Week Eight Late Game Predictions

I finish my predictions late Friday and retired to bed. When I awoke at 7:30, I realized that as I slept, an intruder had entered my home and stole my laptop and cell phone. Four hours later my son along with the Wilmington, NC police used the GPS in his phone to track down the perpetrator and by days end the articles were returned. Let's hope my predictions can match their outstanding efforts.

Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars – The two up and four down Browns need this one to get back into the race in the lopsided AFC North division, while this one is also of utmost importance to the Jaguars if they are to overtake the Colts and stay in striking range to the undefeated Titans. The Browns are going to have to do it without Kellen Winslow and underrated veteran defensive tackle Shaun Smith. The Browns surprisingly have had the Jaguars number in Jacksonville, having won two straight against a club who has always performed well on their home turf. It's going to be a battle, but I like the Jaguars QB, more consistent running game, superior defensive unit and home field advantage.

Jaguars 21 – Browns 17

New York Giants vs Pittsburgh Steelers – There is a lot more going on in this one than just Eli versus Ben. It's about Willie versus Brandon, Plexico versus Hines and two of the most consistent defensive units in the NFL. Both clubs are battle tested, but the difference in this one is going to be the Giants offensive front, the best no name group in the league. The game is being played on the Steelers home turf, between two 5 and 1 clubs in what could be a Super Bowl preview. It wouldn't surprise me if this bloodbath is decided in the last series, but if it is, I'm giving the visiting Giants a very slight edge.

Giants 21 – Steelers 20

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers – This divisional match up reminds me of a battle between two aging former heavyweight champions, long past their prime, trying to re-capture past glories. The more famous of the two champions has a new man in charge and will be doing battle in front of the hometown fans. Neither possesses the needed firepower to make so much as a ripple in the division they both once dominated. Look for the Niners to eek out a close split decision in a prelude to their match up in two weeks with the division's number one contender, the Arizona Cardinals.

49ers 24 – Seahawks 20

Cincinnati Bengals vs Houston Texans – The Bengals travel to Houston minus their only true offensive star Carson Palmer seeking their first win of the season. The Texans have one two straight after starting the season zero for September. I like their chances of this one, playing against an opponent that has really struggled offensively on the season.

Texans 30 – Bengals 16

Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans – A win in this division contest by the Titans essentially put a dagger into the heart of the Colts and would severely damage the Colts overall playoff chances. The Colts should be near full strength for this one and don't look for another no touchdown and two interception Peyton Manning effort in this lifetime, but this Titans squad is well coached, balanced, tough minded, very physical and efficient. The king is dead. Long live the king!

Titans 31 – Colts 21

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