Tom Marino: Scouting the Outside Linebackers

Get the scoop on this year's OLB crop from an NFL scout with over 35 years experience.


1. Dan Connor, OLB, Penn State
40: 4.67v Ht: 6023v Wt: 231v Rating: 1.145
Is an experienced, aggressive, athlete with outstanding playing instincts. Loved his first step quicks, his key & diagnose and ability to get to the ball. I liked the way he effectively stepped up and met the lead and his tackling ability. Got depth on his spot drops, settled and moved to the ball. Good hands. The most talented Penn State LB in a quarter century. Some early off the field immaturity (pranks), but it's absolutely not a problem. Should factor quickly. Round # 1.

2. Tavares Gooden, OLB, Miami (FL)
40: 4.63v Ht: 6012v Wt: 234v Rating: 1.196
Has a world of athletic ability and speed to burn. Has excellent playing range, change of direction and a real burst to the ball. Liked the way he met the lead in the hole. Doesn't linger on blocks. Impressive in both man and zone coverage. Reads and reacts to the ball in flight. Not a big man by today's standards, but is what you are looking for at the position. Late first mid second round consideration.

3. Geno Hayes, OLB, Florida State
40: 4.67v Ht: 6007v Wt: 226v Rating: 1.24
Very good athlete with good playing range. Competitive and very active on the inside. Slips blocks and flies to the ball. Looks and plays somewhat small. Not a big takes on guy. Will backer prospect who will need to be protected. Flies around and makes plays (solid tackler). In coverage got good depth, settled, read route, but has poor hands. Should factor early at the pro level. Excellent teams potential. Round 2 draft consideration.

4. Bryan Kehl, OLB, BYU
40: 4.59v Ht: 6023v Wt: 238v Rating: 1.337
Really liked this prospect's playing demeanor, athletic ability, range, playing instincts and most importantly his ability in pass coverage. Also showed blitz speed and the ability alter his course to the ball. Is quick to read and react. A leverage guy who needs to improve his point strength and explosiveness . Good ball skills and should factor quickly in nickel. Draft consideration round 3 to 4

5. Jordon Dizon, OLB, Colorado
40: 4.73v Ht: 5117v Wt: 229v Rating: 1.341
An outstanding ball player who makes a ton of plays. Plays well in traffic keeping excellent leverage on the ball. Surprising ability to slip blocks and make plays. Excellent playing instincts and the ability to locate the ball on the inside. Very good wrap up tackler. As productive a player as there is in the game. His only true negative I could find was his lack of size. Great special teams potential. Has late 2nd to mid 3 potential.

6. Shawn Crable, OLB, Michigan
40: 4.62v Ht: 6051v Wt: 241v Rating: 1.346
Has the speed to run people down from the backside. Long strider who gains ground quickly as an outside rusher. Good looking arms, shoulders and chest, but lacks lower body girth and strength to play with his hand on the ground on 1st down.. Most effective as a nickel rusher, but is not a washout as a "sam" I really liked his length and play speed (can run people down). Going to take some time, but could develop into a good one in time. Draft consideration 3 - 4.

7. Vince Redd, OLB, Virginia
40: 4.61v Ht: 6057v Wt: 263v Rating: 1.38
OVA transfer. I liked this players athletic ability, direction change and potential as a edge pass rusher in a 3-4 scheme. Good stride length to top of the rush and bend and use of hands to alter course and finish. Active within the running game showing both range and instincts. Good wrap up tackler. Possible end in 4-3 scheme. Competition level is a concern, but this is a talented high ceiling player. Round 3-4.

8. Philip Wheeler, OLB, Georgia Tech
40: 4.74v Ht: 6017v Wt: 240v Rating: 1.381
A great young man (quiet and humble). Lacks prototype size for inside play (good natural leverage) . Plays physical, but has to be covered up or protected. Questionable to take on lead (lacks strength). Just looked adequate in coverage. Didn't react or make plays on the ball. In zone, I thought he was slow to react. Was somewhat disappointed in his overall play (thought I was going to see a more athletic, instinctive player. Round 3 - 4 draft consideration.

9. Jameel McClain, OLB, Syracuse
40: 4.79v Ht: 6006v Wt: 249v Rating: 1.59
Inside LB prospect who will also line up at rush end in nickel. Plays with a lot of energy) and was a productive. Runs well and projects as a special team player. Some initial indecision in his play but when he saw it came hard. Will take on with the wrong shoulder and play entry was inconsistent but effort was good. In coverage (zone) got depth, but again struggled with his COD. A versatile hard working, old school player. Mid to late round potential (5-6).

