Browns Top Jaguars 23-17

The Browns combined some big plays with stout defense - and much fewer flags than usual - to top Jacksonville 23-17 today. The win takes the Browns to 3-4 as they return home next Sunday.

FIRST DRIVE (Jacksonville): The Jags stumble as the fourth quarter begins, and are unable to convert a first down after starting at the Browns 27. They are left three yards short, and Josh Scobee comes int kick a 38=yard field goal.

But Shaun Rogers, who had one play earlier stuffed the running back, BUSTS through the line, raises his big meathook and BLOCKS the kick.

Huge play for the Browns. The Browns take over at their own 41.

SECOND DRIVE (Browns): Bad DA returns.

An incomplete pass to Vickers if followed up by a short run by Lewis to to the Browns 43. On third down, DA first gets picked, but then is saved by an offsides penalty called on Quientin Groves.

On third-and-eight, Anderson drops, can't find anyone, and is dropped as Paul Spicer swats the ball out of his hands. The Browns get lucky as Joe Thomas is right there and dives on the ball.

The Browns have to punt, and boots it to the 12, where Witherspoon runs it back out to the 26.

THIRD DRIVE (Jags): The Jaguars were looking at the their own doom, as Garrard's first two passes on this drive were incomplete. But then Garrard finds Matt Jones (again) open 20 yards downfield at the 46.

Shaun Rogers undoes some of the great game he's had by roughing the passer. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

That's another 15 yards to the Browns 36.

The Jags can't do anything from that point, but Josh Scobee comes in and nails a 53-yard field goal. Ugh.


FOURTH DRIVE (Browns): Cribbs can't get any return traction again, and is brought down at the 21.

Evil DA, who apparently entered Anderson's body just a few minutes ago, is negated by giving the ball to Jamal, again and again. It works.

Three times up the middle: Six yards, five yards, eleven yards. Then he runs right for three.

Lewis goes out to get a breather on second-and-seven, and DA can't connect with Heiden. So Lewis stays out, but DA drops, has time and HITS SYNDRIC STEPTOE DOWNFIELD!!! Steptoe somehow makes three Jaguar defenders miss and runs downfield for a 53-yard reception to the JAGUARS ONE YARD LINE!!

After the Browns get a foot or two thanks to the Jaguars having 12 men on the field (they're playing the role of "Cleveland Browns" today), Lewis is dropped a yard behind the line of scrimmage.

With second and goal from the two, the Browns run play action and Anderson is harassed, he is able to get out of danger, improbably, and throws a wild high pass somewhere in the vicinity of Charles Ali. ON third down, Anderson tries to hit Edwards bit overthrows the well-covered WR.

Phil Dawson salvages something, as he nails a 20-yard kick through the uprights.

Browns re-take the lead!!


FIFTH DRIVE (Jaguars): Dawson kicks off downfield and Witherspoon grabs the kick and returns upfield.  As things get crowded in the middle of the field, LB Beau Bell hits the ball with his shoulder and it pops out! Josh Cribbs recovers for the Browns at the Jags 25!!!

SIXTH DRIVE (Browns): The Browns get nothing on their first two plays, with a run right with Lewis for no gain, and then a short incompletion to Lewis as well. That makes it third-and ten.

DA drops and draws a crowd… he's hit as hit delivers the ball thanks to John Henderson getting past Rex Hadnot, and bounces the ball to Heiden.

Phil Dawson comes in to kick the field goal and sneaks the 42-yarder through. The points help, but the Browns blew an opportunity to put this game away. RAC knows this and explodes on the sidelines, a rare display of emotion from the head coach.


The Jags take over at the 23 after a relatively mundane kick return. Garrard misses Lewis on first down, and has to scramble on second down which gets six. On third and four, Jacksonville tries long downfield and overthrows Matt Jones downfield.

EIGHTH DRIVE (Browns): Podlesh punts short and it bounces to Cribbs at the 28. He runs it up five yards, and the Browns start at their 33 with 2:57 left in the game.

The Browns keep to the ground, and Lewis gets nothing, but forces the Jaguars to take a time out. Lewis get it again, gets five, and forces another time out with 2:44 left.

The Browns give it to Lewis again, and he can't get around the right end. The Jags pull him down after a yard, but the clock keeps ticking. It will go down to the two minute warning.

NINTH DRIVE (Jaguars): Zastudil kicks to the Jaguars 21, where Jones-Drew gets nine to the 30.

Garrard hits Northcutt on fired down for 12 to the Jaguars 42, but then Brodney Poll BLITZES AND SACKS  David Garrard to make it 2nd and 16.

Garrard drops and hits Lewis 13 thirteen to mid-field, but follows that up with a deep lob that misses Dennis Northcutt.

This creates a fourth-and three for the Jags with 36 seconds left at their own 49.

The Browns call a timeout to make sure they have the right defense on the field. A critical play coming up…

Garrard drops and hits Northcutt for five and a first down at the 45.

But the Browns won't let Northcutt up, but Pashos is called for roughness after the play. That pushes the Jags back to their own 39, with 27 seconds left.

Then Garrard drops and HITS MATT JONES DOWNFIELD. Jones gets another ten yards and pushes his way out of bounds with 16 seconds left at the Browns 26.

With Garrard getting harassed, he throws deep in the end zone. Terry Cousin was busy interfering with Jerry Porter, but the ball wasn't catchable.

With nine seconds left, Garrard steps up and hits Matt Jones, but the ball bounces in the air, several times and Jones can't bring it down!! It bounces out of bounds.

With one second left, Garrard overthrows Jones.


FINAL SCORE: Browns 23, Jaguars 17

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