Football's Palace Guards

Former professional scout Tom Marino has viewed and evaluated literally thousands of linemen over his career in professional ball and sees knee bend and flex in one's ankles as two of the most important physical characteristics. Which of the next level offensive guard prospects have the essential physical qualities to take his game to the top level and hopefully beyond?

Football truism: Offensive linemen who are not knees benders nor do not show good contact balance have virtually any chance of being successful players at the professional level. I really like Andrew Woodruff of Boise State's versatility, experience and toughness. He's a big man with who was particularly effective in a limited area. Keep your eyes trained on C.J. Davis of the University of Pittsburgh, Dennis Conley from Hampton, Mike Huff from the Cornhuskers of Nebraska and Rice Owl David Berkin, four individuals who have a real chance. I really like their chances of developing at the very least into solid back up players at the professional level. Possible sleeper in this grouping include Mike Iupati from the University of Idaho, a player who has improved a great deal in the past couple of years. Jake Figner of the University of West Virginia is one of those players whose numbers don't come close to matching his on the field playing performance.

Grade Last First School
D Thompson Joe Abilene Christian
D Davis Marlon  Alabama U
D Woodruff Andrew  Boise St
D Ramsey Clif Boston College
D Malele Noris California U
D Popovich Cole Fresno St
D Conley Dennis Hampton U
D Iupati Mike Idaho U
D Schutz Aaron  Louisiana-Monroe
D Miller Ryan  LSU
D Griffin Jack Maryland U
D Madison Ryan Missouri U
D Delaney Dwayne Morgan State
D Huff Mike  Nebraska U
D Crouch Curtis  No Carolina St
D Darity Calvin  No Carolina U
D Turkovich Michael Notre Dame
D Person Ben  Ohio St
D Walker Brandon  Oklahoma U
D Davis C.J. Pittsburgh U
D Berkin David  Rice U
D Schmidt Ryan  South Florida U
D Huners Matt South Florida U
D Lockwood Aaron Southern Illinois U
D Potter Wesley Troy U
D Bulyca Casey Washington U
D Figner Jake  West Virginia U

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