Tom Marino: Scouting the Tackles

Get the scoop on this year's OT crop from an NFL scout with over 35 years experience.


1. Jake Long, OT, Michigan
40: 5.25v Ht: 6070v Wt: 313v Rating: 1.11
Massive, smart and nasty. Comes off the ball, hit on the rise. took good angles, fit on blocks, and both sustained and finished consistently. Not a natural on the left side in terms of feet and body quickness, but is strong, smart, aware and effecient. Seldon on the ground. I particularly liked his game to game out consistency. Once he got his hands on people was very difficult to shed. Not Joe Thomas, but will be a pro bowl type performer for many years to come.

2. Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
40: 5.15v Ht: 6061v Wt: 315v Rating: 1.125
An athletic big man with quickness, body control, flexibility and balance. Smart player who comes off the ball, hits up and turns defender. Good power and finishing skills. Outstanding playing range and ability to adjust on the move at the second level. Not a great finisher but dominated none the less. Outstanding balance points, knee, and ankle bend.. Can control with punch. Outstanding ability to ride defender past the pocket. Round # 1 sure thing.

3. Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh
40: 5.57v Ht: 6060v Wt: 322v Rating: 1.143
Not a natural knee bender, but was a massive person, who used his hands well, sustained blocks, played on his feet and finished people inline. I liked the way he rolled into his sets and the way he moved his feet for a big man. On pass pro, I thought his sets were efficient and consistent. Good hand placement. Can come off the ball and maul people inline. Still developing but has real solid playing skills. Top round draft consideration

4. Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State
40: 5.24v Ht: 6061v Wt: 309v Rating: 1.152
Has outstanding feet, balance, and body control. Came off the ball with good pad level, hit on the rise with good hand placement. On pass protection, I felt his sets were efficient. Good depth on his kick step and slide. Did overplay and open outside shoulder some, but I liked his balance points and his ability to replaces hands. Not particularly strong. Needs more weight room dedication. Has left tackle playing potential. Top round draft consideration.

5. Sam Baker, OT, USC
40: 5.52v Ht: 6045v Wt: 309v Rating: 1.211
Is smart, experienced and was a steady performer. Was impressed with some of the things he did on pass pro (hand placement). Has good feet, but was more of a finesse guy then a power player. Big man with short arms. Was not totally out of his element on the left side, but he had a tendency to open his outside shoulder up too quickly giving a defender an easy inside counter option. Played much of 07 with a hamstring injury. Round 1 - 2

6. Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
40: 5.14v Ht: 6063v Wt: 314v Rating: 1.225
Minor off field incident needs to be addressed. Big athletic guy with good feet, balance and body quickness. Worked almost exclusively from a 2 point stance. Will come off the ball and strike, but overall wasn't a big finisher. Was disappointed in his playing awareness (stunts, blitz pick ups and awareness at the second level). Has some nasty in him and looks like superman, but something (playing awareness) appears to be missing. Round # 2 consideration.

7. Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska
40: 5.25v Ht: 6047v Wt: 341v Rating: 1.342
Big powerful athlete with feet and range (plays angry). Physical player who hits on the rise and finishes inline (best run blocker I've seen in 07). Excellent punching power. Showed the skills to work to the 2nd level and reach the playside backer. Said to have highly questionable work habit, is 25 years of age, and does not process things quickly. These concerns were manifested in his play and will likely effect his overall draft status. Round 3 to 4 consideration.

8. Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas
40: 5.49v Ht: 6050v Wt: 317v Rating: 1.383
Lots of talent (LOT athletic) but is immature and his play was uneven. Huge person with a long wing span, yet wasn't explosive. Can make it look easy (almost appeared disinterested), but also was sloppy with is technique (hand use, crosses his feet). Have seen him dominate the LOS and has a very high ceiling, but well could be a nightmare for the club that selects him. Has the physical talent, but in my opinion is your classic under achiever (3 -4).

