Top Punters For The 2009 Draft

I'd have to say I was dead-on in my evaluation of the last two punting prospects I evaluated in the NFL (Vikings Chris Kluwe and the Cowboys' Mat McBriar), but I probably could also list a number of punters that looked like sure-things, but are now accountants or selling insurance. Lets take a close look at this year's short list of punters.

After doing this for 34 years, the only thing I am sure of is that evaluating punters is far from an exact science. Generally they are not as crazy as their place kicking counterparts, but let's just say, they are to my way of thinking somewhat odd. Chris Miller of Ball State has a big leg and was very consistent throughout the 2007 season. It is said that Chris is a confident kid who handles pressure well.

Kevin Huber of Cincinnati is still another strong legged punter, who has a real chance of playing at the professional level in his first go round. Both Justin Brantly of Texas A&M and Louie Sakoda of Utah U have put up some impressive numbers in 2007 and have a chance to factor with another solid season. Sakoda is another prospect with impressive place kicking skills.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Punts - Yds - Avg
B Miller Chris  Ball St 61-2772-45.4
B Huber Kevin Cincinnati U 57-2672-46.8
C Brantly Justin  Texas A&M 56-2475-44.2
C Sakoda Louie  Utah U 73-3231-44.2

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