Corners Who Could Shine In 2009

Next to the quarterback position, there is probably no position of greater importance in the minds of most professional coaches, then the cornerback position. Former scout Tom Marino takes you into the board room for a closer look at which of these next level corners might make a big move in the coming season.

Florida Atlantic corner Corey Small was as productive a corner as there was in the country in 2007 from a statistical standpoint. He showed excellent ball skills and was far more physical then I had anticipated. With another solid season, he could well factor as a mid round draft selection.

Ryan Palmer of the University of Texas did not have an interception in 07, but I liked his playing instincts and play anticipation. Lydell Sargeant is the latest in a long line of Penn State corners who could impact in 2008. He lacks size, but is a good athlete with foot speed and a closing burst.

Arkeith Brown and Danny Gorrer are a pair of Texas A&M corners who flashed in 07 and could rise on many team's draft boards with a consistent senior season. Leo Ferrine, of the University of Delaware, a senior transfer from Notre Dame, has just the 2008 season to prove to the pro scouts, that he is more then just a special team's performer.

Speed and cover skills are the two most important physical skills to look for when evaluating the cornerback position. The second thing to remember is that, with all of the three, four and five receiver offensive sets, a club can not have enough corners on their active roster. Over the years many fans have asked me why so many seemingly top corners have such poor ball skills? I'm not sure I've ever been able to give an satisfactory answer to this timeless question, but I can assure you one thing; given their overall athletic ability, speed, quickness and body control, if a top corners did show top ball skills early on in his career (high school and at the collegiate level), it is more then likely, he would have ever lined up on the defensive side of the ball. Thus the truism; corners are wide receivers who simply can't catch."

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Solo - Assist - Total - Int - PBU
D Crawford Dwain Baylor 25-23-48-0-2
D Ferrine Leo Delaware 3-0-3-0-0
D Small Corey Florida Atlantic 82-21-103-5-10
D Davis Sherrod Fresno St 11-5-16-0-4
D Mouton Ryan Hawaii 19-7-26-2-7
D Clark J.D. Idaho St 47-23-70-4-6
D Singleton Chris Iowa St 38-14-52-4-2
D McCollough Evan James Madison 32-24-56-1-4
D Murray Rico Kent St 45-30-75-1-9
D Brown Weldon Louisiana Tech 38-24-62-4-7
D Council Rod Louisville 18-14-32-2-4
D Murillo Armando Nebraska 42-27-69-0-6
D Quin Glover New Mexico 25-15-40-2-8
D Gerard Kevin Northern Arizona 34-23-57-6-6
D Lambert Terrail Notre Dame 19-15-34-1-0
D Parson Mark Ohio 29-19-48-1-7
D Lacey Jacob Oklahoma St 48-15-63-5-9
D Mickens Calvin Oklahoma St 7-4-11-0-1
D Sargeant Lydell Penn St 44-26-70-2-3
D King Brandon Rice 37-9-46-3-16
D Francis Coye San Jose St No 2007 stats
D Levine Liddon Shaw No 2007 stats
D Thomas Carlos So Carolina 16-1-17-0-6
D Woodson Stoney Ray So Carolina 22-4-26-0-4
D Willingham DeAngelo Tennessee 25-13-38-0-4
D Brown Arkeith Texas A&M 22-29-51-0-8
D Gorrer Danny Texas A&M 14-16-30-0-1
D Palmer Ryan Texas 53-27-80-0-14
D Ford Trevor Troy 3-2-5-0-0
D McCain Brice Utah 22-6-28-1-11
D Minor Marcus Western Kentucky 43-18-61-0-2
D Langford Allen Wisconsin 24-9-33-1-6
E Jones Dominic Minnesota No longer on squad

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