9. Brandon Keith, OT, Northern Iowa
40: 5.01v Ht: 6052v Wt: 345v Rating: 1.425
Outstanding physical skills and a pro body (long arms and thick all over), but is just not very tough nor was he physical in his play. Very talented athlete with every conceivable physical gift, but should have been far more dominent in his overall play. Loved his feet, can pull, lead, and adjust on the move, but he just wasn't a consistent finisher. Needs to drop some body weight and improve stamina. Round 4 - 5 consideration

10. Tony Hills, OT, Texas
40: 5.20e Ht: 6051v Wt: 309v Rating: 1.482
Top prep tight end prospects in the country. Has overcome a great deal (physically) over the last 5 years (drop foot) and broke his ankle vs Texas Tech this past season. Has LOT feet, but also showed a tendency to overset and had a difficult time redirecting in space. A team is going to have to be patient with this player, but he has athletic ability long arms and the ability to bend his knees. Could well in time be a high rewards second day surprise. Round 5 - 7

11. Breno Giacomini, OT, Louisville
40: 5.10v Ht: 6071v Wt: 304vv Rating: 1.496
Great looking physically. Outstanding prep basketball player. First year regular. Former tight end in their jumbo package. Runs extremely well, is very athletic, has good feet, physical and one nasty SOB on the ball field. Does need a lot of work with position technique, hand placement and most importantly his core strength. Didn't show good bend on his pass sets, thus limiting his anchor. Has a lot of tools. Round 4 to 5 consideration

12. Barry Richardson, OT, Clemson
40: 5.49v Ht: 6065v Wt: 320v Rating: 1.511
Athletic big man who flashed excellent body control. (nimble) Light on his feet with good blocing range (can get out to the second level. . On pass protection, has the athletic ability to counter and mirror defensive movement. Has been a regular since his freshman season, but I felt his mechanics were not particularly advanced. Just doesn't play heavy.and to my way of thinking and not a natural knee bender. Round 4 - 5 , based on his natural gifts

13. King Dunlap, OT, Auburn
40: 5.27v Ht: 6084v Wt: 311v Rating: 1.58
Has been just an verage worker. Huge frame with long limbs, but was underdeveloped. Showed little in the way of tenacity or toughness. Marginal knee bender and power in his hands (might be too tall). I'm bothered by the fact that he still needs to be pushed on and off field. Would also question his willingness to play through things. Wouldn't trust on the left ot a left tackle. 5th to 6th round consideration based primarily on his rare size.

14. Demetrius Bell, OT, Northwestern State
40: 5.21v Ht: 6053v Wt: 300v Rating: 1.645
Recruited to play college basketball. Has only played 3 seasons of football. Former DE who was moved to LOT . 2007 Sub - division All American. Very good athlete, but lack both strength and power in his play. I was impressed with his pass sets, feet, body quickness, and overall playing range, but I wonder if he is strong enough to get push at the next level. Good hand placement. At least two year's away from being contributing to winning

15. Corey Clark, OT, Texas A&M
40: 5.33v Ht: 6053v Wt: 315v Rating: 1.671
Might want to consider projecting this player down inside. Didn't like his consistently high pad level when engaging defenders inline, but played on his feet and stayed with his blocks for the most part. Limited striking power. This guy wasn't pretty, but found a way to fet it done in the end. Would give late round draft consideration within the league (6th to 7th).

16. Duane Brown, OT, Virginia Tech
40: 4.94v Ht: 6041v Wt: 314v Rating: 1.691
A former tight end who started two seasons on the right side before moving to the left side as a senior. Never saw him finish inline (didn't show playing strength or much in the way of toughness). Really struggled with big people. I did like his feet and body balance on pass protection, but was bull rushed and had problems with his anchor. Not as good as he should be, but has too much athleetic potnetial to throw in the scrap heap. Round 6- 7.

