Tom Marino: Scouting the Safeties

Get the scoop on this year's crop of safeties from an NFL scout with over 35 years experience.


1. Kenny Phillips, S, Miami (FL)
40: 4.51v Ht: 6022v Wt: 212v Rating: 1.166
Athletic big man who runs well in his pads. Comes down hill quickly and enters the fray with good control. Good angles on wide plays and hits with force. In coverage, keys the defense and made all of the back end adjustments. I liked his movement (pedal, turns and range), but just didn't get into the throwing lanes or make many plays on the ball. Game appears to be all ahead of him. Top round consideration

2. Tyrell Johnson, S, Arkansas State
40: 4.44v Ht: 5117v Wt: 207v Rating: 1.185
A four year starter at the safety position, his first three season at strong before moving to free as a senior. Has good size, range, has the speed to stay on top of receiver in half coverage. I liked his zone cover skills (showed awareness, an understanding of routes progressions, and reacted well to the thrown ball (particularly in front of him). Not a big hitter, but gets people off their feet. Does so many things , but I liked his feel for the game. Round 1 to 2 draft potential.

3. Reggie Smith, S, Oklahoma
40: 4.58v Ht: 6004v Wt: 199v Rating: 1.29
Showed smooth athletic movement, good feet & supple hips, but I didn't see a sudden explosive movement or close to the ball. A proto-type cover two corner or safety. Tough enough, but far from a head hunter. Injured toe late and didn't run at the Indy combine. Good zone awareness. Not as quick or fast as I had originally expected, but I liked his size, playing instincts, and ball skills. Return ability & teams play are a added plus. Draft consideration round 2 - 3.

4. Quintin Demps, S, UTEP
40: 4.40v Ht: 5117v Wt: 206v Rating: 1.331
Is a good looking athlete from a physical standpoint and made plays on the ball in flight. Reads the QB's eyes & shoulders and moves to the football. Has excellent speed anticipation and playing range (speed to play half coverage). The major negative that I saw with this player was his total lack of interest and production within the running game (was neither physical or very tough). Has tools, but will need to become a more willing participant. Round 3 - 4

5. DaJuan Morgan, S, North Carolina State
40: 4.55v Ht: 6001v Wt: 203v Rating: 1.336
Has size & some playing savvy, but wasn't a fast twitch athlete. Is stiff in his pedal & I would seriously question his ability to match up with a receiver in the slot. Double moves give him some serious problems (FSU). Best area's of his game were his take on, tackling skills in the open field & his willingness to fill the lane. Coverage limitations concern me, but he can improve in this area & develop into a productive special team player & eventual starter within the league.

6. Thomas Decoud, S, California
40: 4.56v Ht: 6013v Wt: 207v Rating: 1.345
Merton Hanks type player and body type. Showed a lot of playing range and impressive ball skills. Will fill the ally when called upon (not a big hitter), but was more effective in coverage. Has a chance to play out on a wing in nickel. I really liked his ball playing instincts and ability to sort things out. Solid back up, with a chance to factor in time. Good special teams potential. Has solid second day draft potential. Round 4 - 5.

7. Corey Lynch, S, Appalachian State
40: 4.56v Ht: 6003v Wt: 202v Rating: 1.535
OVA transfer. I liked this players athletic ability, direction change and potential as a edge pass rusher in a 3-4 scheme. Good stride length to top of the rush and bend and use of hands to alter course and finish. Active within the running game showing both range and instincts. Good wrap up tackler. Possible end in 4-3 scheme. Competition level is a concern, but this is a talented high ceiling player. Round 3-4.

8. Tom Zbikowski, S, Notre Dame
40: 4.53v Ht: 5112v Wt: 211v Rating: 1.571
Has not played to near the level expected of him in 07. Dangerous returner who hit it up inside (showed a burst). Based on my exposure doesn't have the cover skills to match up vs an inside receiver and surprisingly wasn't a big factor in the running game (played like he was afraid to make a mistake). Has zone awareness and football smarts, but something appeared to be missing. Would question skills if I hadn't seen him perform as an underclassman. Rd 5-6.

