well, hits the crease and goes. Gd courage and judgement. Round 3 - 4.

12. James Hardy, WR, Indiana
40: 4.53v Ht: 6053v Wt: 217v Rating: 1.395
Early entrant into draft. IU records for receptions (191) yards (2,740) and TD (36). Played 2 years of basketball before focusing totally on football. Rare size, firm hands and physical dexterity. Has good speed but doesn't have quick speed. Wasn't physical or creative as a runner after the catch and did little to nothing away from the ball (won't block). Gave up on balls far too quickly and goes down too easily after the catch.Primarily a red zone threat at this stage.

13. Kenny Moore, WR, Wake Forest
40: 4.50v Ht: 5106v Wt: 195v Rating: 1.415
Productive and very tough inside receiver. Former RB with very good hands (will catch on contact). Ran predominately choice routes between the numbers with no fear or apprehension. Showed running strength and was creative after the catch. Runs well, but I question whether he has the juice to separate vertically at the next level. A highly dependable return man who should factor at the pro level as a multi-purpose inside slot receiver. Round 4 - 5.

14. Keenan Burton, WR, Kentucky
40: 4.49v Ht: 6004v Wt: 201v Rating: 1.43
Really like this players overall game. Competes very hard in both games and practice and prepares himself like a pro on game week. Has good hands, playing smarts and position awareness, but does not play near as fast as his timed speed. I didn’t see any glaring negatives in this player's game, but he also may not have a true long suit (non factor vs LSU and Vandy). Don't see starting potential, but should factor as a back up, returner and special teams performer.

15. Paul Hubbard, WR, Wisconsin
40: 4.48v Ht: 6026v Wt: 221v Rating: 1.45
Outstanding size and speed / top prep triple jumper in the country. Very limited playing production in 07. Drops too many easy ones in my opinion to be considered with the top level of receivers. Good body control and route quickness. Can adjust on the move and find the open area. Skilled player, but just does not play to his timed speed. A 3rd receiver type who with experience could develop into a functional second. Has 3-4 round draft potential.

16. Arman Shields, WR, Richmond
40: 4.40v Ht: 6006v Wt: 193v Rating: 1.452
Played in only two games in 07. An athlete with size, firm hands & tracking ability. Closes the cushion quickly on his open release & can track the ball downfield. On his under routes drops his base & got in and out of his routes (some flag). Uses his body to effectively shield the defender from the ball & will catch in contact. Adjusts on the move and sat in the zone hole effectively. Good teams background although is not a returner.Solid middle rd potential (4-5).

17. Jerome Simpson, WR, Coastal Carolina
40: 4.44v Ht: 6016v Wt: 198v Rating: 1.46
Good body control, size and the ability track & catch the ball.. Is smart and adaptable, but was raw and underdeveloped in terms of athletic ability & position skills (question route running skills & speed to separate).. Loved the way he went upcompeted for the ball in traffic. Simply "out athletes" people at this level of play. A semi long stride, who was not a burner, but there is no question as to his ability to make the difficult catch..5th to 7th consideration.

18. Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt
40: 4.52v Ht: 5114v Wt: 209v Rating: 1.463
Productive, game ready player. Has quick feet, and got in and out of his routes well and was a confident catcher. Good zone awareness. Made easy adjustments to off target throws. Can make the difficult catch and showed sideline awareness. Don’t see a lot of foot speed or vertical separation skills. I see him as a steady contributing nickel receiver. Similar to the Giants Steve Smith in playing style. Should be given solid 4th round consideration.

19. D.J. Hall, WR, Alabama
40: 4.59v Ht: 6017v Wt: 193v Rating: 1.477
A some off the field baggage which will need to be addressed at the scouting combine and spring workouts. Early on didn't buy into Saban's program, but came around during the fall. Has been a playmaker over his career. Has size, very good physical dexterity and showed the ability to track ball and separate vertically. Will drop balls (concentration) and his timed speed is not near what I expected. Late 3rd to early 4th consideration.

20. Anthony Alridge, WR, Houston
40: 4.39v Ht: 5090v Wt: 170v Rating: 1.487
College running back who also alligns in the slot. Has rare speed and quickness. Is undersized but showed excellent running instincts. Has feet, body control and balance, but was not as fluid out of a laterall break as I expected him to be. Will need some refinement of skills, and isn't a big man, but has a chance to be something special as a receiver, KOR and special situation back.Not a believer; see UTEP, Oregon, and Rice. Draft consideration round 3 - 4.

21. Steve Johnson, WR, Kentucky
40: 4.52v Ht: 6017v Wt: 210v Rating: 1.517
Late bloomer. Has size and straight speed but was very inconsistent as an underclassman. Much improved hands confidence and playing toughness. Wouldn't work inside the numbers in the past, and although isn't a sure thing in this area has improved a good deal. Don't think he is a natural catcher, but my gut tells me we haven't seen the best from this player yet. Size and speed are a hard combination to beat. Has strong early second day consideration

22. Dorien Bryant, WR, Purdue
40: 4.51v Ht: 5096v Wt: 174v Rating: 1.521
Up and down performer in 07.Has outstanding speed and a vertical burst (can run by you). Is undersized & didn't catch the ball as clean as one would want. Dangerous in the open field & as a return man. Did little away from the ball or within the running game. Awful blocker (very little effort). Pain in the butt, but not a bad kid. Talks too much. Literally took over the Iowa game. Similar, but not as explosive as Ted Ginn. Round 3-4 consideration.

