Death Chat: RAC of Doom Edition

The gang of four - Greetham, McBride, Passan and Taylor - gathered again, to discuss what the heck the Browns should do now...

Barry: Let's roll
Barry: 1. What is the major reason for the Browns fourth quarter collapses during the last two games?

Rich: Bad coaching. Period.

Romeo A. Crennel.

Fred: Play the prevent... Coaching

Rich: They don't know what to do with a lead.
Rich: Instead of keeping the foot on the opponent's throat, they take it off.

Barry: Follow-up... is it a motivational issue, or a strategy issue?

John: All three.

Rich: It's a brain issue.
Rich: Lack of same.
Rich: There's no reason to let up and let the other team back in the game.

Fred: Let their guard down and can't turn it back on

Rich: Why are they letting their guard down? Poor coaching.

Fred: absolutely

Barry: OK, our panel of experts says "It's the coach's fault".

Rich: Not just the coach. The coaches.
Rich: Plural

John: RAC is simply in over his head. It doesn't make him a bad person, it simply makes him a bad NFL HC.

Rich: Who says he's a bad person?

John: I wasn't pointing at you, Rich. Calm down.

Rich: Calm down? Never
Rich: I'm sick and tired of seeing this team blow leads and/or lose games they should win.

John: I hear the C-Town media blather on and on and on about what a great guy RAC is; that has no bearing on what he is a HC.

John: Or RAC should be an actual HC, as opposed to being a BFF, Rich?

Barry: 2. If it's the coaches' fault, why have Jamal Lewis and Josh Cribbs both pointed fingers at their teammates?

Rich: Lewis and Cribbs should keep their mouths shut.

Barry: That doesn't answer the question, though, Rich

Fred: Bottom line business. Players just talk and sounds good.
Fred: They haven't pointed fingers unless they name names

Rich: That kind of stuff should be kept in house. The fact they have gone public reflects poorly on Crennel.

John: It should reflect poorly on RAC. Much like the W/L record reflects poorly on him.

Barry: So, you think, even if these players blame their teammates, it ultimately comes down to the coaching??

Fred: The whole aura of the team is reflected by the head coach

Rich: It shows Crennel has lost the dressing room.

John: This wasn't Braylon spouting off; this was one of the unquestioned leaders of the team spouting off. He'd had enough.

Rich: He has no control over what the players say.

John: So, he hasn't lost control, Rich?

Fred: I'm more concerned with how they play not what they say

Rich: If I'm Crennel, I'm hauling Lewis and Cribbs into my office and reading them the riot act.

John: ROTFLMMFAO @ Rich.
John: That was a good one.

Barry: He doesn't read the riot act to the loafers, much less guys like Lewis and Cribbs.

Rich: And that, among other things, will cost him his job.

Fred: Other things being losses

Rich: He won't do it.

Fred: Too passive

Barry: Just the fact that they feel compelled to speak out indicates to me that they don't think the coaching staff is getting on players who don't give their all. FWIW.

John: It's sad when players are doing what the HC needs to do.

Fred: Remember when the Pats were pulling guys off the street and winning the Super Bowl? Why doesn't that happen here? RAC
doesn't know what to do, like Belichick did

Rich: Good point, Fred.

Can someone explain to me why a head coach has to $(*@#$ motivate incredibly well-paid "professional" athletes?
Barry: That's a rhetorical question, but if anyone has an answer, I'd love to hear it.

Rich: That has nothing to do with it, Barry. It has to do with controlling all aspects of the team.

John: I'll answer, Barry: because they are human beings in an increasingly enabling society. Gotta pat them on the butt -- lightly --
and give them an atta boy every step of the way.

Fred: That's true

Barry: Alright, let's shift gears for a few minutes. We'll come back to this topic, of course.
Barry: 3. The Browns have 11 days between games. The Bills are reeling and have stuggled against 3-4 defenses. Do you believe
those advantages have a chance to help the Browns turn their season around, or is the train now in "runaway" status?

Rich: It won't help if the coaches keep coaching like they have the last two games.

Fred: They will win a couple of games just to keep things interesting, but don't think they will turn it around, totally

Rich: It's become almost impossible to tell what this team will do from game to game. Sometimes from quarter to quarter.

John: Is RAC still at the throttle of the train?

Fred: Chris Palmer, Bud Carson, Butch Davis, runaway train
Fred: Jim Shofner

Rich: If he is at the throttle, it's just barely.

