Running For Daylight

A number of years ago, I asked coaching great Tom Moore, then the backfield coach with the Saints, what he believed were the most important critical factors for the RB position. Check out his response (It might surprise you) and also the list of next level backs.

Quite obviously size, speed, run skills and catching ability are important aspects when evaluating a potential professional back, but veteran coach Tom Moore felt if a college back could not block (run or pass) or run good pass routes, he would have a difficult time functioning in the pro game. Moore has long been considered one of the very best coaches in the game and in my opinion, when he makes a statement like this, you can take it to the bank!

Colgate' Jordan Scott and Nevada's Luke Lippincott are effective between the tackle runners who were particularly effective in the red zone. Their 2007 numbers were nothing short of exceptional and should get the attention of professional scouts from each of the 32 NFL clubs.

Maurice "the other" Wells of Ohio State was a top prep star running back out of Florida who has had the misfortune of playing behind some very impressive back in his career with the Buckeyes. He's not really flashy, but he does a lot of things to help you win football games.

Many people felt that Jamaal Edwards would become Florida State's next great back, but he flat out never developed as a player and was expected to transfer to a D II or NAIA program in this fall.

What can you say about D III running back Nate Kmic? He's is acutely undersized and doesn't have enough speed, but all he has done is make yards, scores touchdowns and more importantly help Mount Union win a bunch of football games!

Charlie Jones is a talented back who was injured in 2007 and will take his game to the U of Memphis this fall. He's got vision, run instincts and quickness, but he will need to stay healthy in put it all together as a senior if he is to be considered a true prospect.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Att - Yds - Avg - TD
D Williams Bryan  Akron U 152-728-4.8-2
D Davis Tristan Auburn U No 2007 rushing stats
D Turner Anthony  Bowling Green 106-552-4.9-9
D Bell George  Catawba 129-715-5.5-18
D Hoskins Justin  Central Michigan U 115-664-5.8-10
D Sneed Ontario  Central Michigan U 119-486-4.1-6
D Birmingham Ben Central Oklahoma 193-983-5.1-5
D Fordham Jamie Coastal Carolina 82-444-5.4-1
D Scott Jordan  Colgate 409-1875-4.6-20
D Johnson Gartrell Colorado St 181-957-5.3-6
D Bell Kyle  Colorado St 180-691-3.8-4
D Jones Kareem Delaware State 169-705-4.2-2
D Jabbie Junior Delaware U 10-35-3.5-0
D Edwards Jamaal  Florida St (ex) 35-74-2.1-0
D Himilton Mike Georgia Southern 92-350-3.8-6
D Seymour Jerry Glenville State 295-1714-5.8-15
D Mendenhall Walter Illinois State U 4-57-14.2-0
D Thigpen Marcus  Indiana U 138-568-4.1-0
D Holloman Eugene James Madison U 49-180-3.7-0
D Dixon Tony  Kentucky U 72-411-5.7-4
D Jackson Patrick  Louisiana Tech 202-950-4.7-8
D Jones Charles Memphis U No 2007 production
D Thomas Derron Miami U 40-200-5.0-0
D Kmic Nate Mount Union 274-1700-6.2-38
D White Shun Navy 78-620-7.9-7
D Lippincott Luke Nevada U 267-1420-5.3-15
D McClendon Mike North Alabama 4-13-3.2-0
D Moore Matt North Greenville 99-720-7.3-8
D Conteh Omar Northwestern U 96-447-5.7-5
D Wells Maurice Ohio St 103-367-3.6-3
D Stephens-Howling LaRod Pittsburgh U 78-320-4.1-1
D Taylor Jaycen Purdue U 107-560-5.2-4
D Vaughan Josh Richmond U 109-723-6.6-9
D Martin DeMyron SMU 106-458-4.3-4
D Davis Mike So Carolina U 114-518-4.5-5
D WIlliams Benjamin South Florida U 105-425-4-6-0
D Lucas Jay Southeast Louisiana 173-1239-7.2-12
D Kimble Anthony  Stanford U 115-509-4.4-8;
D Zwinggi Stanley Texas State 74-497-6.7-9
D Woods Shannon  Texas Tech 84-439-5.2-8;
D Ogbonnaya Chris Texas U 26-66-2.5-2
D Jackson Terrell Texas-El Paso 39-202-5.2-3
D Tennial Courtney  Tulsa U No 2007 participation
D Bell Kahlil UCLA 142-795-5.6-5;
D Mack Darrell Utah U 253-1204-4.8-12
D Peerman Cedric  Virginia U 113-585-5.2-5
D Moore Devin Wyoming U 198-965-4.9-5
D Seldon Wynel   Wyoming U 148-554-3.7-8

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