9. D.J. Wolfe, S, Oklahoma
40: 4.65v Ht: 5111v Wt: 207v Rating: 1.572
Moved to defensive safety at the start of the season and appeared to get better with each passing week. Impressed my with his tackling skills and looked more comfortable on the inside. Was alert and showed playing instincts, but I was a tad disappointed with his ball skills. Covers ground and runs well in his pads. Feel this player could well surprise at the next level and become an eventual starter. Like his teams potential. Middle round consideration (4 - 5).

10. Craig Steltz, S, LSU
40: 4.64v Ht: 6013v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.59
1st year starter and team leader on the backend. Has very good size and playing awareness, particularly in zone coverage. Play the deep ball in the middle of the field particularly well (height & long arms make him a difficult person to throw over). Comes up under control & was an effective in the box run stopper. Questionable long speed and the necessary skills to match up in the slot. Back up early with good teams potential. Mid round consideration. (5 - 6).

11. Jamar Adams, S, Michigan
40: 4.62v Ht: 6021v Wt: 212v Rating: 1.597
I liked the way this athlete's size, know-how, toughness and the way he prepared (Senior Bowl week), but just didn't appear to have the necessary speed to get off the hash in half coverage. Fills the ally with abandon and has the body type to win the battle at the point. Sorts things out quickly in quarters and moves to the ball, but made few plays on the ball. Has limitations (not an man cover guy)

12. Josh Barrett, S, Arizona State
40: 4.36v Ht: 6016v Wt: 223v Rating: 1.615
Has size, outstanding speed and looks awful pretty in a uniform, but just didn't make plays. Wasn't very physical in his play or tough (won't tackle). Have to question his willingness to compete (won't tackle) In coverage worked out of a tall deliberate pedal showing just adequate range and ball skills. Just don't think he sees it or reacts quickly enough. Should be a dominant player, but something appears to be missing.

13. Simeon Castille, S, Alabama
40: 4.73v Ht: 6003v Wt: 195v Rating: 1.63
Is a good college football player, but flat out lacks the speed, acceleration and fast twitch muscle fiber to realistically play out at the corner position in the NFL. Body type (lean narrow looking) probably make him better suited for the free safety position or a inside nickel guy. Good zone awareness but will have to play in a a cover 2 scheme. Not a Sammy Knight type (smash mouth player), but I liked his teams potential. and good instincts. Late rd consideration 5 - 6

14. Ryan Mundy, S, West Virginia
40: 4.65e Ht: 6007v Wt: 208v Rating: 1.661
Senior transfer from the U of Michigan at FS. Is a very mature, smart and instinctive player. Makes all the back end calls and adjustemts..Reads the run quickly, comes up under control , and makes plays (not a head hunter, but more then adequate tackler. In zone, covered ground and showed good awareness and ball skills. Marginal man cover skills. Impressive in bowl victory vs Oklahoma. If medically sound, has a chance to factor. Round 6 - 7.

16. Dominique Barber, S, Minnesota
40: 4.70v Ht: 6002v Wt: 210v Rating: 1.675
Tough guy with size, but wasn't sudden in his movement, lacks long speed and did not show particularly good ball skills. Just adequate quickness and playing range. I really liked his physical toughs and competitiveness (playing character), but is in my opinion strictly a two down box safety. Will also give a club top special teams play, but is quite frankly a liability in coverage (man or zone). Has late second day (6th to 7th round). draft potential.

17. Husain Abdullah, S, Washington State
40: 4.69v Ht: 5117v Wt: 204v Rating: 1.711
A four year regular and playmaker who led WSU in both tackles and picks in 2007 (took 2 to the house). Brother plays with the Denver Broncos. Does a lot of things that contribute to winning football games, but does not run well. Is going to have match-up problems with people in the slot and has very questionable recovery skills. Physical tackler who will factor on special teams. Like his game, but has limitations. Late round consideration.