23. William Franklin, WR, Missouri
40: 4.39v Ht: 6004v Wt: 214v Rating: 1.53
Has size & real talent, but was disappointed in his overall game, Wasn't tough & didn't make plays in competitive situation. After the catch will hit the deck when he sensed body heat (watching too many pro games). Virtually all of his production was outside the hash & underneith. Does show route quicks & has the body control to be outstanding in this area. Top talent, but is not the same player when the bullets start to fly. Round 3-5 consideration.

24. Josh Morgan, WR, Virginia Tech
40: 4.45v Ht: 6002v Wt: 219v Rating: 1.547
I really liked his physical stature and speed, but does not have natural hands (dropped far too many balls). Has track speed, but will clutch to start, thus negating his both quicks and explosive in his open releases. Vs the press, will gives up chest off the go. Has good hands and can stem a route effectively but his uneven concentration and attention to detail bothers me (2 drops vs UNC).

25. Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State
40: 4.77v Ht: 6027v Wt: 223v Rating: 1.57
Has been a productive player since transferring from UNC in 2005, but I was rather disappointed in his play at the senior bowl practices. Very stiff running style who didn't show the speed to push a defender on his open releases.Can't drop his hips on his under routes. I liked his size, but in my opinion was not a natural catcher. Mismatches many defenders and showed some strength after the catch, but wasn't nifty or instinctive. Would not give this player 1st day draft consideration.

26. Darius Reynaud, WR, West Virginia
40: 4.51v Ht: 5092v Wt: 201v Rating: 1.583
Talented athletic receiver who caught a majority of his passes on bubble and slip screens, hitches and shallow crosses. Has firm hands, can make off target adjustments and catch on contact. Adept catching both off and on his person. After the catch, got north south quickly while showing creativity after the catch. showed a burst to run under the deep ball, but lacks the juice to separate vertically. Solid KOR prospect Late consideration who has a chance.

27. Maurice Purify, WR, Nebraska
40: 4.53v Ht: 6031v Wt: 224v Rating: 1.585
Has size, athletic ability and body quicks. Firm hands & catching range, although his concentration level was not always evident. Runs well in his pads, but not a true race horse. Can break off a point on his under routes showing strength after the catch. High ceiling, but his position skills are far from fully developed. Add to the puzzle some highly publicized off the field issues and we see an incomplete puzzle developing. Risk - Reward Player Rd. 5-7.

28. Justin Harper, WR, Virginia Tech
40: 4.61v Ht: 6034v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.595
Has all of the physical qualities you look for in a professional receiver, something appears to be missing. Has good hands and was best on underneith routes where he caught the ball and turned up the field. Showed a tendency to breaks off his routes (doesn't finish) Was neither coverage aware or very instinctive. Didn't compete for the ball on the inside. Should be a dominent player but wasn't. Draft consideration 5 - 6

29. Marcus Monk, WR, Arkansas
40: 4.51v Ht: 6042v Wt: 221v Rating: 1.6
Big slot receiver who gives a club a huge miss match advantage particularly in the red zone or on crossing routes. Needs a pre release to consistently get into his routes. Can reach and extend away form the body. A special situation player who just doesn't have the juice one looks for at the position. Wasn't sudden in and out of a break and lack the top speed to separate vertically, but in the right offensive system could contribute significantly in the under zones. Round 4 to 5 draft potential.

30. Lavelle Hawkins, WR, California
40: 4.59v Ht: 5110v Wt: 187v Rating: 1.62
A skilled receiver who showed come immaturity in the past (will pout and isn't the toughest guy on the block. Has shown very good route running and catching skills. Was a dependable third down receiver working in the under zones and was adept working the sidelines. Gives you some added return potential. Lacks the deep speed to factor as a vertical threat, and doesn't process quickly (need to keep it simple) Late round draft potential / 6-7

31. Dexter Jackson, WR, Appalachian State
40: 4.37v Ht: 5094v Wt: 182v Rating: 1.625
Little guy with a great deal of speed and quickness. Did some double catching but overall I thought he caught the ball well. Explosive in and out of a break. showed the ability to adjust and run under the ball on vertical routes. After the catch runs away from people in the open field. Not as savvy as David Patton, but has more more acceleration. In spite of his size, proved to be a tough guy on the inside. Round 6 to 7 consideration.

32. Darrell Blackman, WR, North Carolina State
40: 4.62v Ht: 5103v Wt: 210v Rating: 1.64
Former RB who has proven to be a tough versatile player. I liked his hands and his ability to catch with confidence. After the catch I liked his toughness and vision. Needs further route development, but feel this player has the skills to factor in a professional setting. Return skills only enhance this players overall potential . Not an instant study, but could contribute quickly in a number of ways. Has late second day draft potential. Round 6 - 7.