17. Tyler Polumbus, OT, Colorado
40: 5.23v Ht: 6074v Wt: 312v Rating: 1.797
A big man with short arms. Is a try hard guy, but was limited athletically. Has a particularly high center of gravity. Gets shoulders out over his pads consistently when blocking inline (top heavy). Not a big finisher (legs trail). On the ground too frequently. Marginal body quickness. Is going to have problems blocking on the edge or handling the inside counter.

18. Frankin Dunbar, OT, Middle Tennessee
40: 5.63v Ht: 6046v Wt: 327v Rating: 1.798
A massive, very strong (lower half) prospect who has been a starter at the LOT position for 3 seasons. The only true hardship case in this year's draft. Is not a nifty, quick footed, dancing bear on the outside and doesn't have any LOT potential at the next level. Lacks agility, body quickness, balance, bend and footwork. At the outset is going to have a very difficult time when the bullet start to fly (game pace). A solid person but strictly a developmental prospect.

19. Mike Fladell, OT, Rutgers
40: 5.40e Ht: 6061v Wt: 328v Rating: 1.799
Big wide body, who was generally non explosive on contact. Lack balance and body control particularly in space. Hits and goes to the ground. Needs to develop a great deal of body strength, particularly in his legs. Might well have been too tall to play inside at guard (LOG) position. Could develop, but the club that invests in him will have to dedicate a great deal of time to this project. Priority free agent.

20. Mike Bryne, OT, Delaware
40: 5.45e Ht: 6050v Wt: 296v Rating: 1.799
An Experienced competitive player. Has a good frame and size and strength potential. Is an agile big man. Agile big man with adequate playing and blocking range. Showed little in the way of power or explosion inline to get movement and sustain blocks. Falls off too many blocks (doesn't bring feet) nor does he play heavy. Has some upside, but at this stage is at best a priority free agent.

21. Nate Garner, OT, Arkansas
40: 5.60e Ht: 6040e Wt: 325e Rating: 1.799
Is a big (bad body) guy who came on as a senior (late bloomer). Not a fast twitch athlete, but cam eoff the ball, stayed on his feet and sustained his blocks far more effectively then I had expected. On pass protection, short set effectively and although doesn't have a whole lot of range showed some potential in this area. More of a mass then explosive hit up through guy. Much improved hand use. Priority free agent prospect.


Carnell Stewart, OT, LSU
40: 5.23v Ht: 6043v Wt: 324v Rating: 1.8
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

Dylan Thiry, OT, Northwestern
40: 5.38v Ht: 6071v Wt: 327v Rating: 1.9
Big man, but I just didn't think he had the quickness, feet, and balance to play at the next level. Is an intelligent young man, but was very soft, and doesn't finish consistently

Tyler Luellen, OT, Missouri
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9
Looks the part physically but is marginal in terms of athletic movement. Played rigid, lacks feet and body control. Had problems with speed out on the edge and with the quick inside counter. Try hard kid but is at best a free agent prospect

Akim Millington, OT, Illinois
40: 5.40e Ht: 6044v Wt: 309v Rating: 1.9
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

Brian Stamper, OT, Vanderbilt
40: 5.30e Ht: 6045v Wt: 298v Rating: 1.9

Carlton Medder, OT, Florida
40: 5.50e Ht: 6047v Wt: 313v Rating: 1.9
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

David Hale, OT, Weber State
40: 5.30v Ht: 6056v Wt: 312v Rating: 1.8

Jesse Padilla, OT, Lafayette
40: 5.35e Ht: 6040v Wt: 306v Rating: 1.9
Did not play ball in 05

Edwin Pinigis, OT, Liberty U
40: 5.34v Ht: 6066v Wt: 304v Rating: 1.9
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

Charles Emerson, OT, Indiana U
40: 5.20e Ht: 6044v Wt: 283v Rating: 1.9
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