Barry: School solution is that they can win the next two, but after that they play the Colts, Titans, and Eagles, and it will be all over.
Barry: The Bills and Texans are both stumbling almost as bad as we are.

John: "It's over, Johnny"

Rich: It's already over.

Barry: Spoken like a man who can recognize doom when he sees it.

Fred: I agree they should win the next two, but I thought the last two were givens.

Rich: It'll be interesting to see how much effort this team gives the rest of the way.

Barry: I don't think the Bills are a given, but they've got a lot of advantages going in.

Rich: Yeah. They play hard for their coach.

Fred: It's hard for me to figure a guy can't play for 60 minutes when that's his only job for the week

John: There are quite a few issues with this team, but the biggest one will still be roaming the sideline Monday night. I'll flip a coin in
honor of RAC.

Barry: Off the wall question... 4. A number of critics have suggested giving Jerome Harrison increased handoffs. Do you think giving
Lewis fewer carries a week after sounding off might send the wrong message?

Rich: And what message would that be?

Barry: The message could be "speak out, get less chances".

Fred: So be it, Lewis is not producing like last season
Fred: Harrison only had 53 yards on five straight plays and didn't play anymore... makes too much sense

Rich: Has anyone asked Crennel why Harrison doesn't get more touches?

John: Giving Jamal fewer carries has nothing to do with him sounding off. It's not like it hasn't been clear for damn-near three years
that Harrison should get more touches.

Barry: Alright, not a concern, then.

John: I wouldn't concern myself with a decision that is obviously better for the team.

Again . . . has anyone asked Crennel why Harrison doesn't get more touches?

Barry: I'm sure that the question has been subtly posed in pressers, with non-answers provided.

Fred: Yes, but no answer other than usual

Rich: Any follow-ups to that answer?

Barry: Would it matter, Rich? Does RAC ever say anything?

Rich: Don't be so subtle. Come right out and ask it.

John: I've talked to coaches, off the record, Rich, and they haven't a word to say about why Harrison isn't used more.

Fred: He said that with the short week, they didn't have an expanded plan or something like that.

John: You think that'll work, Rich?

Rich: Cut through the bullroar and pursue the question until he gives a straight answer.

Barry: Rich, sounds like you need to fly out here and harass our head coach.

John: LOL

Fred: We need a real journalist like you to come to town and shake out the real truth

Rich: Will you pay for the ticket?

Barry: Ah! Er... moving on....

Rich: LOL

Fred: You retired Plain Dealer writers are independently wealthy

Barry: 5. Certain columnists, even on this site, seem (however subtly) to be advocating the overthrow of benevolent King Romeo. Is
there any advantage to firing Romeo Crennel during the season?

Rich: Yes. Bring a winning atmosphere back to the dressing room.
Rich: It can't get any worse than it is now.

Fred: Not really, unless you have a leader to step in

Rich: Or can it?
Rich: Sure. If Crennel sticks around.

John: Could it hurt?

Rich: At this point, all you need is an interim guy who will babysit these guys until someone more permanent is brought on board.

Fred: Make K2 the player/coach

Barry: If you have an interim head coach, you generally just wind up with a coordinator who gets insulted when he doesn't get the job permanently.

Rich: If Crennel stays, it'll be the same old, same old for the next seven games.

Barry: Does anyone think that Mel Tucker or Rob Chudzinski could make a difference? Rip Scherer?

Fred: If we see another collapse vs the bills, it could be the end sooner rather than later

Rich: Scherer. He's the only one on the staff with head coaching experience.

Barry: Or put Ted Daisher in charge and let him cuss out everyone.

Rich: At least he'll make a better Monday interview than Crennel. And much more colorful.

Fred: Scherer probably would be the best right now. Where's Terry Robiskie when you need an interim coach?

Rich: Robiskie is far enough away where he can't do any more damage.

John: Could they make it any worse?

Barry: I think it could, John... not to defend RAC, but I can't remember a team being better off with an interim head coach.

John: If Lerner decides he wants RAC out now or at the end of the year, I'm fine with it. As long as the end game is RAC is no longer
the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Rich: Probably not effective in the overall scheme of things, but certainly better than Crennel.

Barry: Actually Robiskie was one of the few interim head coaches I ever remember doing well, but that was with the Redskins, of
Barry: Alright, I think we're done with that one.



Rich: Oooooooooooooooo goody.

John: Marty was a HC-in-waiting; so is Chud.

Barry: Ain't the bloom off the rose for Chud after this year, though?

Rich: Sure enuf is.

Fred: But it's in there somewhere

Rich: He has not had a good year.

