Ask the Experts: The Roy Williams Trade

Did Dallas give up too much for Lions WR Roy Williams? Or did they pave the way to the Super Bowl?'s experts tackle the questions around the week's biggest story...

Q: How bad of a trade was Detroit sending WR Roy Williams to the Cowboys? What do you think of Jon Kitna? - Big John from Michigan

WR Roy Williams
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Chris Steuber: The Dallas Cowboys paid a steep price for Roy Williams in draft picks and guaranteed dollars, but I don't think it should surprise people that Jerry Jones would pull off a deal like this. Jones is always out to make a splash, and the acquisition of Williams is a huge one that will result into lucrative merchandise sales, as Williams was a Longhorn and is an Odessa native. I think the bigger question is, "Does this trade impact the future of Terrell Owens in Dallas?" It's likely at the first sign of trouble, or if T.O. doesn't get the touches he expects because of Williams' presence, that he could have a blowup similar to the one in Philadelphia. I think you've seen the last of Jon Kitna in Detroit. He will be with another team next year.

Adam Caplan: Detroit got terrific value for a receiver that isn't a No. 1. Keep in mind that if they didn't trade him now, they might not have gotten better value for him before free agency starts next year. 

As for Kitna, it was an odd move considering he didn't think he would be out for the rest of the season. He's likely played his last down as a Lion. Look for the team to address that position either high in the draft or in free agency.

Tom Marino: I really don't know what perspective you are coming from with your question, but since you come from Michigan, I'll take it that you believe the Lions made a bad deal.

I actually think it was a very good trade for both teams. Williams gets a chance to play closer to home and more importantly for a contender. The Cowboys have few holes, but Williams gives them a player who could give them a bell-cow receiving threat for many years to come. He also gives the Cowboys another receiver with outstanding size.

QB Jon Kitna
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The Lions aren't going anywhere with Williams. He was extremely unhappy in Detroit and wanted out. Rather than lose him through free agency at the end of the season, the Lions were able to pick up three valuable draft selections for their star receiver.

The answer to your question should be judged down the line. If the Lions use those selections to draft players that will help them win in the future, then it's a good deal for them, if not we'll be having this same conversation again in two or three years.

John Kitna, is a good journeyman quarterback in the right system. A perfect guy to back up a top frontline quarterback or manage a solid club who might be lacking at the position.

Ed Thompson: I think the trade of Roy Williams will prove to be beneficial to the Lions in the long run, even though it's a painful move to make when your team is already struggling offensively. He didn't want to play in Detroit anymore, so the Lions weren't going to get his best effort anyway.  But you can at least be happy that Matt Millen won't be around to waste those picks that the Lions got. I think Kitna is a good, solid quarterback who is one of the real tough guys in this league for the beating he has taken behind Detroit's line the last couple of years. He's a guy I would love to have as a veteran backup QB on my team, but not the one that I would count on to take me to a Super Bowl. 

Cowboys WR Terrell Owens
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Q: Will Roy Williams create more opportunities for the Dallas Cowboys to succeed or create distractions in the locker room? - Jerry from El Paso , Texas

Chris Steuber: It could go either way. Williams is a legitimate threat, and the thought of him and Terrell Owens being on the same team is a scary arrangement for defensive coordinators. I think the success of the Cowboys this season lies in the hands of Owens. If he can put aside his ego and allow for this explosive offense to gel together, and not worry about how many passes come his way, the Cowboys have a chance to experience something special this season. But if Owens transforms into the T.O. of old and becomes a major distraction…oh boy.

Adam Caplan: Williams will help for several reasons. With him in the fold, Patrick Crayton can go to the slot where he's best suited to be. With Williams, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, and Crayton, teams won't be able to double-team any of those receivers. And with all of those passing options to deal with, Marion Barber should have better rushing lanes since defenses will have to play the pass more.

Tom Marino: Williams was very unhappy in Detroit, Jerry, but he has no real history as a malcontent. No player worth his salt wants to go to work each week and put it on the line for an dysfunctional management and ownership group. As far as causing a distraction in the locker room, I'm afraid he's going to have to stand in line in that locker room. Maybe you haven't heard the names Owens and Jones out there in West Texas.

Ed Thompson: Williams gives the Cowboys the legitimate No. 2 receiver they've been lacking. I think his addition was a good move by Dallas and since he's likely on Cloud Nine right now, I don't think he'll be any more of a distraction than Terrell Owens has been at times.  

Cowboys QB Tony Romo
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Q: The Cowboys gave up a 1st, 3rd, and 6th-round draft choice for Williams? That seems a bit excessive. Not to mention, I would think the Cowboys would've wanted secondary help more than another receiver. - Pete from Madison, Wisconsin

Chris Steuber: In the long run, this deal could haunt them, but short term, if everyone is on the same page, it could result into a Super Bowl Championship.

Adam Caplan: Agreed since Williams isn't a true No. 1 receiver. But Williams will help nevertheless. Teams will have to respect the pass more so they can get better balance on offense. Dallas has major problems in the secondary because of injuries and inconsistency. They need to upgrade the safety position next year.

Tom Marino: The only thing that truly matters in professional football is winning championships. The 49ers gave the Patriots two early selections just to move up and select Jerry Rice. The Cowboys are a contending football club who believe they are just a player or two away from winning this thing. The way Jerry feels is that the first, third and sixth-round selection will be registering for classes in the second semester about the time the Cowboys hope to be preparing for the Super Bowl.

Ed Thompson: I agree that was a high price to pay, but you look at the numbers that Williams has put up during his career in a less-than-stellar offense and you have to believe that he could be a consistent 1,000-yard contributor in Dallas with Tony Romo throwing the ball to him. If he falls short of 1,000 yards, it'll only be due to the fact that he opened up more opportunities for Terrell Owens since opponents will have to account for both of those big men

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