18. Dennis Keyes, S, UCLA
40: 4.68v Ht: 6005v Wt: 205v Rating: 1.732
Good athlete with good size, feet, body control and the ability to change direction. I liked his range and ability to makes plays on the ball. Anticipated well and gets himself into the throwing lanes. Was UCLA's leading tackler in 07, but wasn't a consistent wrap up tackler in my opinion (missed far too many in the open feet). My biggest concern was his lack of long speed. Has a lot of positive attributes and should factor as a back up at free safety. Late consideration.

19. Chris Horton, S, UCLA
40: 4.60v Ht: 6001v Wt: 212v Rating: 1.75
Team leader and the heart and soul of this football team. Is tough and was a physical wrap up tackler (downhill player). Top end speed, close, and ball skills were just adequate. Highly questionable cover skills (loses in transition - always trailing) particularly when covering people on the back end. Has the physical make up and the competitiveness you look for in a special teams player. Has late round draft potential if speed and quickness are satisfactory. Round 6 - 7.

20. Joseph Fields, S, Syracuse
40: 4.60e Ht: 6002v Wt: 206v Rating: 1.765
A great kid with intelligence, size & solid athletic skills. Former option QB (starter as frosh) who has made steady progress over the past 2 seasons. Inexperienced (not quick to see things develop - inconsistent play entry & angles). Vs the pass, showed range but didn't make a lot of plays on the ball. Should develop into a serviceable player, but is not there yet. Has every intangible you look for in a player. Possible late pick, but more likely a PFA

23. David Roach, S, TCU
40: 4.56v Ht: 6003v Wt: 210v Rating: 1.788
Great looking player in his uniform. Runs well in a straight line and can cover ground, but little or no playing instincts nor was he a productive player. Vs the run, I never saw him stick his foot in the ground and fill the lane far (too many plays ended up at his feet). Vs the pass, again didn't react quickly or show either ball skills or instincts. Somebody is going to draft late based on his physical characteristics but this is football and not the Mr. Universe competition.

24. Nehemiah Warrick, S, Michigan State
40: 4.56v Ht: 6007v Wt: 211v Rating: 1.796
A tough kid, who will light you up if he can get there. Is good looking physically, with toughs, and is a big hitter. Fills aggressively inside, but misses more then his share of tackles. Took inconsistent angles away and at times appeared out of control. Speed limits his man cover skills and wasn't quick to see things develop in zone. See him as a special team's player who could in time develop into a contributing back up. Late consideration or priority FA potential

25. Marcus Griffin, S, Texas
40: 4.81v Ht: 5102v Wt: 201v Rating: 1.798
Not near as talented as his football playing brother. Is smart and has played well on special teams over his career, but his playing instincts were marginal and I felt he missed far too many tackles. Runs ok in his pads, but I didn't see a closing burst. Don't see this player as having starting potential, but looks like he may have the overall skills to roster (back up at both safety positions and special team's contributor). Late round or priority free agent consideration.


Bobbie Williams, S, Bethune Cookman
40: Ht: 6001v Wt: 214v Rating: 1.8
A four year regular. 262 tackles and 15 interceptions during his career. A harder-hitting version of former Bethune-Cookman (and current NFL) defensive backs Nick Collins

D.J. Parker, S, Virginia Tech
40: 4.63v Ht: 5112v Wt: 192v Rating: 1.8
DC as a freshman. Marginal run stopper. A consistent late arriver, who did not get good fits inside (tends to pull up and fell off too many tackles. In coverage, I felt he was stiff in the hips who lacked the athletic ability to man up on an inside receiver.

Darien Williams, S, Oklahoma
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.8
Is going to be a good test athlete, but has never played with a lot of awareness (a history of busts). Would seriously question his overall playing instincts. Was beat out as a senior, but continued to be a top special teams player. Has a chance, but you probably need to find better to win with in the NFL.

