The Toughest Guy On The Field

Whenever I hear the popular theme from the 1988 movie Beaches, "Wind Beneath My Wings" instead of thinking about the movies central characters Bette Midler or Barbara Hershey, I often think about the unselfish, under appreciated fullback who paved the way for the great back that garnished all the headlines.

So I was the one with all the glory, while you were the one with all the strain. A beautiful face without a name for so long. A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

Hey come on, cut me some slack, I'm a football guy!

Only Ole Miss fullback Jason Cook and the sawed off Joe Casey from the U of Rhode Island have any significant stats while the rest of the group are essentially glorified offensive guards.

Chris Pressley of Wisconsin, and Dan Lawlor of Penn State are what the professional clubs are looking for physically but again are unselfish run and pass blockers first and foremost.

For the fans evaluating fullbacks, pay particular attention to route running, pass catching and special teams participation, the ultimate difference on who plays on Sunday and who subscribe to Direct TV.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Att - Yds - Avg - TD
D Mooney Collin Army 5-13-2.6-0
D Tonga Manase BYU 44-197-4.3-0
D Ta'ufo'ou Will California U 9-52-5.8-0
D Robinson Tielor Duke U No 2007 carries
D Surratt Joe Florida St No 2007 stats (injury)
D Konz Jameson Kent St 19-15-34-0-5 (at LB)
D Cook Jason Mississippi U No 2007 carries
D Kettani Eric  Navy 152-880-5.8-10
D Quillen Matt  New Mexico U 4-40-10.0-0
D Lawlor Daniel  Penn St 9-37-4.1-1
D Casey Joe  Rhode Island U 163-782-4.8-2
D Fiammetta Tony Syracuse U 3-8-2.7-0
D Belton Richard  Wake Forest U 6-7-1.2-0
D Pressley Chris   Wisconsin U 8-56-7.0-1

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