9. Xavier Adibi, OLB, Virginia Tech
40: 4.71v Ht: 6016v Wt: 232v Rating: 1.391
Can range to the boundary, but doesn't make enough wow plays. I liked his energy and playing character. Undersized, doesn't take on or play through the ball to the ball. Inconsistent to key and diagnose and locate the football (problem with miss direction and play action). Can range in pass coverage, but made few plays on the ball. In zone appeared unaware. Not enough production to consider on day one, but should get a lot of attention at the top of rd # 4

10. Mike Humpal, OLB, Iowa
40: 4.83v Ht: 6024v Wt: 244v Rating: 1.467
Is intelligent (football smart), runs well and gave outstanding effort. Not as quick or athletic as one would want, but make a lot of plays. Took good angles away. I just can't say enough about hisplayiing instincts. Might be a little stiff in his spot drops, but worked well in the under zones (spot drops) and can run with the TE down the field. Has good teams potential. Rd 4 - 5

10. Vince Hall, OLB, Virginia Tech
40: 4.94v Ht: 5110v Wt: 232v Rating: 1.655
A durable, experienced, highly productive football player who possesses just adequate athletic ability. Was not especially pretty in a uniform and doesn't run well, but made a lot of plays. I really liked his playing smarts, but I was disappointed in his ability to take on and play off blocks (got bounced around inside). Struggles in pass coverage. Lacks range, movement although did read and react to things in the under zones. Good player but has real limitations

11. Alvin Bowen, OLB, Iowa State
40: 4.88v Ht: 6011v Wt: 223v Rating: 1.475
A good athlete and football player who ran well in his pads. Moved to a "sam" in 07, but I see him as more of a "Will" at the pro level. Showed good playing range and lateral movement. Flies around and makes plays. Good ability to slip or run around blocks. Took good angles to the football. Would have to think this player would have very good potential on special teams. Not a big man and will have to add some bulk to his frame. Strong second day consideration.

12. Marcus Buggs, OLB, Vanderbilt
40: 4.80e Ht: 5104v Wt: 233v Rating: 1.532
Short, thick "Sam" backer prospect with body strength and explosiveness. I liked the way he met pressure and got under (leverage) the lead'd pads. Reads were good and I liked his backside effort and close to the ball. More of a pure hitter then a consistent wrap up tackler. Should be an effective player in nickel. Looked aware, showed good feet and some cover skills. Good special teams potential. Round 4 - 5

13. Bryan Smith, OLB, McNeese State
40: 4.77v Ht: 6027v Wt: 239v Rating: 1.565
A talented player who doesn't plays strong. Didn't think he took on or defeated blocks especially well on the inside. Marginal to see things develop and flow to the ball. Is adequate at best within the passing situations. Comes hard but just doesn't vary his moves, counter or finish. Good team's potential. Has a lot of gifts, but still needs a great deal of development. Mid to late round draft consideration.

14. Curtis Gatewood, OLB, Vanderbilt
40: 4.79v Ht: 6020v Wt: 248v Rating: 1.655
A talented player who doesn't plays strong. Didn't think he took on or defeated blocks especially well on the inside. Marginal to see things develop and flow to the ball. Is adequate at best within the passing situations. Comes hard but just doesn't vary his moves, counter or finish..Good team's potential. Has a lot of gifts, but still needs a great deal of development.

15. Wesley Woodyard, OLB, Kentucky
40: 4.51v Ht: 6003v Wt: 227v Rating: 1.702
Highly productive backer with outstanding straight line speed. Has good playing instincts but also appeared to be very stiff and mechanical. Tough and game ready, but is very much a tweener. Too small for will backer and far too stiff for the back end. Will be hard to run off, but I don't know where he fits at the professional level. Has made a lot of plays and should develop into a good special team player. Late round consideration but more likely a priority free agent.

17. Larry Grant, OLB, Ohio State
40: 4.67v Ht: 6011v Wt: 235v Rating: 1.781
A highly touted Juco transfer. Is a good athlete who can run, but overall I was disappointed in his lack of instincts and play strength. Didn't meet pressure tough and wasn't an explosive player on contact (not real physical at the point of attack). Not a quick study guy. A run and hit athlete with teams potential at this stage. Saved the best for last (LSU). Like this player from an athletic standpoint, but is not near where he will need to be. Consider rounds 6 - 7.