Jonathan Hefney, S, Tennessee
40: 4.55v Ht: 5077v Wt: 190v Rating: 1.8

Tierre Green, S, Nebraska
40: 4.60e Ht: 6005v Wt: 198v Rating: 1.8

Tony Joiner, S, Florida
40: 4.60e Ht: 5117v Wt: 216v Rating: 1.9
Didn't show top quickness nor did he cover a lot of ground (limited range). Marginal tackler who doesn't wrap up or hit with force. Doesn't make plays. Doesn't have quick speed, restart and burst just were not there. Limited production. In coverage, do

Travis Key, S, Michigan State
40: 4.65e Ht: 5084v Wt: 182v Rating: 1.9
Former walk-on who played hard and made plays, but is undersized and lacks top end speed and is mismatched in pass coverage. I liked his aggressiveness but also realize that he has some real limitations which will follow him. Priority free agent

Kelin Johnson, S, Georgia
40: 4.60e Ht: 6000v Wt: 197v Rating: 1.9
Nothing special in any area of the game. Will fill the run lane (flash), but for the most part played like the last line of defense. Seldom just turned it loose. In pass coverage, I thought his movement was solid, but didn't make many plays on the ball.

Marcus Watts, S, Kansas State
40: 4.58v Ht: 6005v Wt: 189v Rating: 1.9
Lacks quickness, speed, range and playing instincts. Question his body strength to take on big backs in the ally (weak body). Has had a history of injuries which lead me to believe he would have little chance to play beyond this level of play. Marginal free agent

Jamie Silva, S, Boston College
40: 4.86v Ht: 5106v Wt: 204v Rating: 1.9
Can't run a lick. Will collision / late round or free agent / can play the ball / out of control in space. Not a frontline player / not a top teams guys. Looks more like a FA

Nate Lyles, S, Virginia U
40: 4.54v Ht: 5105v Wt: 203v Rating: 1.665
A tough run support safety who played physical and smart. Somewhat of a tweener in the sense he lacks the size to play inside and doesn't have the pure cover skills to play out at a corner position. Best suited to play corner in a cover two scheme and inside in nickel. Has a big upper but thin lower body. A good athlete who showed some explosiveness and a burst. Some medical concerns (neck). Late round draft or priority free agent consideration.

Vince Gliatta, S, Youngstown St
40: 4.65e Ht: 6004e Wt: 210e Rating: 1.77
Came out of nowhere to have a solid senior season. Option QB in high school who transferred from Penn State after his frosh season. Is a very tough kid, who moved around very well in space, but doesn't appear to have long speed. Not natural or very fluid in coverage, but did show good reactions.and toughness. A physical down hill player who will face up a ball carrier (see Ohio St). Has gotten some club's attension, but is more a free agent.

Michael Grant, S, Arkansas U
40: 4.41v Ht: 5102v Wt: 186v Rating: 1.78
Runs well and showed a true closing burst. Track star in high school. Is short in stature and just wasn't very instinctive and lacks the hips to play out on a wing. Steady college player, but was far from the complete package. Would have to question just how quickly he sees things develop and reacts. Has inside match up potential, but needs to become more consistent as a as a tackler. Somebody might draft based on his speed, but is more likely a free agent.

Caleb Campbell, S, West Point
40: 4.63v Ht: 6016v Wt: 229v Rating: 1.8
Stiff, coming off injury. Competitive and smart.

Dorian Chenault, S, Youngstown St
40: 4.48v Ht: 6001v Wt: 192v Rating: 1.8

Ike Brown, S, Central Michigan U
40: 4.53v Ht: 5102v Wt: 205v Rating: 1.8

Jonathan Harris, S, Tuskegee U
40: 4.44v Ht: 5107v Wt: 192v Rating: 1.8

Jose Yearwood, S, Brown U
40: 4.61v Ht: 6010v Wt: 224v Rating: 1.8
Lacks playing instincts & range. Adequate to read and react. Didn't show play speed when trying to get on top in coverage should be more physical. Looks the part but not getting it done / Will hit you but is a late arriver. FA

Kyle Jackson, S, Florida U
40: Ht: 6003v Wt: 201v Rating: 1.8

Kareem Moore, S, Nicholls St
40: 4.73v Ht: 5103v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.9

