Thursday Night Matches Patriots Versus Jets

Last year's meeting between these two divisional rivals had plenty of excitement both on and off the field. Don't expect a repeat of the Spy-gate controversy, but this one has a chance of becoming a modern day classic. Former NFL scout Tom Marino takes a look at this one and gives his prediction.

New York Jets vs New England Patriots – Both clubs enter this contest with identical six win and three loss records. Many people like the Jets in this one, feeling that Brett Favre will be far more familiar with the Jets offense in week eleven than he was in week two of the season. The Visiting Jets have won five of the last six contests (the one loss an over time loss to the Raiders) and running back Thomas Jones literally tore up the Rams on Sunday running for 149 yards. Defensively the Jets have done a particularly good job of restricting the inside running lane and as they did in week number two, have put a great deal of pressure on opposing quarterbacks (31 sacks on the season). All valid points, but the Patriots also have a few items in their plus column that we should keep in mind.

First and foremost, the Patriots over the past half dozen years have participated in many more games of consequence and more importantly have been victorious in far more than they have lost. Secondly the Patriots are playing this one at friendly Gillette Stadium a venue where they have tasted defeat just once over the past two seasons. Sure Favre is now far better acquainted with the Jets offense, but by the same token the same can be said for the Patriots' quarterback Matt Cassel who in week number two, literally started his first football game since high school! Fourth, and foremost, say what you want about him, but Bill Belichick is without question one of the three best coaches in the game today.

He personally tutored Jets coach Eric Mangini in virtually every aspect of the game of football and taught him the intricacies of the Jets defensive system of play. In doing so, Mangini must understand one very important thing; having a total understanding of the defense requires that the teacher more than any one person, know how to attack it.

It should be a good one, but the hot quarterback in my opinion is not the veteran Favre, but rather the unassuming first year starter, Matt Cassel.

Patriots 23 – Jets 17

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