Football's Oddballs

I can actually remember a time when most place kickers actually played another position. Lou Groza, George Blanda and Gino Cappelletti were just three of the many place-kicking pioneers who made their mark elsewhere on the football field. Well things have sure changed over the years. Join former scout Tom Marino in taking a quick look at the possible future of the place kicking position.

Accuracy, consistency, leg strength and the ability to kick under pressure are in my opinion the four most important traits to look for when evaluating a place kicker. If he has good kick-off skills (kick deep and sky kick the football), is equally accurate from either hash and can in a pinch serve as the teams back up punter, he only adds to his chances of making it to the next level.

I liked both Ryan Bailey' of Texas and Ryan Pretorius of The Ohio State U leg strength and based on my exposure believe LSU's Colt David and yet another Ryan (Succop) of South Carolina has a real chance of developing into legitimate professional prospects.

Nathan Parseghian of Miami of Ohio, has had some moderate success over his career and is the grandson of former Notre Dame coach Ara. My sleeper in this year's grouping is Jason Smith, a player with a strong leg, kicking in the light air of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
D Harrison Ryan  Air Force 19-27--44-46-101
D Waters Swayze Alabama-Birmingham 22-28--21-23-87
D Bondzio Jason Arizona U 21-26--37-38-100
D Doerfler Derek Baker 20-24--23-32-89
D Buckholz Mark Clemson U 22-36--48-48-114
D Smith Jason Colorado St 16-20--33-33-81
D Ciaravino Tony Connecticut U 22-27--34-38-100
D Kelly Daniel  Hawaii U 12-17--70-74-106
D Amancio Tino Idaho U 30-30--14-18-72
D Rossman Brooks Kansas St 22-28--44-46-110
D Edmiston Drew  Louisiana-Lafayette 11-14--31-34-64
D David Colt LSU 26-33--63-63-141
D Keating Jared Mesa State College 22-33--28-33-94
D Parseghian Nathan Miami (OH) 13-20--18-18-57
D Monroe Joel Minnesota U 28-28--7-9-49
D Gilbert Brandon No Carolina Central 3-3--2-3-9
D DeHaze Robbie Northern Arizona U 18-24--34-36-88
D Pretorius Ryan  Ohio St 18-23--48-49-102
D Kelly Kevin  Penn St 20-26--44-45-104
D Lee Conor Pittsburgh U 28-28--18-22-82
D Succop Ryan  So Carolina U 13-17--37-37-76
D Teachey Justin South Florida U No 2007 stats
D Shadle Patrick  Syracuse U 16-18--21-21-69
D Bailey Ryan  Texas U 18-22--58-59-112
D Tracy Jarod Tulsa U 7-12--73-76-94
D Buehler David  USC 16-19--52-54-100
D Chudzinski David  Wayne St 5-14--34-37-49
D Guberman Jared West Georgia U 15-17--22-25-67
D McAfee Patrick  West Virginia U 13-19--64-65-103
D Rowan Taylor Western Illinois U 19-31--28-28-85

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