Kevin Mitchell, S, Illinois U
40: 4.65e Ht: 5110v Wt: 213v Rating: 1.9
A tough physical guy. Will come up and fill the run lanes. Speed and cover skills (man and zone) are marginal. Appears to lack instincts and awareness was suspect. Good teams potential. Free agent within the league

Khayyam Burns, S, Arkansas St
40: Ht: 5105v Wt: 189v Rating: 1.9
A three time all conference selection. Lacks size and top speed

Justin Harrison, S, Illinois U
40: 4.60e Ht: 5096v Wt: 214v Rating: 1.9
Tough little guy with marginal speed. Most effective playing down in the box. Physical guy who fills the run lane. Can't cover a slot receiver (stiff in his hips), and I would seriously question his ability to get over the top in zone

DeMario Bobo, S, Mississippi St
40: 4.58v Ht: 5116v Wt: 175v Rating: 1.9
Appeared stiff, was undersized and didn't show a burst. Really struggled with his position drills

Jamal Lewis, S, Georgia Tech
40: 4.55e Ht: 5117v Wt: 198v Rating: 1.9
In the box safety / has to be schemed in coverage / not a fast twitch guy / physical guy / projects well on special teams / questionable man cover skills

Jarod Parrish, S, Tennessee U
40: 4.54v Ht: 6004v Wt: 196v Rating: 1.9

Joe Garcia, S, Texas Tech
40: 4.80e Ht: 6007v Wt: 217v Rating: 1.9

John Mackey, S, Akron U
40: Ht: 5105v Wt: 214v Rating: 1.9
Very tough. box guy. Will fill the run lane aggressively. Limited athlete with marginal cover skills. Limited speed and recovery skills. ACL vs Kent. If healthy has an outside chance to go to camp as a free agent

Johnathan Russell, S, Louisville U
40: 4.51v Ht: 6017v Wt: 203v Rating: 1.9
Another beauty contest winner, who will test well in a gym setting, but I was highly disappointed in his play in 2007 (split time with an underclassmen for much of the season). Appeared stiff in his pedal and turns and I didn't see much in the way of play

Eric Brock, S, Auburn U
40: 4.74v Ht: 6001v Wt: 211v Rating: 1.9
Tweener / lacks the juice to play on the back end / size for outside backer / just not a play maker / read and react? / Marginal free agent

Haruki Nakamura, S, Cincinnati U
40: 4.63v Ht: 5101v Wt: 191v Rating: 1.9
An experienced ball player with solid playing instincts and ball skills. Anticipate and sees things develop quickly on the back end, but has critical shortcoming in size, speed, and playing strength. Quicker then fast. Will face up on the ball but lacks

Henti Baird, S, Hampton U
40: 4.43v Ht: 6015v Wt: 203v Rating: 1.9
Sure looks good in a uniform. Was just adequate with his pedal and turns, but I didn't think he reacted or made plays on the ball especially well. Good but not exceptional tackler. Has adequate in zone . Too pretty to pass over, but has a very long w

Chris Davis, S, Duke U
40: 4.70e Ht: 6000e Wt: 200e Rating: 1.9
Don't think he was aggressive inside filling the run lanes (you first mentality) and when blocked downfield for the most part stayed blocked). Vs the pass, I didn't like either his pedal and or turns. Rounds off everything when reacting underneath.

Damon Nickson, S, Middle Tennessee
40: 4.70e Ht: 5112v Wt: 184v Rating: 1.9

Aaron Weathers, S, No Texas U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9

Anthony LeZotte, S, James Madison U
40: 4.70e Ht: 6001v Wt: 197v Rating: 1.9
Smart and instinctive. Will have match up problems in man coverage (stiff in his hips), but showed good instincts and range in zone. Anticipates well. Good run defender who plays big. Will fill the ally and was a good tackler (see UNC game). Has a chance

Antonio Taylor, S, Utah St
40: 4.57v Ht: 6006v Wt: 218v Rating: 1.9

Bobby Tatum, S, Abilene Christian
40: 4.52v Ht: 5115v Wt: 191v Rating: 1.9
Check shoulder injury