33. Marcus Henry, WR, Kansas
40: 4.58v Ht: 6035v Wt: 207v Rating: 1.665
The star of the East West shrine game, was just a guy during the 07 season. Is a good atlete with size, but was an inconsistent catcher. Lacks route polish (raw) and his hands were inconsistent. Doesn't create either after the catch or as a route runner (gets open by offensive design). Has a real chance (should be a good test athlete), but needs a great deal of development in his individual routes. Strong late round draft consideration (6 -7)..

34. Taj Smith, WR, Syracuse
40: 4.63v Ht: 6003v Wt: 187v Rating: 1.676
Bakersfield JC transfer. Is a great kid who has overcome a great deal in his life. Has graduated but will not return for a 6th year. Is smart, has good speed and ran good routes, but his hands were just adequate (Didn't make any wow catches). Faster then combine timed speed. Going to have to make it as your 4th or 5th receiver since he does not play or have potential to play on teams. 6th to 7th round draft consideration.

35. Matt Caddell, WR, Alabama
40: 4.42v Ht: 5103v Wt: 185v Rating: 1.681
I was really impressed with this players hands, body control and overall body dexterity (made some very good off target adjustments in games viewed). Smooth route runner who can track and adjust to the ball. Has speed (sneaky fast), but lacks the juice to consistently separate vertically from defenders. Will contribute within the running game. Round 6 - 7

36. Pierre Garcon, WR, Mount Union
40: 4.44v Ht: 5117v Wt: 210v Rating: 1.692
Good looking player from a physical and athletic standpoint. Has been dominant player at this level of competition (D-III), although was very impressive when he lined up on the big stage (post season all star game). Not elusive, but was a strong instinctive runner after the catch. Had some problems coming out of his break on his underneith routes. Need a great deal of position developmental work, but has size and skills. Round 6 - 7.

37. Marcus Smith, WR, New Mexico
40: 4.59v Ht: 6012v Wt: 221v Rating: 1.696
Former RB who made the transition to a wide receiver position two season's ago. Is a good looking individual physically (strong) Appeared very stiff as a route runner and although was strong, just doesn't have the juice. Lacks separation speed on his intermediate and deep route. Has been very productive (91 catches for 1,125) using only about a third of the route tree, but only scored 4 TD's. Would give late round consideration within the league.

38. Ryan Grice-Mullen, WR, Hawaii
40: 4.51v Ht: 5100v Wt: 187v Rating: 1.715
Undersized inside receiver with skills but lacks vertical speed to separate vertically from defenders. Has been very productive within their passing game over the past two seasons, but his potential is further eroded by the fact that he is not a returner and due to his lack of size is not likely to factor as a special team's player. Caught an amazing 237 passes and 36 TD's over a three year career. Has a chance of being drafted, but is more likely a free agent

39. Adrian Arrington, WR, Michigan
40: 4.57v Ht: 6027v Wt: 203v Rating: 1.726
Solid complimentary receiver. Has good athletic ability and size, but didn't show the necessary speed to separate vertically and was unremarkable after the catch. If he can effectively play on teams, has a chance to make it as a 4th or 5th receiver. Worked away from the ball and ran pretty fair routes but there was nothing special in this players game. Would give late round consideration based on his size and moderate play production.

40. Davone Bess, WR, Hawaii
40: 4.67v Ht: 5097v Wt: 194v Rating: 1.74
Highly productive inside receiver with good hands and after the catch run instincts . Has essentially turned his life around over the past three years after some juvenile problems. Has very good zone awareness and the ability to convert. Works back to the ball and was a dangerous runner after the catch. Does not run well on a clock, but plays fast. Sure handed effecient punt return man. Workout numbers were not impressive, but this guy is a football player.

41. Jason Rivers, WR, Hawaii
40: 4.62v Ht: 6012v Wt: 200v Rating: 1.745
Not very tough nor was he very physical. Will drop in traffic and didn't work inside the numbers with a lot of confidence. Would question his speed and deep separation skills. Said to be immature and mouthy, but is not considered a thug. Has good size and was effective in the short zones. Has late late round league draft potential but is more likely a priority free agent.

42. Kevin Robinson, WR, Utah State
40: 4.67v Ht: 5116v Wt: 196v Rating: 1.761
Has been an outstanding return man throughout his collegiate career. Is a play maker who can make things happen after the catch, but lacks the speed and surprisingly neither a polished route runner and or catcher.. I felt he got in and out of a route effectively, with adequate tracking skills. On deep routes, lacks the burst at the top of the route (didn't separate vertically). Has a chance basically on the strength of his returns.

