A Stellar Group Of 08 Senior Strong Safeties

The prototype professional strong safety must have the cover skills of a corner and the hitting skills of a linebacker. In virtually every passing situation, he is physically mismatched by H-backs and tight ends alike. Former scout Tom Marino gives you a pre-season preview of this year's top players at the position.

Mike Hamlin of Clemson who along with teammate FS Chris Clemons form the top inside secondary combo in the country, is a big hitter with both range and savvy. Nic Harris is another player who has the size, range and speed to stay on top of receiver in half coverage and the size to take on big people defending the run.

C.J. Spillman of Marshall needs work in coverage, but I liked his take on, tackling skills in the open field and his willingness to fill the lane.

 Patrick Chung, keys in my opinion, the top defensive secondary in the country. I liked the way he sorted things out inside and his willingness to fill the run lanes. Kevin Ellison is also going to need work in his zone and man coverage skills, but I believe has a chance too develop into a solid nickel backer and box safety. Keep your eye on UCF's Sha'reef Rashad, a trained killer who loves the physical aspect of the game.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Solo - Assist - Total - Int - PBU
A Hamlin Michael Clemson U 53-27-80-4-5
A Harris Nic Oklahoma U 50-24-74-2-7
B Spillman C.J. Marshall U 64-68-132-0-6
B Chung Patrick Oregon U 71-38-109-2-7
B Ellison Kevin USC 36-21-57-2-5
B Vaughn Chip Wake Forest 66-39-105-1-14
C Rashad Sha'reef Central Florida 84-19-103-4-7
C Dahna Deleston Connecticut U 47-56-103-1-4
C Byrd C.J. Georgia U 30-14-44-1-5
C Wiley Otis Michigan St 30-19-49-4-5
C Fitzhigh Keith Mississippi St 32-26-58-2-3
C Afalava Al Oregon St 55-9-64-0-3
C Williams Carlton South Florida U 51-18-69-0-3
C Smith Maurice Tennessee Tech 38-64-102-2-3
C Moore Terence Troy U 43-20-63-1-4
C Langford Reshard Vanderbilt U 42-24-66-2-8
C Wilson C.J. Western Michigan U 35-31-66-1-8

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