Senior Gunslingers Taking Aim

Each year pro scouts travel the country in a quest to find that overlooked, under-graded individual who can change the fortune of their particular franchise; the next Ken Anderson Augustana (IL), Phil Simms from Morehead State (KY), or Tony Romo from Eastern Illinois U. Tom Marino takes a peak at this year's group and gives his thoughts as to who might make a major move up the draft boards.

I have yet to see small college QB's Harting' David Knighton, Jason Bultus of Hartwick, Dominick Taylor of Holy Cross, Randy Hippeard of Virginia (Wise), Greg Micheli of Mt Union, Mike Reilly of Central Washington, Jacary Atkinson of Tuskegee, Keith Null of West Texas A&M and finally Cris Reisert of little Ohio Dominican University throw a single pass, but regardless of their level of competition, their numbers would be impressive if they were throwing on air, let alone against a defense!

Miami transfer Kirby Freeman, was a major disappointment over the past two seasons, but should benefit greatly under the tutelage of former U of Houston coach Art Briles. He has a great deal of ground to make up, but he has an outside chance of developing.

Speaking of disappointments: well they don't get much bigger then Florida State's Drew Weatherford. Touted as the next savior at the school that has produced two Heisman trophy winners in recent years at the position, Drew has flat out not got it done for the Noles and is currently listed number three on the depth chart.

Chris Crane of Boston College saw little action over the last four seasons as a back up to Matt Ryan, but is big, strong individual but in the early season loss to Georgia Tech, he was not impressive in terms of quickness and movement. His throwing delivery was also rather deliberate.

Ben Olsen of UCLA was the top prep QB in the nation, but after transferring from BYU, a two year LDS mission and numerous injuries, his status as a professional prospect now appears to be very much in doubt.

Todd Boeckman from Ohio State University has size, intelligence, put up adequate throwing numbers and has shown that he can manage a football game in a big arena, but he has just an adequate throwing arm, lacks creativity and decision making skills, and his mobility was in my opinion far below average.

Based on my first extended exposure of 2008, Hunter Cantwell of Louisville has a great many things that need to be fixed from a mechanics standpoint. He does have good size and what appeared to be a strong throwing arm, but is not an accurate thrower and is in my opinion, a marginal professional quarterback prospect.

Through five games in the 2008 season, the most impressive quarterback in the country in terms of numbers has been David Johnson from the University of Tulsa. In 2007, Johnson attempted just eight passes as a back-up to record setting quarterback Paul Smith, but in 2008, it's Johnson who is the one putting up crazy numbers on the season. By season's end, he could well join the ranks of the top players in the country at the position.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Att - Cmp - Pct - Yds - TD - Int
D Wilson John Parker  Alabama U 462-255-55.2-2846-18-12
D Dick Casey Arkansas U 262-150-57.3-1695-18-10
D Freeman Kirby  Baylor U 108-59-54.6-872-7-8
D White Jack Bentley College 314-167-53.2-1796-17-8
D Crane Chris  Boston College 4-2-50.0-28-0-0
D Willy Drew  Buffalo U 377-258-68.4-2572-15-6
D Dally Jonathan  Calif Poly (SLO) 192-104-54.1-2238-29-5
D Longshore Nate  California U 381-229-60.1-2572-16-13
D Brunner Brian  Central Michigan U 12-5-41.7-54-0-1
D Reilly Mike Central Washington 435-271-62.3-3386-30-10
D Lorenzen Tyler Connecticut U 348-197-56.6-2367-13-6
D Barnes Blake Delta State No 2007 stats
D Knapp Scott Duquesne 63-29-46.0-63-4-1
D Weatherford Drew  Florida St 318-181-56.9-2049-9-3
D Knighton David  Harding College 453-297-65.6-3198-32-12
D Bultus Jason  Hartwick 443-237-53.5-3986-38-12
D Pizzotti Chris Harvard U 260-164-63.1-2134-14-4
D Randolph Dominick Holy Cross 482-207-61.6-3604-30-8
D Landers Rodney James Madison U 205-130-63.4-1678-13-5
D Smith Brock Liberty U 245-150-61.2-2226-19-7
D Bennett Taylor  Louisiana Tech 327-162-49.5-2136-7-9
D Desormeaux Michael Louisiana-Lafayette 242-133-55.0-10-10
D Cantwell Hunter  Louisville U 14-8-57.1-79-0-1
D Steffy Jordan  Maryland U 104-70-67.3-686-2-4
D Coen Liam Massachusetts U 360-232-64.4-3091-20-14
D Hoyer Brian  Michigan St 376-223-59.3-2725-20-11
D Hinspeter Adam Missouri Southern St 378-228-60.3-2154-18-14
D Patton Chase  Missouri U 13-6-46.2-60-0-1
D Bergquist Cole Montana U 335-204-60.9-2623-20-8
D Micheli Greg  Mount Union 327-238-72.8-3515-34-6
D Ganz Joe Nebraska U 152-89-58.6-1435-16-7
D Miller Zach Nebraska-Omaha 190-115-60.5-1553-10-8
D Bacher C.J. Northwestern U 521-318-61.0-3656-19-19
D Reisert Cris Ohio Dominican 605-420-69.4-5421-54-11
D Boeckman Todd Ohio St 298-190-63.8-2372-25-14
D Teel Mike  Rutgers U 349-203-58.2-3147-20-13
D DiMichele Adam Temple U 223-138-61.9-1595-12-10
D Mayo Terry Texas A&M-Commerse 216-114-52.8-1414-11-7
D Reid Bobby Texas Southern U 49-26-53.1-275-1-1
D Atkinson  Jacary Tuskegee U 275-165-60.0-2979-34-9
D Olsen Ben  UCLA 147-71-48.3-1040-7-6
D Johnson Brian  Utah U 272-181-66.5-1847-11-10
D Nickson Chris  Vanderbilt U 119-62-52.1-763-6-5
D Glennon Sean  Virginia Tech 235-143-60.9-1796-12-5.
D Hippeard Randy Virginia-Wise 359-226-62.9-3455-37-9
D Rogers Gary Washington State U 16-4-25.0-18-0-1
D Null Keith  West Texas A&M 528-356-67.4-4134-41-14
D Phillips Jacob William & Mary 336-190-56.5-2801-19-7-

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