Brandent Englemon, S, Michigan U
40: Ht: 5110e Wt: 200e Rating: 1.9

Brandon Issac, S, So Carolina U
40: 4.55e Ht: 6014e Wt: 195e Rating: 1.9

Brian Bonner, S, TCU
40: 4.69v Ht: 5107v Wt: 196v Rating: 1.9
Used primarily as a nickel back and special teams player. Steady punt returner. Is versatile and plays very hard, but does not have the hips or direction change skills to factor as an inside cover guy. Don't see the speed and or burst to run down the field with an inside receiver. You have to like his effort, but his limitations are going to follow him to the next level. Adequate free agent

Michael Phillips, S, Pittsburgh U
40: 4.55e Ht: 5103v Wt: 194v Rating: 1.9

Miquel Scott, S, No Carolina St
40: 4.57v Ht: 6001v Wt: 190v Rating: 1.9
A better then expected run defender. Came up under control and showed the ability to make plays down in the box. Felt he was marginal in pass coverage. Not a full time regular as the season progressed and when he did play, Felt he had problem matching

Rocky Schwartz, S, Houston U
40: 4.65e Ht: 5100e Wt: 200e Rating: 1.9

Roger Williams, S, Florida St
40: 4.57v Ht: 5114v Wt: 198v Rating: 1.9
Has size (a pro body) and tools, but was disappointing overall / bites on play action / inconsistent play entry / not a sure tackler and play speed was questionable / late to react to things in cover two (can't get over the top)

Ron Girault, S, Rutgers U
40: Ht: 5096v Wt: 200v Rating: 1.9
Not a fast twitch athlete with marginal man cover skills. Not fluid and doesn't have the speed to close in coverage. Is a heady player who comes up under control to fill the ally. Got people off their feet, but I wouldn’t consider him to be a consistent wrap up tackler. Size (lack of height) is a concern. Doesn't excite. Free agent with a limited chance to play.

Roy Loren, S, No Texas U
40: 4.56v Ht: 6003v Wt: 201v Rating: 1.9

Nick Solakian, S, Yale U
40: 4.63v Ht: 6022v Wt: 223v Rating: 1.9

Rafael Price, S, Indiana St
40: 4.46v Ht: 6006v Wt: 194v Rating: 1.9

Lemar Herron, S, Texas Southern
40: 4.67v Ht: 5116v Wt: 208v Rating: 1.9

Mark Dillard, S, Louisiana Tech U
40: 4.62v Ht: 5112v Wt: 214v Rating: 1.9

Marty Tadman, S, Boise St
40: 4.64v Ht: 5107v Wt: 182v Rating: 1.9
Extremely bright ball player. Gifted athlete with very good hands and ball skills. Not fast enough for a wing and may not be physical enough to play inside. Priority FA who can get you lined up. Highly dependable "safe" punt return man

Steve Tate, S, Utah U
40: 4.65v Ht: 5114v Wt: 197v Rating: 1.9

Tony Cade, S, UNLV
40: 4.58v Ht: 6011v Wt: 209v Rating: 1.9
Oklahoma and CC of San Francisco transfer. Looked a little heavy legged and didn't appear to be highly instincts. Was suspended and missed two games in 2007. Like his size and overall athletic ability, but don't know he has shown enough to consider.

Trimane Goodard, S, No Carolina U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 1.9

Willie Cooper, S, Miami U
40: 4.65e Ht: 6004e Wt: 205e Rating: 1.9
First year regular at the safety position. I like his size and willingness to fill the run lane, but when the back bounced something outside is lack of top speed was evident. Adequate pedal and turns, but I would really question his ability to match up vs

Zaire Wilborn, S, Grambling St
40: Ht: 5104v Wt: 203v Rating: 1.9

Dontae Reed, S, Memphis U
40: 4.67v Ht: 6001v Wt: 208v Rating: 1.9

Will Dunbar, S, Alabama-Birmington
40: Ht: 6004e Wt: 195e Rating: 2

Loyd Jones, S, Georgia Tech
40: 4.55e Ht: 6007v Wt: 208v Rating: 2
Awful / free agent for somebody else / not a pro prospect in my opinion

