A True Holiday Turkey

Some of my most pleasant memories on Thanksgiving Day involved watching the annual morning prep battle, sitting down with family and friends, enjoying a great Italian-American Thanksgiving feast and finally retiring, along with the men in the family, to the living room to watch the Detroit Lions do battle with the Packers, Vikings or Bears.

I can still see the great players from my past in my minds-eye performing in front of me. Great players like Nick Pietrosante, Yale Lary, Tobin Rote, Mike Lucci, Bobby Layne, Jim David, Lem Barney, Altie Taylor, Gail Cogdill, Wayne Walker, John Henry Johnson, Night Train Lane, Doak Walker, Alex Karras, and Joe Schmidt do battle in a game that often rivaled the league championship game in terms of an audience.

Thursday marks the 69th times that Detroit Lions have participated in the annual Thanksgiving Day regular season. The annual event began in 1934 with the exception of the war years (1939-44), has been hosted by the Lions.

Although the Lions currently hold a 35–32–1 overall record on Turkey day, the problems today is the Lions have lost six of the last seven contests and have not been a truly competitive franchise for well over a decade.

Last year's loss to the 37 to 26 loss to the Packers was not as close as even the an eleven point deficit might indicate and was so void of excitement, I decided in the second half to walk my daughters dogs and upon my return take a well deserved mid-afternoon nap.

My plan and I'm sure the networks would concur, would be to keep the date open and in mid October the league and networks select which games they perceive to be the most attractive match up for that particular week.

I miss the hero's from my past, and will fondly remember the Thanksgiving' of my youth, but the time has come for today's young fans to develop their own fond memories and I wonder if the modern day Detroit Lions have the stuff to inspire positive memories.

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