John Shaw, OT, Penn St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9

Louis Frazier, OT, Wake Forest U
40: 5.51v Ht: 6036v Wt: 319v Rating: 1.9

Michael Butterworth, OT, Slippery Rock U
40: 5.81v Ht: 6061v Wt: 332v Rating: 1.9

Mitch Erickson, OT, So Dakota St
40: 5.30e Ht: 6044e Wt: 290e Rating: 1.9

Nate Safe, OT, No Dakota St
40: 5.73v Ht: 6042v Wt: 311v Rating: 1.9
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

Peter Clifford, OT, Michigan St
40: 5.65e Ht: 6065v Wt: 324v Rating: 1.9
Team's best offensive linemen. Big, tough but extremely limited as a player. Out of his element on the left side. Not very strong and can't bend his knees, but is a very tough, competitive individual. Marginal free agent prospect

Peter Graniello, OT, Arizona U
40: Ht: 6063v Wt: 312v Rating: 1.9
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

Samuel Bentley, OT, Tenn-Chattanooga
40: Ht: 6035v Wt: 331v Rating: 1.9

Thaddeus Coleman, OT, Mississippi Valley St
40: 5.63v Ht: 6074v Wt: 291v Rating: 1.9
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

Will Robinson, OT, San Diego St
40: 5.27v Ht: 6050v Wt: 297v Rating: 1.9
Is a former defensive lineman who has only spent season on offense side of the football..

Zach Krula, OT, Arizona St
40: Ht: 6065v Wt: 316v Rating: 2
6 year player / Big tough individual but is just not very talented. Lacks quickness, feet and body control. Had some serious recovery problems on pass pro. Has very limited playing range (blue collar all the way) Medical concerns and is said to be a rep guy. Marginal free agent who will have a difficult time passinf a professional physical.

Tim Schneider, OT, So Dakota U
40: 5.32v Ht: 6053v Wt: 300v Rating: 2

Tyler Miller, OT, Louisiana Tech U
40: 5.54v Ht: 6065v Wt: 309v Rating: 2

Sean Dumford, OT, Eastern Kentucky U
40: 5.39v Ht: 6045v Wt: 294v Rating: 2

Shannon Boatman, OT, Florida St
40: 5.40e Ht: 6055v Wt: 312v Rating: 2
Tall, lean looking body. Just adequate to come off the ball and engage inline. Very soft, doesn't play strong or finish anything. Feet quit on contact and didn't hit on the rise. Defenders had good success leveraging this big man and walking him back to

Randell Bennett, OT, Grambling St
40: 5.43v Ht: 6046v Wt: 324v Rating: 2

Rocky Hanni, OT, Eastern Washington
40: 5.45e Ht: 6052v Wt: 302v Rating: 2
Has only size / Was non explosive with no core strength / Plays high / No surge or finish / On pass pro lacks punch and lock out skills

Ryan Considine, OT, Louisiana Tech U
40: 5.39v Ht: 6047v Wt: 304v Rating: 2

Ryan Pope, OT, Shepherd College
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Patrick Gildea, OT, Southern Connecticut St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Mike Gyetvai, OT, Michigan St
40: 5.37v Ht: 6070v Wt: 314v Rating: 2
Canadian (drafted # 1 in 2007). Has rare size but was unathletic and lacks both the feet and balance in pass protection. May have some medical concerns which would limit his overall playing potential (nerve damage). Marginal free agent for the NFL

Marshall Ausberry, OT, Liberty U
40: 5.69v Ht: 6046v Wt: 327v Rating: 2

Matt Austin, OT, Massachusetts U
40: 5.70e Ht: 6043v Wt: 287v Rating: 2

Kenard Burly, OT, SMU
40: 5.31v Ht: 6031v Wt: 311v Rating: 2

Kyle Cunningham, OT, Louisiana-Monroe
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Charles Norden, OT, Miami (Ohio) U
40: 5.45e Ht: 6050e Wt: 300e Rating: 2
Big smart individual with size who injured his foot in 06 (played in 3 games).

