Rookies Most Likely To...

The grades are in and all of the analysis of the draft has been discussed, but it's time to look ahead into the future and make predictions.'s NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber breaks out his crystal ball and tells you the rookies most likely to...

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By this time everybody has analyzed, graded and questioned this year’s draft class, but the one constant that never gets old is predictions. Everybody wants to know how the draft picks will perform this season and what they’re capable of doing.

In this new feature entitled, “Rookie Most Likely To”,’s Chris Steuber presents 13 predictions and identifies a prospect for each occurrence.

With that said, my crystal ball reveals the Rookie Most Likely To…

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A member of the Pro Football Writers of America and the Football Writers Association of America, Chris Steuber has provided his analysis of the NFL and NFL Draft prospects on the web and on the radio since 1999.

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