NFL's Top Ten Fantastic Foursomes

The NFL is loaded with dynamic offensive players who can change the complexion of a game. But what about the teams who have the best talent at quarterback, wide receiver, tight end and running back?'s Chris Steuber reveals his top ten Fantastic Foursomes.

In football there are four major offensive threats: a quarterback, wide receiver, tight end and running back. They are the fuel that makes an NFL offense run, and it’s important to field a star caliber player at all four positions.

It’s vital to have a quarterback who can lead a team, demonstrate discipline, read a defense and post numbers that ultimately lead to wins. Having a wide receiver who can get off a jam, run solid routes, catch the ball away from his body and make plays after the catch is also a necessity. A tight end who possesses strength, speed and soft hands is a luxury, because when a receiver struggles to get open, the tight end provides a sense of security for the quarterback over the middle. And finally, a running back is the bulldozer or jet ski who can either pound the ball or run around a defense and make it tough for the opposition.

In comic books, many superheroes have a variety of qualities; special attributes that set them apart from everyone else. Teams in the National Football League also have these kinds of individuals who collectively make up a dynamic foursome that is hard to match up against.

With that said, here are the top ten Fantastic Foursomes in the NFL:

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