Chris Capps, OT, Alabama U
40: Ht: 6061v Wt: 298v Rating: 2
Coaches like this player, but I see him as a non explosive, limited athlete. Lacks uickness (professional game appeared too fast for this individual). Playing time has steadily decreased over time. Marginal free agent

Cody Balogh, OT, Montana U
40: 5.35v Ht: 6060v Wt: 319v Rating: 2
Very stiff and unathletic. Lacks foot work and or balance. Gets beat on the edge with regularity. Problem getting out of his stance. Size only prospect. NO chance to play at the professional level in my opinion.

Allan Smith, OT, Stanford U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Andrew Brecher, OT, Harvard U
40: Ht: 6050e Wt: 295e Rating: 2
Missed the 2006 season due to injury. Lacks foot quicks, struggled to redirect, crosses feet and was not explosive on contact. Marginal strength and athlough he has enough height, does not have good thickness and muscle tone or thickness. Smart and is a good good effort kid. Doesn't finish.

Brandon Hale, OT, Sam Houston St
40: 5.48v Ht: 6024v Wt: 331v Rating: 2

Brandon Rodd, OT, Arizona St
40: Ht: 6033v Wt: 302v Rating: 2
Tough kid who was out of his element out on the edge (LOT). Didn't show consistent get off skills, was slow footed (edge rush problems). Was effective at the second level. Has marginal anticipation. Adequate zone guy. Tackle who should project to an OG. Marginal Free Agent.

Brock Pasteur, OT, Stephen F Austin
40: 5.39v Ht: 6053v Wt: 287v Rating: 2

Floyd Headen, OT, West Texas A&M
40: 5.32v Ht: 6051v Wt: 327v Rating: 2

Fred Tucker, OT, Texas College
40: 5.50e Ht: 6037v Wt: 362v Rating: 2

Jason Boone, OT, Utah U
40: 5.35e Ht: 6035v Wt: 305v Rating: 2

Joe Wohlschied, OT, Grand Valley St
40: 5.30e Ht: 6057v Wt: 311v Rating: 2
Back up. Said to be bi-polar and has had some depression issues. As a player doesn't move his feet, lacks quickness and body control. On the ground too frequently far too frequently. Marginal free agent prospect.

David Overmyer, OT, Florida St
40: 5.30e Ht: 6051v Wt: 282v Rating: 2
Marginal athlete who did not show much in the way quickness. Is very stiff, lacks flexibility and does not get movement inline. Come off, leans on defender and goes to the ground. Struggled to get movement and was ineffective in space. Lays out on cuto

Drew Nystrom, OT, Bowling Green
40: Ht: 6045v Wt: 305v Rating: 2
Slow and unathletic. Lacks feet, quickness, and or balance. Size was his only positive physical trait. Not a professional prospect

The small "v" which follows the HT, WT, and forty time is the designation for verified. Other designations may include "e" for estimated, "b" for borrowed (from another scout), or "c" for coaches measurement or timed by a college coach.

Heights: The first number in the four numerals height represents the individual in feet while the second and third numbers represents a player in inches, while the last number in fractions of an inch (exclusively by the 1/8th of an inch.  Thus the following examples:

5105v - 5 for five feet, the10 represent ten inches, and the 5 (five) represents five-eights of another inch.

6017v - Six feet, one and seven-eights verified. 

All professional prospects and or suspects are measured numerous times during the course of a scouting season.  The first takes place generally in the spring of his junior at regularly scheduled "Pro days" at his university. At the conclusion of the season, scouts will on some occasions measure a prospect during a school visit.  Players are weighed and measured at every post season all-star contests.  At some lower level games, players are also given the opportunity to run. The next occasion takes place at the Indianapolis scouting combine, followed by individual or team workouts at the university and finally when a player if flown in to visit at a team site.


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