43. Paul Raymond, WR, Brown University
40: 4.39v Ht: 5091v Wt: 176v Rating: 1.782
Undersized raw talent with impressive tools, but at the outset is a very long way from playing at the professional level. Has the speed to flat out run away from people at this level., but routes were not precise or polished. A fast twitch athlete who was explosive on his take off from (open release). Not as productive as I would have expected and is acutely undersized. Kick returner background is a plus. Late potential, but is more likely priority FA

44. Mario Urrutia, WR, Louisville
40: 4.63v Ht: 6053v Wt: 232v Rating: 1.795
Other then his physical stature, I didn't see much that I liked about this player's game. Drops far too many catch able balls, wasn't tough inside, was a very stiff route runner, and lacks the speed to separate on vertical routes. Wasn't a confident catcher and showed little in the way of route quickness. Somebody is going to draft this player, but I don't see much that I liked about this player's game.

45. Darnell Jenkins, WR, Miami (FL)
40: 4.68v Ht: 5092v Wt: 187v Rating: 1.797
Good athletes with quickness, body control, and eye-hand coordination. Was disappointed with his overall speed, but I liked his play making ability. Has battled injuries throughout his playing career and is not as polished as one would expect coming from this program. Not special run instincts after the catch, but has made some big plays in 07. Late round or priority FA consideration.

46. Jabari Arthur, WR, Akron
40: 4.65e Ht: 6033v Wt: 225v Rating: 1.798
A big Canadian, who was originally recruited to play quarterback. Catches everything thrown in his direction. A pure possession receive who worked effectively in the under zonesr. Is tall with long limbs and big hands, but is just not very fast. Can't separate vertically but was surprisingly an impressive runner after the catch (broke secured tackles and showed some awareness in the open field). Draft consideration round # 7.

47. De'Cody Fagg, WR, Florida State
40: 4.66v Ht: 6012v Wt: 211v Rating: 1.799
Was injured at the 2008 combine (leg fx) which might well require him to miss the 2008 season. Has size and although not a natural catcher, I thought he did a good job of adjusting on or off his body. Tendency to round things off underneith. Not fast but can close the cushion on his open releases. Tracks the ball well on vertical routes. Built like a RB. Was effected by his teams lack of a consistentcy at QB, Late draft prior to injury. Not likely to be drafted

48. Xavier Carter, WR, LSU
40: 4.30e Ht: 6014e Wt: 180e Rating: 1.793
Left Squad prior to the start of the 2006 season to run in the pro track circuit.. Rare speed (might well be the fastest man in the world), has a powerful loping stride and eats up ground very quickly. Has a good frame (tight muscular body), adequate hands and very good athletic ability. Was an outstanding prep football player. Home run threat and an effective KOR man as a frosh and soph. Not natural stemmng a route. Probable Olympic team, but can't overlook.

49. Chez Schilens, WR, San Diego State
40: 4.39v Ht: 6037v Wt: 208v Rating: 1.794
2007 season was slowed with a stress fracture to his right foot. Has rare size and straight speed. Wide catching radius. Played in only 8 games in 07 and caught 22 of his 35 passes in the final three games of the season. Does not play as fast as his timed speed. Long strider who was just adequate in and out of a break. Top rated prep baseball player (Tigers # 34 in 2003). Has too much size and speed to ignore. Late round or priority free agent consideration.

50. Lorne Sam, WR, UTEP
40: 4.62v Ht: 6023v Wt: 220v Rating: 1.8
Has size, athletic ability and good body control. Versatile player who lined up at both the WR and quarterback position as a senior. Not very fast and needs further work on his position skills, but has some tools and in time could develop into a serviceable inside receiving prospect. Late round or priority free agent consideration

51. Lance Long, WR, Mississippi State
40: 4.47v Ht: 5103v Wt: 184v Rating: 1.8
Former walk-on with good athletic skills. Smart and talented. Started two games in 07. Inside receiver type with a lot of savvy. Can return although in not exceptional in this area.

53. Brian Paysinger, WR, Oregon
40: 4.55v Ht: 6015v Wt: 206v Rating: 1.8
Injured for much of the 07 season. Has good skills, was quicker then fast, gets open and caught the ball. Has good size and was quicker then fast, but doesn't have top speed or the creativity you look for after the catch. Up till this season had a chance, based on his position savvy, size and ability to catch on contact, but was injured and missed most of the 07 season with a severe knee injury to his right (MCL, PCL, ACL).

54. Jayson Foster, WR, Georgia Southern
40: 4.41v Ht: 5072v Wt: 171v Rating: 1.8
2007 Payton Award winner. Highly talented little man who lines up everywhere on the ball field.. Has rare balance, quick suttle moves, speed, instincts and the heart of a lion. Might well be the most exciting player in the country. Makes things happen. Is a little guy, but does he ever play big. A poor man's "White Shoes" Johnson Just don't think he will hold up physically in the pro ranks, but I wouldn't ever bet against this player. Priority FA.

55. Brandon Breazell, WR, UCLA
40: 4.46v Ht: 5115v Wt: 160v Rating: 1.8
Undersized playmaker who was both tough and physical. Felt he ran good routes (although he is a bit of a long strider) and had better then adequate hands. Under utilized player in their system. Major negative is his lack of bulk and strength. Priority free agent

56. Ernie Wheelwright, WR, Minnesota
40: 4.60e Ht: 6044v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.8
Talented player who looks the part, but something is missing. Good red zone runner. Lazy and a marginal route runner. Little effort to block or contribute within the running game. Selfish. Questionable concentration. If the lights come on will play. Free Agent

57. Bruce Hocker, WR, Duquesne
40: 4.69v Ht: 6032v Wt: 209v Rating: 1.8
Developmental player who will need a good deal of coaching in specific skills. Has excellent size but was unpolished and lacks true speed. Good athlete but not a confident hand catcher. Did show short area RAC. Not used as a returner. Productive at this level. Solid free agent player.