18. Lamar Myles, OLB, Louisville
40: 4.60e Ht: 5114e Wt: 220e Rating: 1.785
Little guy (220 max), who was tough and competitive. Out of position playing on the inside, but may not be athlete enough to line up at the will backer position. A good deal stiffer then I would have expected. Adequate to process, but I didn't think he showed A-1 playing instincts. Runs around and made plays, but don't know where he fits in a pro scheme. Late round consideration.

19. Malik Jackson, OLB, Louisville
40: 4.65e Ht: 6016v Wt: 225v Rating: 1.787
Run around guy who really didn't make a lot of plays in the game viewed, particularly for a "will backer". Can run in a straight line and gave dedicated playing effort, but a majority of them were in pursuit or down the field. Not very big or physical and isn't going to get significantly bigger. Played better as a underclassman. Late round or free agent consideration for somebody else.

22. Ronnie McCullough, OLB, Bethune Cookman
40: 4.75e Ht: 5112v Wt: 226v Rating: 1.797
First and foremost a football player. Very productive guy who made virtually every play filed in the games viewed (Hampton 07). Is undersized, Five times conference player of the week! Excellent nose for the ball (reads and reacts quickly). Effective in a short area. Factors positively on special team player (great desire & toughness). .Short in stature and has limitations in range, coverage and COD, but will make your ball club. 7th or priority FA consideration.


Gary Guyton, OLB, Georgia Tech
40: 4.54v Ht: 6015v Wt: 245v Rating: 1.8
Has good size (is rocked up but also appeared to rather tight through his hips and legs. Not aware and was inconsistent in his angles to the boundry. Questionable instincts. Best suited to play over a TE "Sam" and as a special team player. A lot of thing

Nicholas Watkins, OLB, Clemson
40: 4.81v Ht: 6004v Wt: 223v Rating: 1.9
Undersized player with limited growth potential. Not explosive or disruptive, but does show good range & run skills. Is a functionally by the numbers player (somewhat mechanical) & did not show much in the way of take on ability. Best area of his game s

Stanford Kegler, OLB, Purdue U
40: 4.61v Ht: 6015v Wt: 239v Rating: 1.721
Has a good looking well muscled body and impressive athletic skills to factor at the LB position, but I felt he missed an inordinate amount of tackles and wasn't a physical take on guy at the point of attack. Has the tool, but needs to continue to put it all together. I liked the way he took on blocks and worked to the football and did show a god effort on plays away, but will need to become more consistent in his overall play. Late draft or priority FA consideration

Titus Brown, OLB, Mississippi St
40: 4.84v Ht: 6025v Wt: 247v Rating: 1.79
A special situation pass rusher who played with his hand on the ground. Had moderate success, but will have to project to a "sam" backer to play at the next level. Has the speed and quickness to came hard off the edge (has a closing burst). but didn't always finish. Good but not exceptional athlete. Not a disciplined read and react player. Showed enough toughness, range and energy to merit a chance as a developmental player.

Kelly Poppinga, OLB, Brigham Young U
40: 4.83v Ht: 6015v Wt: 237v Rating: 1.795
The third member of the football playing family, Kelly does not have exceptional skills in any skill area, but is a tough consistent and a solid special teams performer Is never going to be a great one, but I like his chances of playing in a back up, teams role

Chad Green, OLB, Shaw U
40: 4.67v Ht: 6041v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.798
Not in school this past season (accademic disqualification) Has outstanding athletic ability.quickness, rare foot speed and a true closing burst. I also believe he has the frame to add significant bulk and strength. Needs a good deal of individual skill development (pro coaching), but has everything you want to become a top performer at this critical position. An impressive workout might earn him late consideration, but is more likely a PFA

Casper Brinkley, OLB, So Carolina U
40: 4.85v Ht: 6021v Wt: 259v Rating: 1.8

Anthony Hoke, OLB, Cincinnati U
40: 4.58v Ht: 6003v Wt: 231v Rating: 1.8

Demario Pleasant, OLB, Oklahoma U
40: Ht: 6014v Wt: 254v Rating: 1.8

Durell Mapp, OLB, No Carolina U
40: 4.72v Ht: 6007v Wt: 227v Rating: 1.8

Jolonn Dunbar, OLB, Boston College
40: 4.84v Ht: 6004v Wt: 231v Rating: 1.8
High effort guy / Stats better then athletic ability, range and speed would indicate / Has position savvy / Not point strong / lacks lower body strength and range / limited use of hands / not a big hitter / limited coverage potential

