Round 2: Seattle Selects TE John Carlson

With Selection 7 in Round 2, Seattle selects TE John Carlson, Notre Dame. Learn more about this pick from team and draft experts!

Player John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame
Team Seattle Seahawks
Pick Round 2, Selection 7 (38 Overall)
Stats Ht: 6-5   Wt: 259   40: 4.70  
This was the biggest non-surprise of the draft for me. Carlson's skills fit perfectly in Seattle's offense and the fact he's played against some of the top competition in the country. The reason he fell was because of his dropoff in production, but that was due to bad play from the quarterbacks. He can block, he ran run and he's a very good receiver. He won't be a huge threat down the field, but he'll be reliable when they call his number. - Scott Eklund,

Under Jim Mora and with (if you believe some rumors) Gregg Knapp running the Seattle offense post-2008, one can go back to the Seahawks' most likely predecessor from a systemic perspective. Go back to the 2001 and 2002 San Francisco 49ers, teams whose offenses were coached by Knapp and defenses by Mora. The tight end in those top-5 offenses was Eric Johnson, a reliable player good for about 40 catches per season and a very solid all-around game. Carlson projects very much like this -- a smart, tough player with surprising athleticism and a thorough knowledge of what he'll need to do at the next level. He may not amaze in the same way that Martellus Bennett or Dustin Keller could down the road, but he's the best option for the Seahawks now and in the future. Doug Farrar,
Seattle was in dire need of a young tight end who could catch the ball well so they went with Carlson here.
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