Gameballs and Goats: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Shaun Rogers not only owns this week's gameballs, he's leading for the entire year. Rogers has now picked up 1,126 gameballs through seven games. Next closest is Jamal Lewis with 798. Is Rogers the Browns MVP so far? That's what the fans are saying...


Player Gameballs
Shaun Rogers 226 
Steve Heiden 90
Jamal Lewis 88
Derek Anderson 50
D'Qwell Jackson 38
Josh Cribbs 31
Beau Bell 265

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  Half of DA (2), Bill Cowher (2), Matt Jones for dropping the game winning score (4), James Harrison - Nice SNAP, "Me, for watching the game and not picking up leaves", RAC's F bomb (2), Giants/Giants' Pass Rush (3), BroDawg (2), Cocaine, Sorensen's Head, Vincent Chase, K2 for not playing (3), Amy Palcic, "BEER - Rogers beats you for MVP today, but you still show up to play every Sunday", Rush D!, RAC's stability!!!!!, "Mel Tucker on the last few series for letting the dogs loose", boogers, Gino DiCarlo, Penn State, Grady Sizemore, Lebron James, Terrelle Pryor, Howie Feltersnatch, C.C. Sabathia, 95% of the Defense.


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson 82
Kellen Winslow 79
Terry Cousin 50
Romeo Crennel 37
Phil Savage 28
Willie McGinest 20
Kamerion Wimbley 20

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: "Press coverage of the Godd#mn Cowboys. I DON'T CARE!", Jacksonville stadium, "WE still cant stop 3rd down and long,why I dont know", Last night's White Castle, DA in the second half (3), Art Modell, Ari Gold, K2: "Stop being an A**hole!!!", DA is always a goat, WhosGonnaDriveYouHome, Goal-to-go Offense (2), Matt Jones (2), Jim Tressel, goal line offense, Shaun Smith's hand and Robaire Smith's achilles, "Our defense against a running QB - WE SUCK", Stupid Umpire..., Hankkk, Official's ineptitude, "RAC's ego that keeps DA and Big Willie in the game", "Half a horn for the defensive scheme most of the game", "Romeo for having Dawson on his fantasy team", Glass Joe, "Phil Savage is straight out of Keebler", "Brady Quinn's agent", Tony Kornhole, Jay Knecht, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Carson Palmer, Ceara Barr, Phil Fulmer, Matt Jones coke dealer, Kamerion Wimbley, Randy Cross


Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
phelix17 Kellen who?
-- No offensive penalty and only one penalty overall...
Vintage74 Rogers is a beast. Nothing else to say. Best NT we have had since Golic. Jamal continues to bring it every week. I'd like to see him break the century mark though. Still, dude is tough and will run over your @ss if you try to arm tackle him. OL had a solid game. Opened some holes and kept DA clean for the most part. Gameball for that unit.
Walldog Shaun Rogers...."Manimal" !
ccclay57 Sorensen made the play of the day in the end zone and was strong on special teams, Rogers is the best DL I can remember in a Browns uniform, (Michael Dean Perry is close) Hadnot is getting better and better at run blocking. And I gotta say it, could not having Winslow on the field cause Anderson to look at more oprions? Heidens doing a great job.
Frank Ryan Cribbs,may not have the greatest year in the return dept, but as a ST player, he is the best we have.His allaround play on ST and as a WR/QB/all purpose etc has kept us in most games. Rogers, best DL we have had in a long time,can be a one man wrecking ball. Players his heart out on every play. Dawson, frow 50yds in he is among the best.
Dawgpoundr Browns win! Stoolers Lose! Great weekend for football. Now lets get a win against the Ravens and officially bring my optimism back.
Matt Jones My nose feels real funny....oooooo.
dawgdc First and Foremost you can't start this thread without mentioning Shaun Rogers...BEAST, MONSTER, ANIMAL and the MVP of this team period!!! If we had 11 Shaun Rogers's on this team we would be undefeated and would have a Super Bowl trophy sitting in Berea. Jamal....Animal ran hard all day and you can't beat that!!! Steve Heiden makes you say Kellen need to learn the positon K2 from Heiden or become a wideout!!! DQ Played like RAY-RAY he was all over the field. Josh for the all out hustle on Special team, no illegal block in the back call on the last punt return. Beau Bell sighting and nice strip of the ball when he was in there on punt coverage. The OLINE did there thang today I just wish the QB that was behind them could be better? Great win today
-- We have had 2 good DA's and 4 bad DA's this year. Now we also have had 2 sticky finger Edwards and 2 butter finger Edwards. Shaun Rogers is a beast. Nice to see Bell make a play with the continual play of Hall...maybe we have upgraded our linebacking corps. Ali had a nice lead block into the endzone. I bet Steptoe will be holding out for the big bucks this coming offseason after that big catch and run
-- There aren't enough adjectives to describe how great Shaun Rogers is. That guy is as dominant of a D-lineman as I can remember the Browns having, even going back to Michael Dean Perry. Just one hell of an awesome player. Jamal continues to show why he's the heart and soul of the team. He runs hard every single time he touches the ball. And K2 gets a special game ball in absentia. Talk about addition by subtraction. I love the guy's skills, but his attitude has got to go.
nwohiobrownsfan #27 Sorensen- for heading the ball away from Matt Jones on 2nd to last play of the game. Special Teams- Mice strip and recovery, Awesome Phil from Dawsonville= money. #12 Steptoe- Nice 3rd and 7 reception. any catch from someone other than Braylon is nice to see. Maybe others getting involved will make it easier for BE.
-- K2 for not playing./ we are 2-0 w/o that a**hole. Shaun Rogers---WOW
Naxos Shaun Rogers was a beast
Jamal Lewis is the work horse
Steve Heiden making some plays.
-- Shaun Rogers is the kind of player that we've been missing on the Cleveland Defense since the return. It was fun to watch him out there today. Props to DA for coming back strong again, and here's to hoping that he can give us two weeks in a row this time. Our offense can't run without the pass, so this will be crucial next week against the Rats.
-- Shaun Rogers-He completely dominated today.
Jamal Lewis-Ran the ball hard and kept the chains moving.
Beau Bell-Made a huge play on ST forcing the fumble that set up the last fg.
-- Syndric FREAKIN' Steptoe!
Shaun Rogers is finally our defensive nightmare for opposing OCs.
DA was "Good Derek", at least in the first half.
-- heiden continues to fill in and play great whenever we need him to...
Makes you wonder if we need a certain prima donna on our team