58. Jaymar Johnson, WR, Jackson State
40: 4.54v Ht: 5111v Wt: 177v Rating: 1.8
Savvy individual who will flash position skills. Good athlete with impressive body control. no second gear. Very unpolished in this under routes (flags ecerything). Not particularly strong and showed no creativity as a runner after the catch. Little guywith good but not exceptional skills.

59. Pat Carter, WR, Louisville
40: 4.37v Ht: 6025v Wt: 198v Rating: 1.8
Former QB and track performer who is a brother of Brown's WR Tim Carter.. Looks awful pretty in a uniform and is going to put up some impressive numbers in spring workouts, , but when you put the tape on, showed little that you can hang your hat on. Does not have good hands and his route running skills were remedial at best. Is an athlete, but I don't think he was especially tough. PQ's guy.


Terrence Nunn, WR, Nebraska
40: 4.58v Ht: 5106v Wt: 190v Rating: 1.8
Leading receiver over the last two seasons. Not top speed, but did show quickness in and out of a break.

Todd Blythe, WR, Iowa State
40: 4.69v Ht: 6047v Wt: 214v Rating: 1.8
Hasn't shown noticeable improvement over the last three seasons. One speed guy with size and catching mechanics.

Billy Pittman, WR, Texas
40: 4.74v Ht: 5111v Wt: 189v Rating: 1.9
Had a great soph season but caught just seven balls as a senior in 2007. Was also suspended for the first two games of the season. Did not appear to run particularly well (couldn't separate and after the catch, did not show any special run skills.There is just nothing about this player that got me very excited. A free agent for somebody else

Edward Williams, WR, Lane
40: 4.57v Ht: 6031v Wt: 207v Rating: 1.9
Can catch and adjust to the ball both on and off his person, but is going to need a great deal of work on his routes and doesn't have the true speed to separate on his vertical routes. After the catch was strong and willing, but was not what I would consider a threat to take it to the house. Size guy with marginal speed and quickness to separate. No return background or potential. League free agent.

Evan Moore, WR, Stanford
40: 4.78v Ht: 6060v Wt: 233v Rating: 1.9
Has proven to be an effective player in the red zone due in part to his rare size, but lacks the speed and quickness to be effective on the outside. Can separate and had real problems getting in and out of a break. Marginal free agent player

Josh Hyman, WR, Virginia Tech
40: 4.46v Ht: 5113v Wt: 196v Rating: 1.9
plays like his name / back up / no sink on routes / doesn't uncover / runs routes short of the mark / make tough catch?

Lance Leggett, WR, Miami (FL)
40: 4.44v Ht: 6030v Wt: 189v Rating: 1.9
Big good looking athlete who ran well in his pads, but it all ends there. Doesn't come off the ball on his open releases and was far from a polished route runner. Not a confident hand catcher. Wants to cradle the ball close to his body. Not nifty or quick in and out of his break (too much chopping). Was a straight liner after the catch, showing few instincts and much in the way of field awareness.

Mark Bradford, WR, Stanford
40: 4.74v Ht: 6006v Wt: 211v Rating: 1.9
Has had a lot of injuries over the past two seasons. Ran good under routes and made some very impressive catches, but just isn't very fast nor did he show much in the way of gear changes. Slowed by a hamstring in 07. Possible late, but more likely a PFA

Nicolas McIntosh, WR, College of the Sequoias
40: 4.30e Ht: 6010e Wt: 185e Rating:
Might well be the second fastest prep player in Florida history. State 100 and 200 meter champion. Signed with the U of Florida but did not qualify. Attended Dodge City CC (red shirted in 2004), before transferring to the College of the Sequoias. Haitian decent. Signed with Toronto of the CFL in 2007

Mike Bumpus, WR, Washington St
40: 4.65e Ht: 5104e Wt: 195e Rating: 1.8
Holds virtually every WSU receiving record. Quicker then fast. Catches the ball well in the under zones

Nate Jones, WR, Texas U
40: 4.65e Ht: 6000e Wt: 195e Rating: 1.8
A possession receiver with limited speed, but at games end did some good things that contributing to winning football games. Usually the teams third option, but still his overall production was steady. Lacks the deep speed. Just don’t see a lot of foot speed and or a vertical burst. After the catch showed no special run skills. Needs to improve his get off versus the jam. Looked like an adequate free agent prospect, but is likely going to fall short.of making it. Priority free agent.