Jonathan Banks, OLB, Iowa State U
40: 4.80e Ht: 6030e Wt: 223v Rating: 1.8

Lewis Baker, OLB, Oklahoma U
40: 4.65e Ht: 6020e Wt: 220e Rating: 1.8

John Rabold, OLB, Air Force Academy
40: 4.85e Ht: 6026v Wt: 225v Rating: 1.8

Scott Derry, OLB, Texas U
40: 4.80e Ht: 6020e Wt: 235e Rating: 1.8

Shaun Richardson, OLB, Tennessee State U
40: 4.69v Ht: 6011v Wt: 252v Rating: 1.9

Shonda Faulkner, OLB, Indiana St
40: 4.55v Ht: 5115v Wt: 221v Rating: 1.9

Sir Darean Adams, OLB, Michigan St
40: 4.60e Ht: 5115v Wt: 237v Rating: 1.9
Highly recruited prep athlete. Thought he showed good run skills and range, but got stuck on blocks and didn't. Believe he lacks playing instincts and was inconsistent with his ability read and react. Too much baggage to consider. Buyer beware Free Agent

John Shevlin, OLB, Minnesota U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9

Robert Killebrew, OLB, Texas U
40: 4.70e Ht: 6010e Wt: 230e Rating: 1.9

Russell Reeves, OLB, Delaware St
40: 4.71v Ht: 6015v Wt: 238v Rating: 1.9
Vision is a concern (cornea transplant).and will need to be checked. Is physical, tough and was highly productive

Tramaine Billie, OLB, Clemson U
40: 4.49v Ht: 5107v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.9

Trent Allen, OLB, Houston U
40: 4.90e Ht: 6014e Wt: 245e Rating: 1.9

LeRue Rumph, OLB, No Carolina St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9
Just not a take on guy. Lacks size, point strength, hands use, and the ability to get off blocks. Did show range and backside hustle which allowed him to make a fair amount of plays. In coverage didn't make any plays on the ball, but I liked his movement

Steve Allen, OLB, West Texas A&M
40: 4.84v Ht: 6004v Wt: 242v Rating: 1.9

Luke Sanders, OLB, LSU
40: 4.92v Ht: 6037v Wt: 233v Rating: 1.9

Marc Magro, OLB, West Virginia U
40: 4.80e Ht: 6015v Wt: 241v Rating: 1.9

Marcus Richardson, OLB, Troy U
40: 4.59v Ht: 5117v Wt: 235v Rating: 1.9

Michael Boyd, OLB, Texas Southern
40: 4.80e Ht: 6022v Wt: 239v Rating: 1.9

Mike Sherels, OLB, Minnesota U
40: Ht: 5114v Wt: 239v Rating: 1.9
Try hard guy with little in the way of athletic ability and playing potential.

Misiovala Tupe, OLB, Texas A&M
40: 4.80e Ht: 5095v Wt: 254v Rating: 1.9
Acutely undersized JC guy with some athletic ability, but lacks instincts and struggles to get off blocks. Will hit you and showed some explosiveness but was just a run around guy. Has played some fullback, and appears better suited to play that position in camp.

Nathan Peterson, OLB, Oklahoma St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9
A high motor guy with limited athletic ability and play strength. Did not make an unusual play in any game viewed. Just a guy with little chance to make it at the professional level.

Nelson Coleman, OLB, Tulsa U
40: 5.00e Ht: 6013v Wt: 236v Rating: 1.9

Nick Moore, OLB, Baylor U
40: 4.68v Ht: 6012v Wt: 224v Rating: 1.9
Has a lot of tackle production, but was in my opinion a very limited player. Lacks playing range, take on skills, and was a total non factor in pass coverage. Really struggled with his change of direction (almost looked painful). Will likely go to camp as a free agent, but I just don't think he has the skills to play.

Patrick Bailey, OLB, Duke U
40: 4.80e Ht: 6034e Wt: 235e Rating: 1.9
College defensive end who was marginal to take on shed and get to the ball. Was run at successfully. On plays away, gave effort, but made no significant plays. As a pass rusher lacks initial quicks or an inside move. Very much a guy. Marginal free age

Paul Williams, OLB, Texas Tech
40: 4.79v Ht: 6002v Wt: 214v Rating: 1.9

Kaleb Thornhill, OLB, Michigan St
40: Ht: 6010e Wt: 245v Rating: 1.9
Felt he was a very stiff moving player. Struggled with direction change and really doesn't run particularly well. Didn't like the way he met and played off blocks (use of hands - played far too straight legged). Marginal free agent prospect