-- Anderson still looks confused.
Rogers and the "d" played another good game. Tucker hass our Browns doing some serious hitting. The O-line needs to open some holes for Mr. Lewis.
-- Thank God for Rogers...
Shrooney Rogers was a man among boys. Heiden showing that he's a pretty solid TE in his own rights. Solid win for the entire team. Nice to see the steelers go down and big ben getting roughed up
iwillpierceyou Awesome win on the road. I was the least excited for a Browns game as I have been in a while, and they made it fun to watch.
sindustmark 3-1 in Braylon's 13 game season!
Koesters I'd like to give a gameball to all the fans who made the trip out to JAX for the game. It looked like there was plenty of brown and orange in the stands.
-- RAC's stability is, once again, keeping this team in a position to win!
-- Who would have thought our defense would be a stronger unit than the offense...I sure didn't!
Harpster Shaun Rogers just took over the middle and dominated. Awesome!
Jamal gets one for being a workmanlike and steady influence.
And here's one for the DB's... except Terry Cousin of course.
A Beau Bell sighting!
BulldogDad Props to PS for the Shaun Rogers deal. He should be a shoo-in for the Pro Bowl. Steve Heiden has hands and can block: he brings a full complement of TE skills that K2 doesn't have. I have to give the whole defense props for overall excellent play.
-- The DA hatred needs to stop.
appraiser Big man in the middle!
Jamal Lewis just plays hard!
Nice to hear Cleveland Fans in the crowd!
-- Hank Fraley brought his best game...Sorensen also made some big plays...
Writerdawg Rogers was the star of this one, with Heiden and the OL a close second. I can't include Anderson because he reverted back to mediocre in the second half.
-- j lew still running that rock!, stevey h. always reliable, shaun "man beast" rodgers my words can do his play no justice
-- Nice coaching job, good game plan and outstanding performance out of the defense. Still not sold on DA and concerned that the offense couldn't score a TD from the 1 but overall good game and a win is a win.
Big Balls Jason Shaun Rogers is a pro bowler, D'Qwell Jackson is showing what he can do when Rogers eats up the line in front of him. Brodney Pool continues to have great games and receives little attention for it.
-- Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers  Shaun Rogers
-- Shaun Rogers is a beast. He is everything the Browns wanted him to be and more. I look forward to getting a few more LBs in the offseason.
-- Beau Bell for causing a fumble.
-- Shaun Rogers was HOF quality dominate on Sunday - there is nothing else to say, MONSTER, he gets at three votes.
manoafats great call on 4th and 1. I was shocked DA actually threw a good ball, last week it would have been at his feet.
-- Shaun Rogers was a beast in this game.
Jamal Lewis ran hard. Always give a maximum effort.
Steptoe gets one from me because of his nice, catch and run that set up the winning score.
-- #92 is a beast, DQwell Jackson had a really good game, DA played ok. Penn State took it to the suckeyes HAHA
Griz13 Shaun Rogers is super human.
DixieDawg Rogers was a beast. Wow. I also voted for Steptoe...I mean, this could be the man's only shot at a Gameball.
Bill From Lima After my trashing last week I need to give our Browns a thumbs up. From the D to the O. Now lets keep it up and beat those Rat-turds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Jackson, Rogers and Lewis are warriors who come to play every week.
-- glad to see Beau Bell get in the mix and contribute
WardyDawg Rogers is headed for Hawaii
-- how many times can one vote for Shaun Rogers?
Dawg Nuts Rogers - wow, what a pickup. complete animal; DA - the blind squirrel found a nut this week. let's save the time and list him for a gameball one week, goat the next the rest of the season; these DB's have a chance to be special.
brownsman2002 Another great game by Rogers. Heiden should really be the starting TE with Winslow as the slot back.
-- man playing with boys... Faine didn't have a hope
-- Shaun Rogers played his best game as a Brown, D'Qwell roamed from sideline to sideline. On offense Fraley and Steinbach kept John Henderson neutralized the entire game. Was a joy to watch the front defensive seven play this game. I hope that the back 4 defensive players step up the next game against the ratbirds.


