Senior Receivers Who Could Rise To The Top

Few college prospects at the wide receiver position can make it to the pro levels without having the ability to contribute on special teams. Return skills are a major plus, but being an effective gunner, jammer, or cover man really adds to their chances of making it. Veteran scout Tom Marino takes a look at this year's crop and offers his opinion as to which one might make a major move in 2008.

Former Florida State and UTEP receiver Fred Rouse has as much physical ability as anyone in either group of receiving prospects, but some very serious off the field issues have contributed to his attending his third university in five seasons. His latest stop is Florida A&M, a stones throw away from his original stop.

Florida State' Richard Goodman, was the one young receiver who gave Cromartie fits in workouts and practice, but during his playing career he has been far too inconsistent, relatively unproductive and has managed to stay hurt for much of his playing career.

Eron Riley was Duke's only legit threat in 07 and looks to improve on his numbers as a senior. I'm really not sure how fast he is, but I liked his ability to adjust to the football catch inside.

College coaches raved about the skills of Larry Freeman while a JUCO player in 2006, but he appeared to enter football's witness protection program after transferring to the University of South Carolina.

I like Chris Williams of New Mexico State (Mr. Outside) and the way he is complimented by his sure handed teammate A.J. Harris (Mr. Inside). University of San Diego wideout John Matthews put up some very fine numbers as a junior, but without Joshua Johnson slinging the football, he will be hard pressed to match those numbers as a senior.

A few years back Amp Lee was considered one of the top recruits in the country. After a brief stay at LSU, Lee transferred back to his home state of Florida where he enrolled at the University of South Florida. After just one season, due in part to his showboating style Lee mutually agreed with the coaching staff to leave the squad. Although he has not surfaced over the past two years, many scouts have not forgotten the potential he showed as a young collegiate player.

Darius Passmore from Marshall is a well schooled receiver with good hands and functional speed. I felt he was a productive player within their playing system. Dexten Fields from Kansas is a very dependable receiver in the under zones, but lacks separating speed on vertical routes.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Catches - Yards - Avg - TD
D Stover Nikita  Alabama U 10-131-13.1-2
D Courman T.J. Appalachian State 18-166-9.2-0
D Smith Rodgeriqus Auburn U 52-705-13.6-5
D Winford Royce Augsburg 101-1403-13.9-16
D Davis Jon Azusa Pacific 73-1258-17.2-21
D Perretta Vinny Boise St 9-120-13.3-0
D Robinson  Brandon Boston College 56-793-14.2-5
D Jackson Ernest Buffalo U 53-645-12.2-6
D Goodman Dominick Cincinnati U 68-869-12.8-8
D Taylor Rendrick Clemson U 25-259-10.4-0
D Grisham Tyler Clemson U 60-653-10.9-4
D Williams Patrick Colorado U 29-294-10.1-0
D Gaulden Ellis Connecticut U 4-23-5.8-0
D Riley Eron Duke U 40-830-20.8-9
D Williams Glenn Duke U 37-29-66-0-3
D Barnett Daryl Fayetteville State 6-96-12.0-0
D Rouse Fred  Florida A&M 25-379-15.2-2
D Simeon Frantz  Florida Atlantic No 2007 stats
D Goodman Richard  Florida St 20-184-9.2-2
D Brown Justin  Hampton U 28-483-17.2-2
D Thompson Eddie Idaho St 83-907-10.9-6
D Chandler Kelvin Illinois State U 12-127-10.5-2
D Brodell Andy Iowa U 13-96-7.4-0
D Thomas Chasio Jackson State No 2007 stats
D Murphy Deon Kansas St 57-605-10.6-5
C Herford Marcus  Kansas U 3-35-11.7-0
D Fields Dexton Kansas U 63-834-13.2-6
D Bayes Shawn Kent St 14-234-16.7-3
D Sapp LaGregory  Louisiana-Monroe 33-486-14.7-3
D Vaughn Chris  Louisville U 2-11-5.5-0
D Deardorff Derek Malone College 60-1118-18.6-13
D Passmore Darius  Marshall U 45-660-14.7-5
D Spann Emanual Marshall U 25-442-17.6-2
D Oquendo Danny Maryland U 19-173-9.1-1
D Lawrence Quinten McNeese St 31-645-20.8-6
D Black Steven Memphis U 42-477-11.3-1
D Jones Khalil Miami U 1-15-15.0-0
D Riley Eric  Mississippi St 8-68-8.5-0
D Smith Jamayel Mississippi St 33-510-15.5-3
D Wallace Mike Mississippi U 38-716-18.8-6
D McSwain Mico Mississippi U No 2007 stats
D Saunders Tommy Missouri U 41-397-9.7-1
D Barnes Tyree Navy 10-168.16.8-1
D Byers Jarrett NE Oklahoma State 14-106-7.6-0
D Peterson Todd Nebraska U 18-359-19.9-5
D Swift Nate Nebraska U 36-520-14.4-3
D Harris A.J.   New Mexico St 81-610-7.5-2
D Williams Chris  New Mexico St 56-772-13.8-11
D Tate Brandon No Carolina U 25-479-19.2-5
D Heckendorf Kole No Dakota St 48-766-16.0-6
D Johnson Jamar Norfolk St 42-565-13.5-6
D Walker Dario Norfolk St 39-495-12.7-1
D Gant Ed North Alabama 18-270-15.0
D Simon Matt  Northern Illinois U 52-969-18.6-5
D Davis Britt Northern Illinois U 33-391-11.8-2
D Lane Ross Northwestern U 49-649-13.2-7
D Peterman Eric  Northwestern U 66-744-11.3-3
D Grimes David Notre Dame 27-224-8.3-2
D Chaney Quentin Oklahoma U 8-185-23.1-2
D Pruitt Julius Ouachita Baptist 51-723-14.2-7
D Norwood Jordan  Penn St 40-484-12.1-5
D Matthews John San Diego U 47-1088-23.1-16
D Richmond David  San Jose St 55-852-15.5-3;
D Freeman Larry  So Carolina U 2-30-15.0-0
D Harris JaRon So Dakota St 40-664-16.6-7
D Hill Amp  South Florida U No 2007 stats
D Johnson Taurus South Florida U 34-407-12.0-4
D Sherman Damian Southern Illinois U 7-123-17.6-0
D Edison Dominique Stephen F Austin 55-582-10.6-1
D Suggs Lynell SUNY-Stony Brook 73-926-12.6-6
D Shelton Travis  Temple U 20-133.6.7-0
D Brown Pierre Texas A&M 19-217-11.4-0
D Bryant Walter Texas Christian U 27-337-12.5-1
D Shipley Jordan  Texas U 27-417-15.4-5
C Cosby Quan   Texas U 60-680-11.3-5
D Moore Nick  Toledo U 60-731-12.2-8
D Breaux Tommy Towson U 11-166-15.1-0
D Everett Marcus  UCLA 10-134-13.4-0
D Flair Casey UNLV 54-622-11.3-3
D Casteel Brent  Utah U 7-64-9.1-1
D Choice Jerome Virginia State 18-289-16.1--4
D Covington Maurice Virginia U 21-269-12.8-2
D Bolden Demir Wake Forest U 11-127-11.5-0
D Beavers Larry Wesley College 41-692-16.9-7
D Martin Charley West Texas A&M 67-927-13.8-11
D Sims Carl Western Illinois U 45-546-12.1-2
D Copeland Dusten Western State (CO) 86-1156-13.4-6
D Mack Elliott William & Mary 46-849-18.5-5

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