NFL Draft Q&A: TE Brad Cottam

With great straight-line speed and his 6-foot-8 height, Tennessee's Brad Cottam has been drawing interest from the Titans, Rams, Dolphins, Chiefs, Falcons, Jets, Browns and Colts. Get the latest on his visits and his plans for the weekend in this exclusive interview with Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson:  How was your visit with the Tennessee Titans?

Brad Cottam:  It went well. It was really nice to go and see what everything was like.  There were some guys working out there and I basically got to go around and talk to the coaches and get to know them a little bit.

Thompson:  Tennessee was your first visit correct?

Cottam:  Right.  Then I went to St. Louis. Those were the only two visits I had.

Thompson:  Was there much of a difference between St. Louis and Tennessee as far as the structure or anything like that?

Cottam:  With the St. Louis visit, they had all of their prospects in on the same day, so it was a lot of waiting around.  I talked more with the tight end coach whereas with the Titans I went around and talked with the special teams coach, Coach Fisher, and kind of met everybody. 

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Thompson:  Were you familiar with any of the other guys brought in to visit that day in St. Louis?

Cottam:  Yeah, I got to sit down and talk with a lot of people.  I talked to Chris Williams, the offensive tackle from Vanderbilt a lot.  You get to talk to a lot of guys and see what they've been doing, so that was kind of cool.

Thompson:  Were there any other tight ends at the St. Louis visit?

Cottam:  There were no other tight ends, which was kind of interesting because every other position they had there, there were at least two people.

Thompson:  That's a great compliment to you...

Cottam:  I hope so.

Thompson:  During your Tennessee visit, did Coach Fisher give you any idea of how they saw you fitting into their scheme if they pick you this weekend?

Cottam:  Generally he said a good tight end is a blocking-type and they told me I was a good blocker.  They talked about that they knew they would pick up a tight end in the draft or in some manner.  I talked with the tight end coach and I kind of saw what they were doing. They teach you the system a little bit.

Thompson:  What are your plans for this weekend?

Cottam:  I'll be at home with my family and will probably have a few people over to my house. I'm not going to sit there and watch the whole thing.  I'll just wait around and see what happens and try not to make it too big of an event.

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