Kicking For Cash

When discussing kickers, the only think that I really know for sure is that they sure are in a word different! They come in all shapes and sizes and as far as I'm concerned have far too much time on their hands during training camp and or during the practice week.

Over the years I have often been asked who was the most talented kicker that I scouted and without hesitation I have always answered Morten Andersen. He not only had an outstanding leg, but he also was one of the most mentally tough individual I have ever been associated with in professional football. All future kickers should should in my opinion like to him as a model for approaching and advancing in the game.

A fine line separates all of the top prospective senior kickers as they enter their senior season, but I really liked Sam Swank' of Wake Forest and the versatile Jeff Wolfert of the U. of Missouri' work in 2007. Both showed that they had the ability to perform under pressure (looking down the barrel of a gun), had live kicking legs and were both accurate and consistent. Austin Starr is another deadly accurate short to medium range kicker who could elevate his status with a solid 2008 season. He gets to the ball very quickly, has a consistent stroke and gets quick rise on all field goals and placements. Another impressive statistic one of the three fore mentioned kickers missed a placement in 2007 in 159 attempts.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
C Starr Austin  Indiana U 21-23-48-48-111
C Wolfert Jeff Missouri U 21-25-67-67-130
C Martinez Jose Texas-El Paso 17-20-44-46-95
C Swank Sam  Wake Forest U 18-21-44-44-98

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