Scouts Notebook: 'Bama-Miss St

Area scout and TFY friend Brent Foshee, who'll be down with us at the Senior Bowl this January, took in the Alabama-Mississippi State game at Scott Field on November 9th. Here are his notes.


Sam Collins/WR/7: Collins runs crisp routes and displays very good hands.  He adjusts well to the ball when its in the air even if its tipped by a defender.  Despite his size he shows a willingness to block and does so with good fundamentals.  While he is able to get separation from defenders in short, intermediate, and deep zones he does not have great speed and relies more on solid fundamentals to do so. 

Mario Portis/OG/71:  Portis does show the ability to get to the second level but he rarely held his blocks.  He looks uncomfortable and downright clumsy in space. 

Alonzo Epharim/OC/58: Gets to the second level and drives his man off the ball.  Shows good strength and solid footwork blocking.  He is very adept at taking good angles on his man and driving him out of the hole. 

Gerald Dixon/CB/4: Not a consistent playmaker on the ball but does show some ability in that area.  He has questionable speed, although he does show a burst on occasion. 

Anthony Bryant/DT/97: Huge guy, biggest on the field.  He was used in a rotation and still appeared to wear down over the course of the game. 

Jarett Johnson/DT/96: Shows good lateral quickness down the line and the ability to beat single man blocking.  Holds his ground versus double teams but rarely comes off of double team blocks to make plays.  He single-handedly redirected several MSU running plays and got good penetration in the passing game all day. 

Kenny King/DE/55: Quick off the ball and can be a very disruptive force in the backfield.  Shows the ability to come off of blocks quickly but does not always do so.  Stays within his rushing lane until RB's clear out.  Made several tackles on running plays to the opposite side of the defense. 

Kindal Moorhead/DE/54: as tall as Kenny King.  Moorhead shows very good upfield skills against both the pass and the run, as well as good recognition skills. 

Mississippi State 

Korey Banks/CB/2: Has trouble coming off blocks, does not breakdown when tackling.  Shows a good feel for pass coverage but he is more of a side shuffler and rarely backpedals at all.  He was not decisive when he returned punts.  He does a very good job of staying with his man at all times though. 

Mario Haggan/MLB/98: Haggan shows some speed to the outside but is generally to aggressive versus the run and was unable to come off blocks for most of the game.  He does get good depth when covering the pass, but he is clearly not comfortable in that role. 

Josh Morgan/SS/47: Good upfield player against the run.  Not fast and average in pass coverage.  Wraps up his man when tackling. 

Terrell Grindle/WR/15: Has good hands but is not a fast player and his routes are usually rounded off.

Donald Lee/TE/84:  Can block DE's in 1 on 1 situations but sometimes shows a poor effort when blocking for the running game.  Has good hands and adjusts to the ball well once its in the air but he rarely runs more than 5 yards downfield.  Even then he never goes deeper than 10 yards.

Dontae Walker/RB/3: Slow getting to the hole and he does not protect the ball.  Rarely ran through tough contact. 

Justin Griffith/FB/31: Used in a rotation, average blocker. 

Darnell Jones/FB/33: Finishes his blocks and punishes his man.  Shows very good hands as a receiver.

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