Where Have All The Prospects Gone–Florida St.

It's tough enough that the big three all impose visitation restrictions on pro scouts, but what makes it tougher still is building your schedule around these restriction and coming away empty. State's visitation restrictions are by far the most scout-friendly of the three and the level of assistance extended to the professional scouts has always been first rate.

Florida State like its in-state rivals has had its share of top playing prospects and numerous top round selections over the years, but its senior group was not impressive in terms of professional prospects. Let's take a quick look at this year's senior prospects.

Graham Gano is in my estimation State's top professional prospect. A two way kicker with a strong leg, Graham who was slowed at mid season due to a injury, has really come into his own as a senior. He was equally accurate from both the left and right hash, gets quick rise and performed well under pressure. I'm not certain he could handle both kicking and punting roles at the professional level, but his versatility is a real plus in my estimation.

Greg Carr - is a true senior wide receiver, has excellent size and very good hands, but before the prognosticators start comparing him to the Cowboys Terrell Owens or the Giants Plaxico Burress, two big receivers who do not possess A-1 foot speed, keep in mind that not only did both of these proven commodities run far better than Carr at a similar stage of their development, but both also showed far better overall playing quickness. Carr really disappointed me with his lack of initial quickness, ability to push off a defender on his open release, avoiding the hold up, toughness inside and or ability to separate. I really believe he has worked harder over the last two season to improve his game, but overall is in my mind, strictly an inside possession receiver who will pose match-up problems down in the red zone.

Antone Smith - is a tough little guy with excellent initial quickness and receiving skills, but the key phrase in my opening statement were the words; "little guy". One of the top prep backs in the country, Antone has never been 100% right physically, during his career; a major shortcoming for all little guys in a big man's game. What really disappointed me about this player' on the field performance was the fact that he does not have multiple cutting skills (straight liner) nor did I see the advertised top end speed (has been run down far too frequently over his career) and he also puts the football on the ground a number of times. Looks like a late round selection whose potential would be as a special situation back.

Cornerback Tony Carter is a very good college football player, but he is also acutely undersized and has a chronic bad shoulder which might well preclude him from passing a professional physical. I liked his cover and ball skills and his overall playing instincts, but he showed literally no interest in defending the run. At 5 8 ¾" and under 175 pounds, I'm not certain I'd want to be the first person into the fray, but I would like to have seen a tad more effort in this area of the game. I see him as a late round selection that has a chance, if healthy, to factor as a nickel back within the league. Has looked a little shaky on punt returns as of late and due to his lack of size, I'd question if I would ever consider him back there in the professional game. A good cover corner, but physically he looks like he will need a note from his parents to go on the big boy rides at the state fair.

Quarterback Drew Weatherford started 13 games as a red-shirt freshman, but has been relegated to the third unit, throwing just two passes as a senior. He is an athletic big man with a more than adequate arm, but also showed a tendency to hold the ball and was not a quick decision maker. He's got tools and I believe he still could merit free agent consideration within the league.

Paul Griffin who missed the 2007 season due to injury, was a highly recruited Juco player, but is an acutely undersized (short in stature) inside defender, who didn't get off blocks especially well, eye the football and spent way too much time on the ground. I just never saw gap quickness or stack and controlling skills to "two gap" effectively at the professional level.

Neefy Moffett has made some plays at defensive end for this football team, but is just too undersized (barely six foot tall) to project to the next level. Overall I felt he was a moderately talented college football player, but I didn't see A-1 playing production, top playing instincts or the ability to dominate in any area of play. I don't believe he has the movement to project to linebacker and is at best a secondary free agent prospect.

Derek Nicholson is a college football player who has been productive over his playing career, but I didn't think he took on and defeated blocks well and his speed, playing range and movement were just adequate.

Michael Ray Garvin is another little corner with some straight speed, but he didn't do anything to get me very excited other than return kicks. Corners with speed are very desirable commodities as free agents and this little guy is a shoe-in get into a camp.

FB Joe Surratt, LB Toddrick Verdell and safety Darius McClure just look like guys and may or may not make it to training camp.

Everette Brown – DE – Top Pass rusher with rare quickness.

Parker Parker – WR – Excellent all around playing skills.

Patrick Robinson – DC – Great speed, can cover race horses.

Corey Surrency - WR – Green as grass, but has size and speed.

Myron Rolle – DS – Great body, super smart, but lacks top foot speed.

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