Where Have All The Prospects Gone – Miami U

During the 80's and 90's there weren't many places in the country with as many pro prospects as the U of Miami. There was speed, speed and more speed at every position. Evaluating players was a three day affair. They were great players who feared no one, but over the past 4 to 5 years due to injuries, defections and recruiting errors, the once feared Canes just may have lost their swagger.

Miami' Bruce Johnson is a moderately talented, undersized corner with adequate straight line speed, who showed a willingness to challenge up on the line of scrimmage. I liked his competes and toughness, but I didn't think he was a quick twitch athlete and more importantly, I didn't think he showed good balance points and or recovery skills. I thought he appeared somewhat tight in his hips and did an inordinate amount of slipping in transition. To my way of thinking, the undersized Johnson looked like a nickel back prospect and special team's prospect. In the end I believe he's going to play and contribute, but I have questions regarding his size, true speed and off cover skills. A mid to late round selection, but I just don't see him as a front line player in the pro game.

I really don't have any idea what most of the professional scouts feel about massive inside defender Antonio Dixon, but when this big man decides he wants to strap it on, he is a true force on the inside. Look, I don't think he's a Cortez Kennedy, Russell Maryland, Warren Sapp or current Patriot run stopper Vince Wil Wilfork, but I've got to tell you, it's extremely difficult to find big people who can hold the point I think he can be best described as a work in progress but if somebody can improve his conditioning, work habits and overall commitment to the game, they could really have something. Limited pass rush skills and or ability to counter. Bull rusher who got his pads up at the snap. Has late round draft potential within the league.

Wide receiver Khalil Jones has not been a productive football player nor does he have top speed, but I like his position skills and athletic ability. I don't believe he has any real chance of being selected in next springs draft but if I were with a club, I would really like to have this player in training camp. He's got a chance.

Sawed off running back Derron Thomas never reached the levels expected of him as a prep athlete out of the state of Louisiana. He's a tough little guy with some lower body strength and balance, but like his senior counterparts at Florida and Florida State, there is nothing exceptional with his game.

Defensive end Eric Moncur and safety Randy Phillips are two impressive football players who were injured and are both expected to return next season.

The rest of the group which included LB's Spencer Adkins, Romeo Davis, Glenn Cook, OT Reggie Youngblood, DC Carlos Armour, DT Dwayne Hendricks, are in my estimation free agent prospects only.

Special mention should be given to Anthony Riddick, an outstanding football player whose once very promising career was interrupted by a suspension and from two very serious knee injuries. Still an effective box player, he doesn't appear to have the juice to play effectively on the back end.

Randy Phillips – DS – A tough instinctive player with excellent range.

Darryl Sharpton – LB – Has size and playing skills. Needs better take on skills.

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