Moore Leads The Way At The FS Position

Early reviews from the professional scouts are that the top free safeties for the 2009 player draft are both game tested and highly talented. Take an early look at the players on the back end who will impact at the professional level in the immediate future.

Missouri Tiger safety William Moore is today as prepared to play at the professional level as any college safety I have seen in a decade. I love his size, athletic ability, playing range, instincts and playing consistency. Look for him barring injury to become an lottery selection in next April's player draft.

Troy Nolan of the U. of Arizona via JUCO was a very pleasant surprise for the Wildcats. He has range, playing instincts and big play making ability. Chris Clemons has been a very steady contributor for the past two seasons for the Clemson Tigers and I don't believe he has reached his ceiling as a player.

Both Courtney Green of Rutgers and Derek Green of Mississippi State have a chance of becoming something very special as they lead their respective defenses. Keep your eye on Lendy Holmes of Oklahoma, Rashad Johnson of Alabama and Curtis Taylor from LSU, three players who could impact in 2008.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Solo - Assist - Total - Int - PBU
A Moore William Missouri U 71-44-115-8-5
B Nolan Troy Arizona St 39-25-64-6-7
B Clemons Chris Clemson U 46-32-78-2-2
B Taylor Curtis LSU 33-21-54-3-6
B Pegues Derek Mississippi St 32-18-50-5-7
B Bruton David Notre Dame 55-30-85-3-2
B Green Courtney Rutgers U 54-47-101-1-4
C Johnson Rashad Alabama U 54-37-91-6-8
C Dunbar Will Alabama-Birmingham 69-53-122-2-2
C Lewis Trey Ball St 33-26-59-5-6
C McClinton Marcus Kentucky U 18-14-32-1-2
C Phillips Randy Miami U 19-11-30-3-1
C Holmes Lendy Oklahoma U 50-23-73-3-3
C Davis Tony Penn St 19-10-19-1-2
C Hardin Dre'Mail Stillman College 32-23-55-9-6
C McBath Darcel Texas Tech 50-23-73-2-6
C Herbert Tyrrell Toledo U No 2007 stats
C Pinkard Josh USC No 2007 stats
C Delmas Louis Western Michigan U 48-16-64-1-2

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