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
-- First time all year Romeo didn't get a vote!
BitchesWaveYellowTowels Anderson did enough to not get a goat but doesnt really deserve a gameball. OLine gets a goat for not scoring on first and goal from the one inch line.
phelix17 Romeo loves cheeseburgers. Wait, so do I. Goat horns for me, too.
Vintage74 Kamerion Wimbley should be a Matador. I've never seen anyone play O'ley with the QB more than he has. What happened to you dude? Make a friggin play.
Corey Willams take a look to the right. That guy is earning his contract. Think you are? Again, make a friggin play.
Andra Davis, you talk a lot of smack for someone who couldn't get into the backfield with a bulldozer playing in front of him. Oh wait, you have the closest thing to a bulldozer playing in front of you that the NFL can provide in Shaun Rogers. You suck. One more time, make a friggin play.
Walldog I gave Chud goathorns for not being able to figure a way to score TD's from the one or 2 yd. line. Goal line offense=pathetic.
ccclay57 What happen to Jacksonville being the 5 th toughest place to play in the NFL? They had a lot of fans dressed as blue seats. Terry Cousins is the true definition of toast. And when it comes down to it DA doesn't have a good game and a bad game, he is now having good quarters and bad quarters in the same game.
Frank Ryan Willie needs to sit and let Hall git some playing time. Willies time has come and gone. Be a team player and tutor Hall so next year he will a little stronger against the run. Winslow, if it was up to me would set the rest of the year.IMO he is a cancer on this team.He looks out after himself and does not know what TEAM means. Edwards,has the worst hands of any WR this year. I dont know why, but his drops are killing us.
Dawgpoundr K2 better put up or shut, looks like this team could be better off without him.
dawgdc DA sucks period and if you have a QB who you won't let him throw in the 4thQtr then he needs to sit on the bench....thank GOD for and offsides call because he threw an interception looking straight at BE!!!!! Andra Davis and Terry Cousin's suck period I hate them do you let a Fullback catch a swing pass for a 10 yard gain...he has NO MLB instinct's whatsoever!!! RAC/Chud for the conservative play calling in the 4th Quarter, if you want to win a championship you have to have KILLER INSTINCTS!!!! Period!!!
-- Can lawson play the nickel back?
-- We will never win a championship with as dry a player as Anderson. We are being robbed of something that could be truly special as Crennel and Savage let their egos and misguided thoughts relegate Quinn to the bench. Really sad.
-- Derek Anderson still drives me nuts. He put together a quarter and a half of good football, which was just enough to save his job for 3 or 4 more weeks. This guy is just too freaking inconsistent to start in the NFL, and I'd rather shove hot wires in my eyes than watch him stumble through a 2-minute drill.
nwohiobrownsfan Officiating Crew- Why no 10 sec runoff
O-Line- Can we please get 1 1/2 yards on the goal line instead of settling for a FG
K2- As much as I love your intensity, I believe there is no way you are on this roster when training camp opens in 09
AlamoDawg1 Thank goodness we had good DA in the first half because bad DA showed up and stunk up the 2nd half. How pathetic is when we are inside the 5 and have to come away with field goals and not TD -- very depressing as this game would have not been close if we scored touchdowns!
-- Phil Dawson for missing that 54 yarder against the Redskins.
Naxos Pretty fun game to watch. Hard to think of a goat after a nice win. I guess they should of used Harrison more, so maybe Chud.
-- Mr. Anderson has again prepared a fresh plate of crow for his haters.
-- For causing the turmoil all this week
-- Andra Davis-missed several tackles today and really didnt do much all game long.
Terry Cousin-He just cant cover anyone, he is always a step too slow. I donno why he is even playing.
The Officials-One official got in the way of a DA pass that likely would of been caught for a first down. And several missed calls throughout the game today.
-- Oline for not punching it in from the 2.
Wimbley & McGinest for letting Garrard run wild.
-- We need a refresher on the basics of tackling "101" to be gone over this week.
Williams the dumb dick, almost decapitaped Sorenson.
This is the first game I've seen Mcdonald get his ass handed to him.
Anyone notice Stallworth pull up on the big 4th down catch by Heiden?? seemed his f-ing hammy could have been giving him problems !!
Anderson for disappearing for 30 min. of this game and looking so damned confused!!!
What's happened to run blocking on the left side of our o-line??
I don't know who we have to replace Wimbley but it may be time to experiment !!
iwillpierceyou Why can't we score a TD from inside the 5? That's pathetic, they need to fix this!
sindustmark No goats!
Koesters How the hell didn't Harrison get a single touch? Ridic.
-- The refs missed at least three key plays that were not favorable for the Browns: 1) Hold on Jags run 2) PI on Heiden 3) Block in back on Cribbs at end of game
Harpster Terry Cousin still stinks. That's all for this week.
BulldogDad Terry Cousins can't cover: we got an enormous break that he wasn't for interference on that one end zone throw at the end. DA had a decent game statistically, but he failed to close it out in our last 3 series. Does anyone really have faith in this guy when the chips are down? Goathorns for Captain Clueless for stubbornly sticking with DA.
appraiser Shut up and play!
-- TV Announcers. Enberg for doing nothing more than reading. Cross, just because he is Randy Cross.
Writerdawg I gave the primary one to Winslow for lying about his staph infection (it was not related to football) and trying to make the Browns the culprit, and for any disruptions that created. He's a jerk. I gave half a horn to Tucker for playing things a little too loose most of the game. The Jags had a remarkable conversion rate on third downs because we were giving way too much cushion. We also didn't blitz much during the game; until the last few series.
-- Andra Davis you gots to go, hey Willie nice "ole" on that Garrard scramble, what the hell happened to our return team?
-- Have to give DA a goathorn for being his usual inconsistent self.
Big Balls Jason This trend of Wimbley not doing anything is getting a little scary. Kellen Winslow and Phil Savage get the horns for obvious reasons.
-- Brady just because.
-- I look forward to the day I no longer have to see Terry Cousin out on the field (in a Brown's uniform).
-- DA for prolonging his starts - ill gotten gains.
atldawg725 If Quinn had signed by the start of camp last year he may have gone in for Charlie Fry last year and there would be no QB controversy.
-- Davis is way too slow and Wimbley has all the makings of a blown pick. Randy Cross needs a clue...
manoafats lame call on Shaun Rodgers! Don't you need two feet in for a catch.
-- Both Crennel and Tucker get goats here. Yes I know, the Browns won. But they should have won by 14 points. This game came to within a bobbled pass of a heartbreaking loss. Chud also gets a coach because of the conservative play calling at games end. Championship teams get the first down...or at least try.
-- Captain Combover Tony Kornhole blows, so does Terry Cousins.
Griz13 Even though they won, I still gave DA, Edwards and Romeo goathorns for being so inconsistent. Do that sh-t every week, men. EVERY WEEK. If you would just lose to better teams and not beat yourselves the angst would disappear.
DixieDawg Love the win...hate the fact Anderson bought himself more time. Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors.
-- Savage was weak in having Romeo appear before the media in the Winslow episode and in his questionable comments in the same matter. He showed no leadership whatsoever. Besides he does not have an outstanding record in the draft (supposedly his expertise). Anderson was still up and down and I wish Braylon would just shut up.
-- Can he play LB? Is he capable of running to the ball and making a tackle?
Dawg Nuts LB's - such a weak spot, with the exception of Hall; Chud - what the hell is with the goal line playcalling?
Only 2 horns this week since we won.
brownsman2002 If I could, I would vote for Terry Cousin infinite as the worst player on the Browns.

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