Halftime: Redskins 0, Browns 0

Offensive ineptitude dominated the first half, as the Browns finished with just 59 yards against an average Redskins defense. ** Yawn **. It's better than losing, more boring than watching paint dry.

FIRST DRIVE (REDSKINS): Back to the run. Portis right for five, then left for one. But on third and four, Campbell hits Moss in stride and he flies for sixteen to the Redskins 42. The first good offensive play in about the last half hour. Ugh.

Back to the run, again, with the first down. Portis for three, and then a reverse to Fred Davis, which is strung out nicely by Corey Williams. Davis loses three to make it third and ten, but Williams shows a little limp as he runs off the field.

On third and long, Kamerion Wimbley appears and grabs Campbell. The Redskins QB evades him, runs forward about three yards where Wimbley pulls him down.

The Redskins have a nice punt inside the ten, but Cribbs puts together a nifty dancing, darting return which ends after confusing the Redskins cover team for seventeen yards. Browns have the ball at their own 25.

SECOND DRIVE (BROWNS): The Browns desperate to get some traction on offense. Lewis up the middle. One yard. Then DA drops short and hits Vickers on the left side, where Carlos Rogers slaps his feet out from under him. Vickers holds onto the ball while doing a flip in the air. A direct snap to Cribbs gets two yards and a first down.

One first down, DA drops short and hits B. Easy quickly for five. Lewis gets the ball on second down, is stacked up, but spins to his left for three. There's under eight minutes left in the half as the Browns go to third and two. DA hits Edwards quickly on a slant, but he again drops the ball as he's hit again by Rogers. Fourth down. Punt.

Zastudil gots off another nice punt to the seven, and Randle-El jukes past a diving Josh Cribbs, then runs it back to the 18, where Alex Hall gets him.

7:25 left in the first half. No score.

THIRD DRIVE (REDSKINS): Portis gets five up the middle, but on second down, Campbell hits Randle-El 25 yards downfield after he came back to Campbell.

On first down, Cartwright gets seven running left side, and the Redskins are in the Browns territory for the first time in a while at the 45.

With the second-and-three, Campbell looks again for Cooley, but Shaun Rogers gets pressure up the middle, forces an early throw, and the ball sails out of bounds. On third down, Cartwright runs right, but Alex Hall helps string it out and drags down the runner for no gain.

Yet. Another. Punt. The ball bounces near the Browns end zone, but bounces back out and is downed at the eleven. A small break for the Browns with 5:12 left in a scoreless first half.

I'm gonna need some coffee if this one doesn't get interesting. After last Monday, this is like taking a nap.

FOURTH DRIVE (BROWNS): DA drops, has time, overthrows Winslow again. Bad DA! Bad! Lewis gets the ball again on second-and-ten, and burrows through the pile for five.  From the gun, DA throws high to Edwards, who pulls it down and drops the ball, but a flag is thrown.

Of the two Redskins penalties, the Browns take the illegal contact one, which gives them a first down.

The Skins have played the role of the Browns today, helping their opponents with penalties.

With 4:20 left in the second, the Browns take a timeout. They're at their own 21.

The timeout must have helped, because the first play after the break is a toss to Jamal Lewis, which gets ten and a first down, thanks to nice blocks by Cribbs and Vickers.

On first and ten, DA again overthrows his receivers and is 3 of 13 for 17 yards in the first half. That's a QB rating of 39.6, folks.

The second down run by Lewis again fails to get much, and DA's third-down pass is tipped and falls wobbly into an empty space again. Zastudil gets off another nice punt to the Redskins 25, where Moss dances for eight yards on the return to the 33.

FIFTH DRIVE (REDSKINS): Portis gets seven running left to the 40 as the clock hits two minutes.

After the timeout, Portis breaks one, 20 yards to the Browns 40, where he's brought down by Pool and Wimbley. After a six-yard pass to Moss, Portis gets six yard to the Browns 28 and we have our first legit scoring threat of the day.

With 35 seconds left, Campbell throws a poor pass to Fred Davis inside the ten which lands out of bounds.

The Redskins burn the clock down to 25 seconds, as Portis gets three up the middle to the 22.

The Skins take their second time out, and come back on third and seven. Campbell starts out under center, and hits Randle El at the 17 with 17 seconds left. The Redskins then take their last time out.

Campbell drops on first down and Shaun Rogers pulls him down on the 23. With the clock ticking, Rogers holds Campbell down, and the officials intervene by calling a delay of game on Rogers. This is a dubious decision on Rogers' part, since the penalty stops the clock and allows the Redskins to spike the ball and then bring in their field goal unit.

Romeo Crennel tries to ice the Redskins kicker. Whether it worked or not is hard to tell, as the Skins kicker boots it horribly and it bounces off the post.

This first half was awful. But at least the game is just tied.



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