John: Why, because the soon-to-be-fired HC hitched his wagon to the wrong horse for too long?

Rich: That ending Thursday night against Denver was awful.
Rich: He didn't hitch his wagon. He stayed out of the OC's way.

John: ROTFLMAO @ Rich

Barry: I thought Chud was the guy who pushed for DA last year, and was getting props for that.

Rich: He was and he did.

John: If you think Chud was lock-step with RAC in staying with DA, I have some ocean front property up north of you to sell.

Barry: Sorry, I delayed the lightning round with my follow-up on Chud.

Rich: Delayed lightning. I think I like that.

Barry: At least Chud was a genius for one more year than I've been.

Rich: Don't sell yourself short.

Barry: 1. Percent chance that Bill Cowher is the Cleveland Browns head coach as the 2009 season opens?
Rich: Zero.
John: 50
Fred: 10
Barry: 20
Rich: 20?
Barry: 20.

2. Assuming Cowher is not an option, who would be your early second choice for the new Browns head coach?
Rich: Steve Spagnuolo
Fred: Not another coordinator
Rich: Yes. Another coordinator.
Fred: Carson, Belichick
John: Depends on how much Lerner wants to implode this abomination of a franchise.
Fred: Ferentz
Rich: No college coaches.
John: Hey, Fred, Palmer and Crennel worked out well. Why not give the hot coordinator a third go-around?
Barry: Dick Vermiel. Instead of angry/cuddly/angry coach sequence, I want to do cuddly/cuddly/angry/angry
Barry: Then we could do Singletary and Ditka back-to-back.
John: LOL Fred
Rich: I also like Jim Schwartz and Russ Grimm.
Barry: Russ Grimm is an interesting name.
John: Mariucci or Billick or Marty. Gimme somebody that's been there and done that.
Rich: Only Marty from that grouping.
Barry: Agree with Taylor, minus the Supergenuis.
Rich: No Billick. Please. No Billick.
Barry: It's time we got a head coach with experience.
Fred: Saban
Barry: LOL@Fred... he'd be good four six games before he took another gig.
John: I used to like you, Fred, until the Nicktator blast...
Rich: How much head coaching experience did Don Shula, Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher have?
John: The same as Chris Palmer, Butch Davis and Romeo Crennel.

Barry: Alright, that wasn't lightning, was it? back to it.
Barry: Now that Quinn is installed as the starter, are there any further lineup changes that would make a significant difference?
Barry: (Yes and a name, or no)
John: More Jerome!
Fred: Mckinney for Hadnot, somebody for cousin,
Fred: Harrison for Lewis
Rich: Yes. Jerome Harrison at running back, Alex Hall at one of the outside linebacker spots and Rex Hadnot on the bench.
John: Amazing how the defense has taken a dip since McGinest has gotten healthy.
Rich: Coaching.
Rich: It's the coaching.
Barry: Correct answer is "no". Key words are "significant difference". I don't see any of those moves really changing things.
John: LOL Rich
Fred: Correct
Rich: Crennel has to "coach them up" better.
John: Now THAT is funny, Rich.

Barry: Percent chance that Phil Savage is still GM as the 2009 season opens?
John: 50
Rich: 50
Rich: Damn
John: Loser...
Rich: Go ahead. Rub it in.
Fred: 75
Barry: Correct answer is 80 or (100 - Cowher), whichever.
Rich: You mean there was a correct answer!?
Fred: there's always a correct answer
Rich: Not in my world.

Barry: True or False: If the Browns win five or more of the next seven games, the current regime will stay in place.
Rich: No.
Fred: No
Rich: Taylor's cogitating.
Barry: OR diaper managing
Fred: Unless they play like they did against the giants
Rich: And the likelihood of that is less than zero.
John: Depends...
Rich: Yours?
Fred: That's personal
Rich: So?
Barry: Depends, the diaper brand, or depends "how they look"?
Rich: Semantics.
Fred: Lightning?
Barry: Taylor has grounded the lightning.
John: No, depends on what is going through the owner's mind right now, based on what has happened over the last three+ seasons.
John: And a man of Rich's age shouldn't be busting on a man of my age about adult diapers.
Rich: There you go with the age thing again, Taylor.
John: I will always go there when dealing with the elderly, Rich.

Barry: Alright, that's a wrap folks! Thanks for another exciting edition of Death Chat.
Rich: This was exciting?
Barry: Rich, when you're around, there's nothing but excitement.
Barry: We'll see if this Monday's game justifies another meeting of the minds. Or us, anyway.

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