Kroy Bierman, OLB, Montana U
40: 4.77v Ht: 6027v Wt: 216v Rating: 1.9

Eric Walden, OLB, Middle Tennessee
40: 4.80e Ht: 6022v Wt: 237v Rating: 1.9

Fred Wilson, OLB, East Carolina U
40: 4.93v Ht: 6002v Wt: 243v Rating: 1.9

Gianpiero Villante, OLB, Hofstra
40: 4.65v Ht: 6021v Wt: 236v Rating: 1.9
Good looking guy physically. Far better workout guy then he is a football player. Said to be disrespectful to people who don't matter. Not a very physical guy. Will require extra reps to learn. Saw little in the way of intensity in his play. Just adequate playing production. Question his dependability on and off the field. Free agent for someone else.

James Terry, OLB, Youngstown St
40: 4.84v Ht: 6013v Wt: 238v Rating: 1.9
Like, but limited. Short. Tough guy who make a lot of plays. NO burst to the ball . Limited. Priority

Donovan Woods, OLB, Oklahoma St
40: 4.70e Ht: 6014e Wt: 230e Rating: 1.9
A former quarterback starter who was moved to safety and and subsequently to his current linebacker position. Shows athletic ability and has improved his strength significantly, but just hasn't figured it out yet (play recognition, take on skills, pass coverage, etc). Developmental prospect only..

Jason Hatchell, OLB, Massachusetts U
40: 4.84v Ht: 5106v Wt: 235v Rating: 1.9

Jeremy Engstrom, OLB, Nevada U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9

Jeremy Jones, OLB, Texas-El Paso
40: 4.80e Ht: 6002v Wt: 243v Rating: 1.9

Jermaine Dias, OLB, Virginia U
40: 4.70e Ht: 6002v Wt: 241v Rating: 1.9

Joe Brockington, OLB, Notre Dame
40: 4.80e Ht: 6000e Wt: 230e Rating: 1.9
I felt he was a try hard guy, but was not particularly strong, got tied up on blocks and most of his production was made down the field. Like his competes and teams potential, but is a limited player overall. Doesn't play with bent knees. Priority free

Joe Jiannoni, OLB, Utah U
40: 4.95e Ht: 5116v Wt: 234v Rating: 1.9

Joe LaRocque, OLB, Oregon St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9
Not a supple fluid athlete with limited playing range. Gets stuck on blocks and I felt he had just limited playing instincts. Plays hard and would not be a total misfit in a professional setting. Limited range and skills. free agency

Joe Mays, OLB, No Dakota St
40: Ht: 5105v Wt: 245v Rating: 1.9
Productive and tough / short in stature. Tough individual, but wasn't particularly fast. Limited range player.

Anthony Kelly, OLB, Florida St
40: Ht: 6026v Wt: 236v Rating: 1.9

Asa Matthews, OLB, Northern Colorado U
40: 4.72v Ht: 6017v Wt: 226v Rating: 1.9

Bo Ruud, OLB, Nebraska U
40: 4.69v Ht: 6033v Wt: 234v Rating: 1.9
This player lacks heart, instincts and tenacity. Didn't step up, take on and or come off blocks well. Questionable playing instincts and playing character

Brandon Miller, OLB, Georgia U
40: Ht: 6021v Wt: 252v Rating: 1.9
Questionable instincts and ability to find the ball on the inside (doesn't make calls). Felt his reads and initial movement at the snap were marginal. Surprised and cut off too often on the inside. In his limited role in pass coverage (substituted in nick

Adam Kadela, OLB, Northwestern U
40: 4.84v Ht: 6017v Wt: 237v Rating: 1.9
Was granted an additional season due to the a series of both 04 and 06. Is just an adequate college player with some size

Brannon Jackson, OLB, Louisiana Tech U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9

Brian Bradford, OLB, Towson St
40: 5.10e Ht: 6020e Wt: 235e Rating: 1.9

Chris Chamberlain, OLB, Tulsa U
40: 4.70e Ht: 6016v Wt: 226v Rating: 1.9
Leading tackler for the past 3 seasons

Christian Serena, OLB, Western New Mexico
40: 4.74v Ht: 6001v Wt: 231v Rating: 1.9

Corey McKeon, OLB, Nebraska U
40: 4.76v Ht: 6007v Wt: 229v Rating: 1.9

Dan Bick, OLB, Purdue U
40: 4.72v Ht: 6002v Wt: 224v Rating: 1.9
Undersized player who played hard on the inside and showed the ability to make plays outside the tackle box. Needs to do a far better job of taking on and getting off blocks on the inside (marginal hand use). Priority free agent who has a chance of fac