Joe Cowan, WR, UCLA
40: 4.65e Ht: 6032v Wt: 224v Rating: 1.8
A good zone receiver with size and very good hands. Smart player who factors particularly well in the under zones. Will catch on contact. Just lacks the juice to separate vs man coverage. Has a chance in the right system. Late round consideration

Joe West, WR, Texas-El Paso
40: 4.54v Ht: 6011v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.8
Has good size and receiving skills, but was not sudden in his movement and appeared somewhat tight in his hips. Solid free agent

Keith Brown, WR, Alabama U
40: 4.52v Ht: 6021v Wt: 202v Rating: 1.8
Adequate across the board / needs space to be effective / lacks speed & route quickness / doesn't get on top of defender / Has been dinged a bit over the last two seasons. 7th or free agent

Kerry Franks, WR, Texas A&M
40: 4.55v Ht: 5101v Wt: 195v Rating: 1.8

Kerry Franks, WR, Texas A&M
40: 4.55v Ht: 5101v Wt: 195v Rating: 1.8
Has both speed and running instincts. Effective kick return man. As a wide out, his hands appeared to be inconsistent. Not a confident pass catcher. Has enough to be considered bringing to camp as a free agent.

Marcell Reece, WR, Washington U
40: 4.46v Ht: 6002v Wt: 235v Rating: 1.8

Chasio Thomas, WR, Jackson St
40: 4.46v Ht: 6017v Wt: 203v Rating: 1.8
Accademic disqualification

James Banks, WR, Carson Newman
40: 4.55e Ht: 6024e Wt: 215e Rating: 1.8
Tennessee transfer (QB) who was suspended 3 times and later dismissed. Has a great deal of athletic ability. Lots of off field problems. Played first year of ball in 4 years this past season.

Tommy Ellingworth, WR, Augustana (SD)
40: 4.43v Ht: 5101v Wt: 182v Rating: 1.8

Travis Brown, WR, New Mexico U
40: 4.69v Ht: 6021v Wt: 202v Rating: 1.8
Highly skilled receiver with little in the way of speed. Smart with good intangibles. Tall, long arms, and good hands. Can't elude (RAC) or make anything happen after the catch

Weston Dressler, WR, No Dakota U
40: 4.50e Ht: 5067v Wt: 162v Rating: 1.9
Great small college ball player, but is extremely small and wouldn't hold up in the professional ranks. Has outstanding hands and is dangerous after the catch. Loves the game and plays extremely hard, but career is more the likely at an end

Wynton Jackson, WR, Liberty U
40: 4.48v Ht: 6002v Wt: 179v Rating: 1.9

Dwayne Crocker, WR, Upper Iowa
40: 4.62v Ht: 5081v Wt: 186v Rating: 1.9

Charles Dillon, WR, Washington St
40: 4.60e Ht: 5116v Wt: 193v Rating: 1.9

Jeron Harvey, WR, Houston U
40: 4.69v Ht: 6047v Wt: 227v Rating: 1.9

Danny Amendola, WR, Texas Tech
40: 4.71v Ht: 5104v Wt: 183v Rating: 1.9

Eric Allen, WR, Montana U
40: 4.65e Ht: 6020e Wt: 200e Rating: 1.9
Not a starter / no speed and was marginal in every measurable skill area. Has no chance to play at the professional level.

Gary Banks, WR, Troy U
40: 4.56v Ht: 6004v Wt: 198v Rating: 1.9
Played m1nor league baseball in the Cubs system after being drafted in the 5th round. Possession receiver who showed good toughness, hands and zone awareness. Lacks to speed to separate. Adequate free agent prospect

Brian Hernandez, WR, Utah U
40: 4.65e Ht: 5106v Wt: 189v Rating: 1.9

C.J. Hawthorne, WR, Hawaii U
40: 4.45e Ht: 5104e Wt: 170e Rating: 1.9

Clyde Edwards, WR, Grambling St
40: 4.55e Ht: 5094v Wt: 179v Rating: 1.9

Curtis Hamilton, WR, Western Kentucky U
40: 4.59v Ht: 5112v Wt: 196v Rating: 1.9

Almonzo Banks, WR, West Liberty St
40: 4.68v Ht: 5116v Wt: 217v Rating: 1.9
18 rec for 292 yds vs Seton Hall . 88 - 1,331 yds in 07. Former pro baseball player (4 seasons). 5/28/81

Amarri Jackson, WR, South Florida U
40: 4.65e Ht: 6034e Wt: 205e Rating: 1.9

A.J. Bryant, WR, Georgia U
40: 4.49v Ht: 6015v Wt: 202v Rating: 1.9
Nice looking with speed, but hasn't get it done

Brandon Copeland, WR, Bridgewater College
40: 4.47v Ht: 6003v Wt: 192v Rating: 1.9
24' 4" long jumper. 127 career receptions for 1,924 yards, 15.1 yard average and 21 touchdowns

Kevin Marion, WR, Wake Forest U
40: 4.49v Ht: 5084v Wt: 164v Rating: 1.9

Larry Shipp, WR, Tennessee Tech
40: 4.66v Ht: 5090v Wt: 194v Rating: 1.9

Nate Forse, WR, California (PA)
40: 4.65e Ht: 6034v Wt: 221v Rating: 1.9
Has good size and more then adequate catching skills, but his speed is clearing lacking and lacked creativity after the catch. Not a polished route runner or a dominant player at this level of play.