Marcus Carter, S, Alabama U
40: 4.59v Ht: 5117v Wt: 202v Rating: 2
Marginal skills / not quick twitch and lacks play speed / not very physical / questionable play making ability / adequate college player. Free agent

Ray Bass, S, San Diego St
40: 4.55e Ht: 5104v Wt: 194v Rating: 2

Stephen Howell, S, Richmond U
40: 4.67v Ht: 6002v Wt: 203v Rating: 2

Steve Craver, S, Tulsa U
40: 4.75e Ht: 6007v Wt: 197v Rating: 2

Roger Williams, S, Kentucky U
40: 4.60e Ht: 5102v Wt: 203v Rating: 2
Showed little to get me very excited in 2007. Has very limited speed, cover skills and consistently arrived late. Made few plays and by the mid point of the season was beaten out by an under classmen. Marginal college player with little chance to impact

Brandon Hampton, S, California U
40: 4.60e Ht: 5085v Wt: 190v Rating: 2
Not a starter in games viewed / Undersized and slow / not disciplined / lacks quickness and body control / based on my exposure, could not upgrade a professional club at the position

Antwain Allen, S, Western Michigan U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Bobby Giannini, S, Air Force Academy
40: 4.70e Ht: 6010e Wt: 205e Rating: 2

Daniel Varvel, S, Texas State
40: 4.80v Ht: 6025v Wt: 216v Rating: 2

Darrick Brown, S, Virginia Military Inst.
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Chris Hampton, S, So Carolina U
40: 4.75e Ht: 5100e Wt: 185e Rating: 2

Jermaine Moye, S, California (PA)
40: 4.76v Ht: 6012v Wt: 194v Rating: 2
Didn't see the speed or playing instincts. Tall pedal but appeared to round off everything. No close

Derrick Ray, S, No Carolina Central
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2

Dominic Patrick, S, Arizona U
40: 4.63v Ht: 6002v Wt: 209v Rating: 2
This player has been beat up physically over his college career and would question his chances of passing a pro physical / Didn't see the necessary movement, feet, hand use or mobility /

Jacob Patek, S, Hawaii U
40: Ht: Wt: Rating: 2
Lacks speed and quickness / Poor pedal, turns and range / Makes some plays and has more then adequate ball skills, but doesn't have the athletic ability to factor beyond this level. No man cover skills. Marginal free agent prospect.

Justin Scott, S, Purdue U
40: 4.69v Ht: 5107v Wt: 203v Rating: 2
Didn't look to have particularly good instincts, foot speed, and or cover skills. Didn't get into the throwing lanes or make plays on the ball. Marginal free agent prospect

Lamar Morgan, S, Louisiana-Lafayette
40: 4.65e Ht: 6010v Wt: 213v Rating: 2

The small "v" which follows the HT, WT, and forty time is the designation for verified. Other designations may include "e" for estimated, "b" for borrowed (from another scout), or "c" for coaches measurement or timed by a college coach.

Heights: The first number in the four numerals height represents the individual in feet while the second and third numbers represents a player in inches, while the last number in fractions of an inch (exclusively by the 1/8th of an inch.  Thus the following examples:

5105v - 5 for five feet, the10 represent ten inches, and the 5 (five) represents five-eights of another inch.

6017v - Six feet, one and seven-eights verified. 

All professional prospects and or suspects are measured numerous times during the course of a scouting season.  The first takes place generally in the spring of his junior at regularly scheduled "Pro days" at his university. At the conclusion of the season, scouts will on some occasions measure a prospect during a school visit.  Players are weighed and measured at every post season all-star contests.  At some lower level games, players are also given the opportunity to run. The next occasion takes place at the Indianapolis scouting combine, followed by individual or team workouts at the university and finally when a player if flown in to visit at a team site.


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