Top Cornerbacks For The 2009 College Football

Each August scouts from the 32 NFL clubs begin the ritual of visiting schools in their search for the next difference maker or more realistically solid contributor. Just who will these scouts tout in the months leading up to the 2009 draft? In the first of a series, longtime scout Tom Marino, gives would-be scouts and fans a detailed listing, statistical analysis and early position comments.

Malcolm Jenkins from The Ohio State U. is quite possibly the top cover corner to enter the pro ranks since Deion Sanders. He has excellent size, speed and the necessary position skills to match up on the outside with the top wideouts in the game. Simply speaking, the team that drafts this player is going to have to lose a whole lot of football games or make the trade of a lifetime.

Mike Mickens of the University of Cincinnati, although not near as gifted as the aforementioned Jenkins, is also enormously talented and should contribute very quickly in the professional ranks.

Alphonso Smith has everything one looks for at the position with the exception of height. He is very much a little guy and isn't going to get a whole lot bigger. I see him as more of a nickel, dime package or special team player at the play for pay level.

If you believe in blood lines, keep your eye on Western Michigan's Londen Fryar, the son of former New England Patriot star receiver Irving Fryar. Victor Harris of Virginia Tech has excellent ball skills, football smarts and has been a consistent player over his college career. Darius Butler from UConn has a chance of becoming a very special football player.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Solo - Assist - Total - Int - PBU
A Mickens Mike Cincinnati 33-30-63-6-6
A Jenkins Malcolm Ohio State 27-20-47-4-3
A Smith Alphonso Wake Forest 36-8-44-8-10
B Burnett Joe Central Florida 55-9-64-6-12
B Smith DeAngelo Cincinnati 39-10-49-8-8
B Butler Darius Connecticut 37-17-54-2-7
B Carter Tony Florida St 38-8-46-4-6
B Barnes Kevin Maryland 46-18-64-4-8
B Johnson Bruce Miami 23-9-32-1-6
B Trent Morgan Michigan 32-9-41-2-8
B Webb Ladarias Nicholls State 36-15-51-5-8
B Harris Victor Virginia Tech 22-14-36-5-11
B Fryar Londen Western Michigan 39-24-63-1-16
C Word-Daniels Jahi Georgia Tech 50-6-56-2-8
C Bates Jackie Hampton 26-24-50-2-10
C Johnson Domonique Jackson State 18-4-22-5-14
C Turenne Woodny Louisville 31-9-40-1-3
C Wright DeAndre New Mexico 24-12-36-3-9
C Lewis Keenan Oregon State 12-3-15-3-2
C Hughes Brandon Oregon State 43-14-57-2-12
C McCourty Jason Rutgers 29-15-44-0-12
C Owens Chris San Jose St 41-36-77-6-3
C Osaisai Wopamo Stanford 26-19-45-1-8
C Harris Cary USC 33-15-51-0-7
C Banks Darren West Liberty State 24-16-40-3-6

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