Redskins need direction, a clue

The playoffs are done. Maybe not mathematically, but this isn't about math. It's about reality. And the reality is after Thursday's 27-20 loss to Dallas (10 in a row and counting) another season will end minus the postseason. With two key defensive players--linebacker Jeremiah Trotter and tackle Dan Wilkinson--possibly out for the year with injuries, the ending could get ugly.

Problem is, the Redskins have endured way too much change and drama over the past three years to become consistent winners any time soon.

And they won't become one until the owner gets a clue and the coach gets a clue.

The owner surrounds himself with people that few other teams would want. Worse, they disagree on what the team's philosophy should be. Vinny Cerrato is more aggressive pursuing free agents, something Snyder likes. Joe Mendes is more cautious.

When you mix the two, you get an organization in constant conflict--and far from being on the same page. It's one thing to disagree; it's another to have completely different philosophies. It can't work. Joe Gibbs and Bobby Beathard disagreed on certain decisions, but not on the direction or philosophy of the franchise.

The coach has to get a grip on his talent. There's no doubt Florida. Turns out we overestimated him. Can he still win? Yes--and it will be fun when he has the requisite offensive talent. But the same can be said about every other coach in the NFL. For five million bucks, we expected more than that.

Then again, in the end, money isn't what wins.

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