Willy's On The Move

Veteran professional scout Tom Marino has seen it all before and believes strongly that before the end of the 2008 season, a number of players currently ranked in the secondary Will backer category could well take the next step and join their group one level counterparts.

The "Will" backer position is widely considered in most professional defensive schemes to be the primary linebacker position. When looking for a Will backer, size can be compromised, but not quickness, range, instincts and or athletic ability. His ability to play on his feet in traffic, get from point A to point B and contribute in coverage are all essential qualities for success at the position. I am not of the opinion that a Will has to be a punishing tackler, but he has to be a sure tackler (particularly in space). Will backers are very much the playmakers of the defensive unit.

Jared Brock of West Texas A&M, Vincent Landis of Southern University, and Marshall's Maurice Kitchens are three I would pay special attention to in 2008. I like Tyrell Sales of Penn State - he has a great deal of athletic ability and should have a big senior season.

Ward Dobbs of Wyoming has been a consistent playmaker for his entire playing career. He's not flashy, but I think he can and will be a productive player at the next level.Mississippi State's Dominic Douglas was an absolute freak at the junior college level, making virtually every tackle at Hinds JC and continuing on the same road after transferring to Mississippi State in 2007.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Solo - Assist - Total - Sack - TFL
D Williams Doug Akron U 40-24-64-2-6-0
D Henderson Joe Alabama-Birmingham 47-62-109-5-9.5-0
D Johnson Merrill Auburn U 10-9-19-0-0
D Akins Kevin Boston College 26-6-32-4-5-2
D Cotton Quentin East Carolina U 35-31-66-1.5-11-1
D Johnson Geno Indiana U 38-28-66-4-10-0
D Moore Antwon Kansas St 4-1-5-2-2-0
D Kitchens Maurice Marshall 37-53-90-4-7.5-1
D Douglas Dominic Mississippi St 38-40-78-1-8-0
D Humber Ramon No Dakota St 41-31-72-3-5-1
D Terry Curtis Ohio St No 2007 production
D Sales Tyrell Penn St 19-35-54-3-5.5-0
D Gunn Adam Pittsburgh U 31-28-59-1.5-6-0
D Malast Kevin Rutgers U 38-54-92-2.5-7.5-
D Mompremier Brouce So Florida U 47-28-75-1-5-0
D Lands Vincent Southern U 32-28-60-9-22-0
D Maiava Kaluka USC 26-18-44-2-4.5-0
D Brock Jared West Texas A&M 47-53-100-3-14-2
D Dobbs Ward Wyoming U 38-60-98-2-6-1

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