NFL Draft Q&A: DT Red Bryant

Texas A&M DT Red Bryant talked with's Ed Thompson about his visits and workouts, the teams that talked to him during his pro day, and what he'll be doing this weekend while he's waiting to learn where he'll be heading to play in the NFL. It's all inside in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson:  How have you been holding up over the past month? Is it finally sinking in that this is really going to happen?

Bryant:  It's sinking in and I have a good feeling about what I was able to achieve at Texas A&M, but you have to relax and let the decision makers have the final say.

Thompson:  How did things go at your Pro Day?

Bryant:  At my Pro Day I chose to run again because I felt like I could run faster than I ran at the Combine.  I was able to run faster, and I did D-lineman drills and I did real well at those as well.

Thompson:  Did you have any teams come up and chat with you at your Pro Day?

Bryant:  I did.  The defensive coordinator from Carolina came and worked me out, the Bengals D-line coach was there, and there were several other teams there. I just can't recall them off the top of my head.  Those were the two coaches I had the opportunity to meet with after I finished doing my drills and working out.

Thompson:  You also had a visit with the Pittsburgh Steelers correct?

Bryant:  Yes sir.

Thompson:  Was that your first visit?

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Bryant:  Yes sir.  That was my first visit and everything they did was first class.  They flew me out there from the hotel I stayed in and I had an opportunity to meet with the head coach, general manager and Mr. Rooney.  It went real well.  I got the opportunity to meet the d-line coach, so it was a real great opportunity for me.

Thompson:  Did you get a feel for what they see in you and what they think you do well that would fit in with their defense?

Bryant:  I feel like they know that I'm explosive and I know that they know I'm strong.  They know one of my big advantages is being able to stop the run and that would go well with the scheme they run.  I feel like I'm the kind of D-lineman they like to try to get because of my size and how athletic I am.  I feel like personally, for me, if I was able to end up in Pittsburgh, it would be a great fit because I have a feeling the Steelers' D-line coach can really help me out with my game and get me to where I want to be.

Thompson:  Did you have any other visits?

Bryant:  I also went to Miami.  Their scheme is kind of like Pittsburgh's and they feel I could be a big asset to them as well.

Thompson:  Did you have anyone come to you for any personal workouts?

Bryant:  I worked out for the D-line coach for the Jets and I was supposed to work out for the Kansas City Chiefs, but I had a prior engagement for travel to meet another team.

Thompson:  You could certainly anchor the middle of their 3-4 defense...

Bryant:  Yes sir.

Thompson:  What are you going to be doing this weekend?

Bryant:  I'm just going to have a couple of my family members over and try to get my mind off of it and relax.  I don't know if I'm even going to watch the draft.  I might just lay low and relax.

Thompson:  You'll just wait for the call...

Bryant:  Just wait for the call.

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