Omar Hougabook, WR, Troy U
40: 4.46v Ht: 5114v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.9
Dodge City CC transfer. the wide receiver position (college QB). Is a good athlete with speed and quickness. Outstanding prep player (Florida) with good instincts. If he can catch, has a chance to factor as a developmental player.

Robert Jordan, WR, California U
40: 4.62v Ht: 5106v Wt: 163v Rating: 1.9
Felt he was a good route runner / but is rail thin and looks to have just adequate playing speed / no burst at the top of the route / Somewhat injury prone / Free agent for somebody else

Sean Bailey, WR, Georgia U
40: 4.65e Ht: 6010e Wt: 170e Rating: 1.9
Not a sure handed guy / lack vertical speed / just a guy

Selwyn Lymon, WR, Purdue U
40: 4.60e Ht: 6034e Wt: 215e Rating: 1.9
Dismissed from squad after second alcohol related incident in November 2007. Non qualifier out of HS. Fourth leading receiver on squad in 07

Shaheer McBride, WR, Delaware St
40: 4.67v Ht: 6014v Wt: 205v Rating: 1.9
can catch the ball / runs mostly 9 routes / doesn't know about that stuff / can't run away

Taurean Rhetta, WR, Jacksonville St (AL)
40: 4.55v Ht: 5112v Wt: 182v Rating: 1.9

Terrell Golden, WR, Penn St
40: 4.70e Ht: 6020e Wt: 215e Rating: 1.9

Terry Love, WR, Michigan St
40: 4.55e Ht: 5112v Wt: 178v Rating: 2
Has had some issues academic which has limited his participation. Not very productive in a very limited role. Don't see him as a legitimate professional prospect.

Thomas Moss, WR, Syracuse U
40: 4.65e Ht: 6021v Wt: 207v Rating: 2
Does everything well, but just can't run well enough to factor at the pro level. Was physical, ran good routes, was fluid and will blocks (knows his role), but was not productive in theor system. Has missed time due to injuries. Has size, was a better then average catcher, but can't uncover when working against man cover. Marginal vs the press. Adequate free agent prospect..

Todd Brigman, WR, Florida A&M
40: 4.40e Ht: 5090e Wt: 175e Rating: 2
Top prep receiver. Not participating in ball at A&M / Currently a track & field athlete. Prep teammate of Cromartie at Lincoln HS

Sean Penix, WR, Arkansas U
40: 4.50e Ht: 5110e Wt: 170e Rating: 2
Third team wide receiver who had no catches during the 2007 season. Not a professional prospect based on my exposure

Roderick Wolfe, WR, Morgan St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Ryan Bagley, WR, Montana U
40: 4.68v Ht: 6027v Wt: 212v Rating: 2
Doesn't have either the speed nor did he show the type of creativity one would expect from a player at thief level. Limited playing production. Does have size and was a more then adequate receiver.

Otis McDaniel, WR, TCU
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2
Outstanding track athlete. Top prep football prospect, but did not choose to participate beyond that level.

Paul Perry, WR, Towson St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Phil Henry, WR, East Carolina U
40: 4.54v Ht: 5104v Wt: 183v Rating: 2

Prechae Rodriguez, WR, Auburn U
40: 4.51v Ht: 6037v Wt: 207v Rating: 2
Don't see anything other then his physical stature to get me excited / can't play at the pro level

Rashad Howard, WR, Norfolk St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Milan Moses, WR, Iowa State U
40: 4.55e Ht: 6010e Wt: 195e Rating: 2
Didn't play a great deal nor did he show special skills in any area of play. Don't think he was a natural catcher and lacks the gear changes to separate from defenders. No better then a camp guy in my opinion

Larry Taylor, WR, Connecticut U
40: 4.50e Ht: 5057v Wt: 174v Rating: 2
Midget. Not extraordinary in any skill area

Luke Swan, WR, Wisconsin U
40: 4.65v Ht: 5116v Wt: 194v Rating: 2
Tore hamstring from the bone in October of 07 /

Marlon Haynes, WR, Idaho U
40: 4.65e Ht: 5114e Wt: 190e Rating: 2
Marginal player who was dismissed from school.

Micah Rucker, WR, Eastern Illinois U
40: 4.63v Ht: 6053v Wt: 219v Rating: 2
Big and very slow. No quickness. Long strider who can't get in and out of a break. Good but not exceptional hands. Has just an outside chance to go to camp as a free agent

Michael Ford, WR, Wyoming U
40: 4.64v Ht: 6012v Wt: 206v Rating: 2

Kevin Challenger, WR, Boston College
40: 4.70e Ht: 5090e Wt: 180e Rating: 2
Can't run or separate. Gutsy productive little college player who lacks the speed to factor at the next level. Doesn't separate vertically. Not elusive in space

Keith Levan, WR, New Hampshire U
40: 4.80e Ht: 5104e Wt: 185e Rating: 2

Joel Armstrong, WR, Rice U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

John Dunlap, WR, No Carolina St
40: 4.63v Ht: 6006v Wt: 218v Rating: 2
Has some size and can catch, but his routes lacked quickness and doesn't have the speed to separate from people on vertical routes. After the catch did little to advance the ball. No return potential. Will not be drafted nor will he go to camp as a free agent.

