Week Three NFL Power Rankings

Lots of movement in this week's update of the NFL power rankings. Pittsburgh gets their first real test against Philadelphia on Sunday. The game of the week has to be Dallas at Green Bay.

1) Dallas Cowboys - No change. This team is clearly the best overall team on paper in the NFL but their secondary is a big issue going forward because of injury.

2) New England Patriots - No change. Matt Cassel did a good job of managing the game last week.

3) Green Bay Packers - Up from No. 7. Aaron Rodgers is clearly the real deal.

4) New York Giants - Up from No. 8. They could be 3-0 heading into their bye.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers - No change. They get their first real test against the Eagles on Sunday.

6) Tennessee Titans - Up from No. 12. If Kerry Collins can be decent behind center, this team could push for the division crown.

7) Philadelphia Eagles - Down from No. 3. They have a great offense but the pass rush is a big problem.

8) Indianapolis Colts - Down from No. 5. Nice come from behind win last week but their offensive line is decimated by injury.

9) Buffalo Bills - Up from No. 14. Their front four looks to be improved, same with their secondary.

10) Carolina Panthers - Up from No. 11. They get Steve Smith back this week. You could be looking at the most improved team in the NFL this season.

11) Arizona Cardinals - Up from No. 16. They finally seem to have some balance on offense and the defense looks to be improved.

12) Chicago Bears - Up from No. 18. Despite losing last week the defense looks much improved.

13) New York Jets - Down from No. 9. The play calling should come under fire.

14) Denver Broncos - Up from No. 20. They have a juggernaut offense but the defense is still very suspect.

15) Baltimore Ravens - Up from No. 22. Getting their veteran cornerbacks healthy is the biggest reason for optimism on defense.

16) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Up from No. 18. If Brian Griese can give their offense more stability, this team could push for a playoff spot.

17) San Diego Chargers - Down from No. 6. The loss of Shawne Merriman was noticeable last week.

18) Minnesota Vikings - Down from No. 10. Their inability to move the ball in the air on offense is still a big problem as is their shaky pass defense.

19) New Orleans Saints - Down from No. 13. The absence of Marques Colston was really evident in last week's game.

20) Houston Texans - Up from No. 23.  The unscheduled bye should help get Ahman Green back sooner.

21) Jacksonville Jaguars - Down from No. 15. They have to find a way to move the football but they aren't using Maurice Jones-Drew enough. He didn't have a carry in the first half of last week's game.

22) Cleveland Browns - Down from No. 17. Could their passing game be this bad? The secondary is what will wind up keeping the defense from being solid but an improved pass rush would help.

23) San Francisco 49ers - Up from No. 24. Nice win last week but the defense still has problems. The passing game is starting to come on.

24) Washington Redskins - Up from No. 26. The offense looked a lot better last week but they weren't exactly facing a good defense.

25) Seattle Seahawks - Down from No. 21. How bad is at when they have to sign Koren Robinson?

26) Atlanta Falcons - No change. Reality hit this young team last week but they face an 0-2 on Sunday.

27) Oakland Raiders - Up from No. 31. Heck of a win for them last week but they have an even bigger challenge coming up this week in Buffalo.

28) Cincinnati Bengals - Up from No. 29. The defense was a little better last week but what's going on with their offense?

29) Detroit Lions - No change. Give them credit for fighting back last week but the defense is still weak.

30) Miami Dolphins - No change. Reality hit this team last week.

31) Kansas City Chiefs - No change. You know it's bad when the Raiders come in and dominate. Glenn Dorsey is a big problem for the team on defense.

32) St. Louis Rams - No change. If Scott Linehan makes it through the entire season without being fired many would be surprised.

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