Dan Howell, OLB, Washington U
40: 4.80e Ht: 6003v Wt: 243v Rating: 1.9

Darryl Ogletree, OLB, Idaho U
40: 4.51v Ht: 6032v Wt: 227v Rating: 2
Questionable playing instincts. Just doesn't play fast nor was he aware. Good looking individual on the hoof, but didn't make any wow plays / Limited ability to get off blocks (questionable play strength)

David Hawthorne, OLB, TCU
40: 4.79v Ht: 5117v Wt: 233v Rating: 2
An undersized backer with just adequate athletic ability and play strength. Showed some key and diagnose skills, but does play off blocks well and get to the football down the field. Marginal in coverage. Just a marginal free agent prospect with little chance to play beyond this level of play.

Chris Traylor, OLB, Alabama A&M
40: 5.03v Ht: 5100v Wt: 227v Rating: 2

Brendan Pahulu, OLB, Houston U
40: 4.77v Ht: 6023v Wt: 226v Rating: 2
Played as a true freshman and has proven to be a very durable player over his career

Alan Darlin, OLB, Oregon St
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2
Lacks all of the essential qualities to play beyond this level of play. Didn't meet pressure tough. Wasn't either strong nor did he run especially well. An over achiever, with a very limited chance to play. Marginal free agent prospect

Brannon Carter, OLB, Northern Iowa U
40: Ht: 6020e Wt: 215e Rating: 2
A tweener with questionable playing instincts. Didn't play with a lot of intensity nor was he productive. Limited take on strength. Marginal free agent prospect within the league

Jerrell Freeman, OLB, Mary Hardin Baylor
40: 4.57v Ht: 5116v Wt: 218v Rating: 2

Drew Fowler, OLB, Air Force Academy
40: 4.90e Ht: 5117v Wt: 233v Rating: 2

Derron Thomas, OLB, Duquesne
40: 5.00e Ht: 5110e Wt: 230e Rating: 2

Japhus Brown, OLB, Texas A&M
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2
Did not play football in 2007. Not in school.

Kye Stewart, OLB, Illinois State U
40: 4.61v Ht: 5106v Wt: 216v Rating: 2
Very much a tweener. Undersized player who gets muscled inside. Very tight in his hips, limiting his cover potential. Just adequate to compete (will take some plays off).. Marginal chance to go to camp as a free agent

Lateef Ferguson, OLB, West Chester U
40: 4.80e Ht: 6010v Wt: 226v Rating: 2
PSAC Eastern Division Defensive Player of the Year in 2007

Keith Saunders, OLB, Alabama U
40: 5.07v Ht: 6031v Wt: 239v Rating: 2
A little-used defensive end his first couple of seasons, who was then moved to a hybrid outside linebacker as a senior. Lacks both the athletic ability, strength and overall play skills

Reginald Carrington, OLB, SMU
40: 4.78v Ht: 6003v Wt: 233v Rating: 2
Did not play in 2007. Medical issues

Stephen Lloyd, OLB, Liberty U
40: 4.90e Ht: 5113v Wt: 247v Rating: 2

Ryan Karl, OLB, Tennessee U
40: 4.76v Ht: 5106v Wt: 204v Rating: 2
plays bigger then size. Question passion for the game. Not a play maker

The small "v" which follows the HT, WT, and forty time is the designation for verified. Other designations may include "e" for estimated, "b" for borrowed (from another scout), or "c" for coaches measurement or timed by a college coach.

Heights: The first number in the four numerals height represents the individual in feet while the second and third numbers represents a player in inches, while the last number in fractions of an inch (exclusively by the 1/8th of an inch.  Thus the following examples:

5105v - 5 for five feet, the10 represent ten inches, and the 5 (five) represents five-eights of another inch.

6017v - Six feet, one and seven-eights verified. 

All professional prospects and or suspects are measured numerous times during the course of a scouting season.  The first takes place generally in the spring of his junior at regularly scheduled "Pro days" at his university. At the conclusion of the season, scouts will on some occasions measure a prospect during a school visit.  Players are weighed and measured at every post season all-star contests.  At some lower level games, players are also given the opportunity to run. The next occasion takes place at the Indianapolis scouting combine, followed by individual or team workouts at the university and finally when a player if flown in to visit at a team site.


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