Johnny Walker, WR, Colorado St
40: 4.60e Ht: 5116v Wt: 193v Rating: 2
No foot speed / marginal playing production / Not a professional prospect

Jonathan Jackson, WR, TCU
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2
Top collegiate triple jumper. Had a solid prep ball background

Brandon Horn, WR, Grand Valley St
40: 4.60e Ht: 5117v Wt: 219v Rating: 2

Alan Turner, WR, Southern Illinois U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Andy Birkel, WR, Northern Colorado U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2
Stayed hurt all last year. Has no speed to separate

Anthony Russo, WR, Washington U
40: 4.60e Ht: 5110e Wt: 185e Rating: 2
Good little college player with limited long range potential. Smart and effective in the under zones. Doesn't have the needed speed to run away or separate vertically at this level. Just a guy with a very limited chance to play. Marginal free agent

Antonio Miller, WR, Tenn-Chattanooga
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2
Projection from QB. A good athlete, but is light years away from playing as a receiver in the professional level.

Bernard Jackson, WR, Colorado U
40: 4.82v Ht: 5116v Wt: 191v Rating: 2
Not a prospect. Lacks speed, quickness and I felt his hands were marginal.

Damon Morton, WR, Colorado St
40: 4.60e Ht: 5097v Wt: 179v Rating: 2
Undersized and lacking in foot speed / poor vs the jam / was re-routed too frequently / Just didn't separate vertically / marginal run skills after the catch / limited run skills after the catch

Clyde Logan, WR, Idaho State
40: 4.63v Ht: 6026v Wt: 198v Rating: 2
Graduated from HS in 2000 / Former Marine / Didn't appear to run well enough / Doesn't separate / no juice out of a break / Not productive / Best asset was his size / has some athletic ability and hands

Cory Sleeth, WR, Neb-Kearney
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Cameron Colvin, WR, Oregon U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2
Has had a multitude of nagging injuries, which have likely ended his playing career. Has also had some issues which would had to be addressed had he been physically able to play

Cleveland McCoy, WR, So Carolina State
40: Ht: 6014v Wt: 223v Rating: 2

Jacob Willis, WR, Illinois U
40: 4.58v Ht: 5096v Wt: 182v Rating: 2
Son of Former Ohio State WR Lenny Willis. Just an adequate college ball player. Little guy who lacks vertical speed. Doesn't have little man quickness nor was he vary productive. Marginal free agent

Jake Allen, WR, Mississippi College
40: 4.58v Ht: 6034v Wt: 182v Rating: 2

Daryl Barnett, WR, Fayetteville St
40: 4.68v Ht: 6035v Wt: 192v Rating: 2

Demetrius Harrison, WR, Towson St
40: 4.75e Ht: 5114e Wt: 190e Rating: 2

Derek Tharpe, WR, Valdosta St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

DuVaughn Flagler, WR, Gardner Webb
40: 4.72v Ht: 6003v Wt: 212v Rating: 2
Good looking individual physically, but does not have anywhere near enough speed to play beyond this level of play. Not good enough in my opinion.

Elfren Quiles, WR, Kutztown U
40: 4.98v Ht: 6000v Wt: 204v Rating: 2
Has absolutely no speed and or quickness. Can catch the ball, but appeared to be running in sand. Has no chance to play professional ball.

James Townsend, WR, Rutgers U
40: Ht: 5117v Wt: 191v Rating: 2
Has had a host of injuries throughout his career which has likely ended his football career (left foot , left hand and his current micro fracture of his left knee). Question if he would now pass a pro physical .

Jarrett Byers, WR, Northeastern St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Jason Jones, WR, Arkansas (Pine Bluffs)
40: 4.61v Ht: 6016v Wt: 168v Rating: 2

The small "v" which follows the HT, WT, and forty time is the designation for verified. Other designations may include "e" for estimated, "b" for borrowed (from another scout), or "c" for coaches measurement or timed by a college coach.

Heights: The first number in the four numerals height represents the individual in feet while the second and third numbers represents a player in inches, while the last number in fractions of an inch (exclusively by the 1/8th of an inch.  Thus the following examples:

5105v - 5 for five feet, the10 represent ten inches, and the 5 (five) represents five-eights of another inch.

6017v - Six feet, one and seven-eights verified. 

All professional prospects and or suspects are measured numerous times during the course of a scouting season.  The first takes place generally in the spring of his junior at regularly scheduled "Pro days" at his university. At the conclusion of the season, scouts will on some occasions measure a prospect during a school visit.  Players are weighed and measured at every post season all-star contests.  At some lower level games, players are also given the opportunity to run. The next occasion takes place at the Indianapolis scouting combine, followed by individual or team workouts at the university and finally when a player if flown in to visit at a team site.


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