Pro Scouts Search For Help At Strong Safety

Versatility, awareness, athletic ability, intelligence and toughness are all essential qualities of a professional strong safety prospect. Tom Marino gives the readers an early look at just who else the pro scouts will be evaluating in the months leading up to the 2009 player draft.

Size, down hill production, range, speed and tackling skills are essential qualities for the professional strong safety position. Remember, players at this position must have the ability play up on the line of scrimmage on first down and or short yardage situations and also have the ability to match up against tight ends in passing situations.

Jamarca Sanford is a run stopping safety, who will have to improve as a pass defender if he is to have a chance; ditto for Louisville's Bobby Buchanan and Oklahoma State' Ricky Price. A few seasons back, Miami' Anthony Reddick. looked like a slam dunk professional star, but due to some major physical setbacks, his once promising football career may very well be in doubt.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Solo - Assist - Total - Int - PBU
D Jones Andre Akron U 50-29-79-3-3
D Franks Stewart Arkansas-Pine Bluff 38-18-56-3-2
D Pagnotta Michael Colorado St 31-17-48-1-0
D Dykes Daniel Colorado U 54-21-75-1-3
D Aye-Darko Adrian Duke U 32-24-56-0-5
D Gathof Brandon Eastern Kentucky U 59-32-91-5-6
D McDuffie Marshall Florida International No 2007 stats
D Buchanan Bobby Louisville U 36-18-54-0-1
D Smalls Sean Massachusetts 31-18-49-1-10
D Bell Tony Memphis 26-14-40-2-4
D Waymire Brandon Mesa State College 20-21-41-6-4
D Wilson Robbie Miami (OH) 51-24-75-1-7
D Ponder Lovon Miami U 7-8-15-0-1
D Reddick Anthony Miami U No 2007 stats
D Sanford Jamarca Mississippi U 48-35-83-0-4
D Garrett Justin Missouri U 27-24-51-2-3
D Anyanwyu Uche Nevada U 34-21-55-0 4
D Goddard Trimane No Carolina U 41-18-59-2-5
D Pruitt Bradley Northern Illinois U 47-45-92-1-2
D Smith Brendan Northwestern U 5-4-9-0-0
D O'Neal Jamario Ohio St 10-4-14-0-1
D Mitchell Michael Ohio U 47-27-74-0-4
D Price Ricky Oklahoma St 48-30-78-0-4
D Payton Bryan Oregon St (ex) 18-5-23-1-4
D Scirrotto Anthony Penn St 28-37-65-3-3
D Williams Torri Purdue U 11-6-17-2-1
D Lee Glen Rutgers U 20-12-32-0-4
D Jackson Javorris Savannah State 37-37-74-5-7
D Dixon Alton Texas A&M 27-50-77-0-3
D Hodge Stephen Texas Christian U 43-14-57-0-7
D Charbonnet Daniel Texas Tech 31-10-41-0-3
D Martin Sherrod Troy U 36-16-52-0-0
D Glaspy Byron Virginia U 41-31-72-1-4

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