Browns Comeback Falls Short: 14-11

Despite a revived offense in the fourth quarter, the Browns fall short. Technically, they lost as a Phil Dawson field goal went wide. Realistically, they lost because their pass offense failed them for three quarters. Here's Barry's fourth quarter blog...

Both teams have been focused on the run so far, and the fourth quarter may be more interesting as Lewis and Portis have beaten on the defenses all day.

After an incompletion and a terrific punt by Plackemeier, the Browns get the ball on their own six.

FIRST DRIVE (BROWNS): Derek Anderson's problem throwing short-to-intermediate passes shows up again on first down as he misses Edwards on in the middle of the field. Lewis gets three on another second-and-ten run, but then the Browns have to call timeout as they aren't able to get a play off.

Anderson and Vickers seem to have a failure to communicate, and there's a little pushing and shoving. Not good. The wheels ain't off, but the ride is bumpy.

The Browns give themselves a brief respite from the roaring Redskins crowd.

On third down, Jason Taylor bats Anderson's pass in the air, so Zastudil kicks from the end zone.

Randle El fair catches at the Browns 49.

Anderson is now 5-of-21 for 40 yards. A 39.6 QB rating. He looks like the sort of QB who can get an NFL head coach fired. Brilliant one week, horrible the next, but the coach remains frozen and unable to change, hoping for another flash.

SECOND DRIVE (REDSKINS): The Redskins have the lead and the ball in Cleveland territory. After a four yard run off the right side, Portis rips off a 27 yard blast off of left end, putting the Browns in a world of hurt.

After a time out, Jason Campbell hits Moss on the right side five yards out of the line of scrimmage. With a little room to run, he scampers away from Terry Cousin and spins into the end zone. Touchdown. Big problems.

There is 12:28 left and the score is REDSKINS 14, BROWNS 3

THIRD DRIVE (BROWNS): Gerard Lawson takes a huge hit mid-field around the 20, but somehow keeps going, bounces off, and runs 43 yards to the Browns 44 yard line. He held onto the ball and got out of bounds… amazing play, but Lawson is down after the play.

On first down, Jerome Harrison gets the ball and runs for six around left end. Harrison showing a little Lewis-like leg power on second down, as he burrows for three to create a third-and-one. Anderson generates some offense by falling forward on a quarterback sneak for a first down a mid-field. There are 11 minutes left.

With the first, Anderson overthrows Winslow for the third or fourth time today. Second and ten. Anderson drops deep and has time, hits Edwards about five yards out, and Edwards getts free and runs for 15 to the Redskins 32. Somehow, the Browns are nearing scoring territory.

On first down, with the clock down to 9:30, Harrison scampers for three more to the Redskins 29. With an empty backfield, Anderson drops and has his jersey grabbed as he goes back. DA saves the play by tossing short left to Steve Heiden who gets ten yards to get the ball inside the 20.

With just over 8 minutes left to play, Anderson has a quick drop and hits Edwards, who again isn't able to hold on to what looked like a catchable pass. On second and ten, Lewis catches a little flip from DA (finally) and he's in space… he runs for 18 yards before being pulled down at the one yard line.

First and goal from the one. Cribbs runs in motion and the Redskins are able to react and plug where Lewis was going, and he's dropped a yard back.

Second and goal from the two. Anderson drops, throws a short flare to Charles Ali, who is tackled two yards deep by London Fletcher (who is having a great game).

Third and goal from the four. Anderson throws right to Jason Wright, but the better opportunities for a reception were the two linebackers who were covering him.

Fourth and goal from the four. RAC decides to go for it. Anderson is back in the gun, and his pass is batted down by Evans at the line of scrimmage.

Redskins ball. The Browns get nothing.

FOURTH DRIVE (REDSKINS): Clinton Portis gets the ball, and breaks into the secondary running off-tackle on the right side. Brodney Pool eventually gets a handle on the ball and cradles it as he's knocked out of bounds. He's hammered by Randle El, and the Redskins think he didn't have possession, but replays shows that he clearly had it.

The turnover keeps the Browns in the game, despite 168 rushing hards by Portis on the day. There is 5:36 left.

FIFTH DRIVE (BROWNS): From the 30, Anderson makes up for some of his previous ineptitude. He places the ball perfectly over Braylon Edwards shoulder, and he hauls it down at the Redskins nine.

From there, Anderson hits Winslow over the middle at the five. Winslow is denied the goal line and he's hit at the one.

Second and goal from the one. Lewis up the middle, hammered, no gain.

Third and goal from the one. Stallworth goes in motion, and DA pitches to Lewis going left who is again hit at the one yard line.

Fourth and goal from the one. Anderson bootlegs to the right, and Josh Cribbs is WIDE OPEN. DA hits him. Touchdown Browns!!

With the score 14-10, the Browns have to go for the two-point play. Three WRs are on the right side. DA has good time and Edwards plants two yards deep in the end zone. Anderson hits him. They convert!! There is 2:44 left. REDSKINS 14, BROWNS 11

SIXTH DRIVE (REDSKINS): The Browns give the impression they're going to kick onsides but, as they often do, Dawson kicks it deep instead. Moss gets the ball at the tend and runs back to the Redskins 36. Good field position.

Portis gets three on first down and the Browns take a timeout at 2:32. Jim Zorn forces the Browns to use their last timeout by running up the middle for two more yards. So, it's third and five with 2:26 left.

If the Browns get the stop here, they'll get the ball back. If they don't, they probably won't. This. is. the. play.

With two backs in the I, Zorn again gives the ball to Portis who gets just two yards. The Browns will get the ball back!!

The clock clicks down to two minutes. and the Redskins prepare to punt.

SEVENTH DRIVE (BROWNS): Cribbs awaits the punt at the 15, comes up to his 18, and he's dropped at the 29. The clock is at 1:51. The Browns have no timeouts.

First play (1:51) – DA in the gun with Wright. Drops and HITS DONTE STALLWORTH! 18 yards to the Browns 47.

Second play (1:45) – DA in the gun again. Throws middle to Winslow, but Rocky Macintosh was ALL OVER WINSLOW and gets called for DEFENSIVE HOLDING! First down Browns at the Skins 48!

Third play (1:40) – DA in the gun, HITS WINSLOW! Nine yards to the Skins 39.

Fourth play (1:18) – Anderson sneaks forward for three and a first down. The clock stops.

Fifth play (0:58) – First and ten. Anderson in the gun and the pass is batted up in the air by Golston. It falls incomplete.

Sixth play (0:41) – Second and ten from the Redskins 36. DA in the gun, and he looks for Edwards, but BE didn't see the blitz coming and didn't look for the quick throw. Incomplete.

Seventh play (0:37) – Third and ten. Anderson throws deep middle to Edwards. Underthrows and it's incomplete.

Dawson tries a 53 yarder and it's NO GOOD! Dawson kicks it wide with 25 seconds left. The Browns will lose.

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