Blake could be Ravens' QB of the future

Jeff Blake will most likely remain the Baltimore Ravens' starting quarterback for the next three weeks and perhaps the rest of the season.

Chris Redman, who quarterbacked the Ravens to a 3-3 start, is another week from practicing because of a lower back injury and wouldn't be able to compete for the job until Week 14. That means Blake has an extended opportunity to assert himself as the permanent starter.

"We're probably a good three weeks away," Ravens coach Brian Billick said of Redman. "The doctors may chance their prognosis on that. Chris feels better. I'm going with what the doctors say and Chris has to do the same thing. We're a minimum of two weeks away is my understanding."

If Redman returns on that timetable, the Ravens would have to decide in early December whether to go with their first-year starter or stick with Blake. Since there would only four games left, there's a good chance the team would stay with Blake if the Ravens are in the playoff hunt.

Billick speculated the Ravens could build the franchise's future around Blake despite him being an 11-year veteran.

"Jeff Blake is a very young 31 years old," Billick said. "He is young enough that you could consider him -- if indeed he's your guy -- that you've got your guy for the next four or five years."

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