End of the Third: Redskins 7, Browns 3

Offense! We have offense! Some of it, anyway, as the Redskins emerge with a four-point lead. Here's Barry's Live Blog from the third quarter. Go to blogs.theobr.com for the latest...


Well, I was late getting back to the blog because I was posting halftime stories, so what did I miss?

Oh yeah… Redskins, first down, then a three and out, punt. Browns three and out, punt.

I can recap that mess if you like, but let's just move on.

THIRD DRIVE (REDSKINS): There a little over 25 minutes left in this scoreless affair, and the Redskins seem driven to gain what's known as "yardage".

On first down from the Redskins 38, Campbell hits Moss long fir 35 yards, the longest play of the day, which takes them to the Browns 27.

The Browns are very lucky this is a scoreless tie, still.

The Portis gets the rock left twice, the first time for seven, the second time for four. First down at the Browns 16.

Campbell drops and tries to hit Moss, but QB and receivers were running different plays and the ball bounces to the turf. Shrugging it off, Campbell has a short drop and hits a speeding Randle El across the middle. Cousin was two steps behind, lightly toasted, but pulls the ex-Steeler down at the two.

Portis gets the ball on first and goal, ran right, and gets it into the end zone. Touchdown Redskins.

The Browns luck has run out, and they're now losing. To add insult to injury, Eric Wright gets called for running into the kicker on the extra point, so the Redskins will probably wipe out any chance for Cribbs to get a return. REDSKINS 7, BROWNS 0

FOURTH DRIVE (BROWNS): Cribbs does get a returnable kick, and gets smacked down at the 22.

Jamal Lewis, at least, is doing his best. He gets the ball up the middle for six yards to the 29, and then runs left for seven to the 36.

Chud then goes to the air. Uh, no. DA throws left to Cribbs, who is hammered by Carlos Rogers. Cribbs is down on the field.

While we all watched some great commercials, Cribbs was able to get off the field under his own power. Phew!

With the second and ten, Lewis runs right for just four and it's third and six. Then, Derek Anderson COMPLETES A PASS TO BRAYLON EDWARDS! Yes! Nineteen yards on the play to the Redskins 41.

Jamal Lewis then runs middle and takes advantage of overpuruit to buts off the right side of the line for 22 yards! The Browns are now down to the Redskins 19. Lewis now has 77 yards on 15 carries.

With the first down, Wright gets two on the left side, then DA throws a duck three feet in front of Steve Heiden. Third and eight… from the gun, Anderson drops, moves up in the pocket and is hauled down by Andre Carter. Fourth down, and field goal time.

Dawson does his job and nails the 37 yard field goal. REDSKINS 7, BROWNS 3

FIFTH DRIVE (REDSKINS): Rock Cartwright takes the ball out of the end zone and tears through the Browns coverage team for 36 yards until Jason Wright pulls him down.

Campbell starts at the 35 with 2:36 left in the third quarter. He hits Chris Cooley who gets five yards before being pulled down by Sean Jones and fumbles the ball out of bounds at the 40. Campbell keeps it rolling with a ten-yard strike to Randle El at mid-field.

Back to the run. Portis runs left for two to the 48, then eleven yards to the 37, where Wimbley and DQJ pull him down.

With the first down, Campbell drops and tries to hit Cooler, who is well-covered by Andra Davis. Then Shaun Alexander is dropped a yard deep by Corey Williams.

The third quarter ends with the Redskins facing a 3rd-and-11 at the Browns 38.

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